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#256 Andrew McCallum - All time
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f0e7d79 2018-02-02 Resolve "Incorrect merge request title when Jira activat...
b1cf322 2018-01-16 Move Regexp.escape(), fix formatting on tests.
a539e03 2018-01-15 Account for query of only forward slash(es).
7ce732f 2018-01-15 Create intermediary variable for query value with leadin...
bce6a89 2018-01-15 Fix spelling mistake.
ae10691 2018-01-15 Add space after comma per layout guidelines.
373a9b1 2018-01-15 Update 36571-ignore-root-in-repo.yml
46f672b 2018-01-15 Add changelog
328e168 2018-01-15 Add scenario of searching within context of repository w...
e5afb44 2018-01-15 Strip off leading slashes when searching in context of r...