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#137 Andrew Newdigate - All time
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647db32 2018-09-05 Fix multipart error on rails reload
189b063 2018-09-05 Add route information to lograge structured logging
a62a65b 2018-09-04 Add gitaly_calls to API structured logs
bb65cb1 2018-07-12 Remove healthchecks from prometheus endpoint
7ee5b1f 2018-07-11 Add a fast_timeout for the `ServerService.ServerInfo` en...
583635f 2018-07-05 Updated Gitaly timeout values
b5ec609 2018-03-06 Fix Gitaly n+1 in NetworkController#show
960f981 2018-03-02 Upgrade GitLab Workhorse to 3.8.0 for structured logging...
c2da455 2018-03-01 Update documentation WRT to request parameters
e62a6cc 2018-02-28 Fix for open-ended parameter's in lograge causing elasti...
0cc25f0 2018-01-11 Update
64e5f99 2017-11-29 Add timeouts for Gitaly calls
05aa19d 2017-10-27 Update gitaly in Gitlab 10.1 to 0.43.1
6e2b842 2017-10-26 Upgrade Gitaly to v0.50.0
efdf51d 2017-10-26 Make local_branches OPT_OUT
0715fa6 2017-10-21 Update Gitaly version to v0.49.0
2cf63db 2017-10-20 Update Gitaly version to v0.49.0
f530261 2017-10-16 Popen with a timeout
47d19c2 2017-10-10 Stop using `branch_names.include?` and use `branch_exists?`
1ba3c74 2017-10-06 Gitaly feature flag metadata
27cc1c2 2017-10-03 Fix for Gitaly nil encoding issue
2146d62 2017-09-30 Add environment variable to bypass n+1
121057c 2017-09-27 Rolling back change to n+1 detection
0aef7d2 2017-09-27 Added some Gitaly docs to `docs/development`
e4b69bc 2017-09-25 Allow n+1s caused by avatar fetches on the project dashb...
9f71ea0 2017-09-22 Workaround for #38259
a1f96aa 2017-09-22 Workaround for n+1 in Projects::TreeController#show
64d7ec0 2017-09-19 Detect n+1 issues involving Gitaly
94680e1 2017-09-07 Gitaly feature toggles are on by default in development ...
fb49c94 2017-08-24 Delegate Repository::branch_exists? and ref_exists? to G...
aaa887f 2017-08-18 Client Implementation: RefService::RefExists
5a26948 2017-08-16 Update Git version for source installs to match Omnibus
d596c73 2017-07-26 Removed `Repository#blob_by_oid` unused method
5d238ae 2017-07-19 Add option to specify migration status on at the migrati...
91d28b1 2017-07-18 Update Gitaly Server Version to 0.21.2
a89f18b 2017-07-18 Renamed Gitaly services
dfe5441 2017-07-17 Update
4d23dd6 2017-05-18 Gitaly reuse stubs