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#152 Andreas Kämmerle - All time
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Hash Date Message
e6a49b0 2018-07-09 Add additional headline for Adding SSH keys to GitLab
e16dcfd 2018-07-05 Update
e4a3101 2018-07-03 Merge branch 'master' of
6ecb2b1 2018-07-02 Update left side nav border UI
5aff2bd 2018-06-25 Fix localized button string
a01f34f 2018-06-25 Externalize button string
4e19db6 2018-06-25 Change button text to more specific Discard draft
d7faa41 2018-06-15 Harmonize theme preferences previews
7e54319 2018-06-13 Fix UX handbook link in contribution guide
88810dd 2018-06-12 Add navigation theme documentation
1eb5d0c 2018-06-11 Fix input placeholder text color
bd40a8d 2018-06-11 Update theme-gray-600 and gl-text-color-tertiary
88808a1 2018-06-11 Replace ... with ellipsis in placeholders
6a077c5 2018-06-08 Update settings section titles
3874452 2018-06-01 Update template name via sentence case (database changes)
d8b87f3 2018-06-01 Update template name via sentence case (security)
5d9eeca 2018-06-01 Update template name via sentence case
d505b48 2018-06-01 Update template name via sentence case
b7d3c8b 2018-05-31 Externalize user preferences string
f094f9a 2018-05-31 Remove 'GitLab' from user preferences header
2be2916 2018-05-31 Improve structure of snippets documentation
42460fc 2018-05-30 Add Wiki and Snippets to project feature overview
c997e77 2018-05-25 Init documentation for embedded snippets
137c949 2018-05-23 Update keyboard shortcut conventions
28c6f4f 2018-05-16 Update gitlab.pot with new externalized strings
62a2a50 2018-05-16 Add timezone information to the date time select labels