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#184 Andrew Kumanyaev - All time
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Hash Date Message
039976a 2014-08-29 Return extra empty line in blob render
8d715fb 2014-08-28 Update redcarper gem
f9c7f41 2014-08-28 Add missing ext for searchbox
0534d75 2014-08-28 Add search in textarea
11b707a 2014-08-19 fix link_to by @bwrsandman
f789f29 2014-08-18 Update markdown.rb
1e75981 2014-06-23 Update markdown reference to external issues
45f9d15 2014-06-18 Fix mistake in reference_jira_issue method
ec225ae 2014-02-21 Update merge_request_observer_spec.rb
e139cc9 2014-02-06 Add emoji images to asset load path.
f9780ee 2014-01-15 Fix deprecation in specs
fe3f7f5 2014-01-14 Remove Debug from tests
414ead5 2014-01-14 Fix deprecation in specs
4637dc8 2013-11-02 Run tests in parallel on travis
9ee49c5 2013-10-08 Update merge requests from fork project to origin project
fb8a3e3 2013-07-31 Update logic for validates_merge_request for tree of MR
26994b5 2013-06-17 Remove unused, but slow code
4cc27fd 2013-03-24 Update database.yml.postgresql
159cd0d 2013-03-24 Update