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729de4f 2018-08-17 Add migration to cleanup internal_ids.
fb98496 2018-08-16 Trigger iid logic from GitHub importer for merge requests.
358675d 2018-08-16 Trigger iid logic from GitHub importer for milestones.
b78a69b 2018-08-16 Trigger iid logic from GitHub importer for issues.
0d7ea0b 2018-08-15 Reduce number of model instances needed in test.
e3ff390 2018-08-08 Add rubocop check for add_reference to require index.
3d2a3e5 2018-08-08 Docs: FK constraints require an index.
90778e5 2018-07-30 Require has_internal_id to pass a init block.
4dac4bf 2018-07-17 Document pattern for .find_or_create and similar methods.
f07c2ff 2018-06-13 Database migrations should have a changelog entry.
61ea2f5 2018-05-29 Throttle updates to Project#last_repository_updated_at.
f2cc116 2018-05-28 Remove double-checked internal id generation.
d8d30f8 2018-05-22 Increase text limit for GPG keys (mysql only).
f5c4203 2018-05-21 Add feature-flag for keyset pagination.
f8aee5b 2018-05-21 Add keyset pagination for API calls.
cc1d141 2018-05-21 Refactor and extract DefaultPaginationStrategy.
8257651 2018-05-21 Migration to add/drop primary key constraints for compos...
a0c79f9 2018-05-21 Add NOT NULL constraints to project_authorizations.
9ea2fc8 2018-04-20 Atomic internal ids for all models
14acbf2 2018-04-16 Double-check next value for internal ids.
c4e4258 2018-04-13 Validate project path prior to hitting the database.
cdfe437 2018-04-09 Reduce complexity of issuable finder query.
2d273d7 2018-04-06 Performance improvements warrants a changelog entry.
fa46b19 2018-04-06 Remove unused method.
29b0a90 2018-04-06 Cache personal projects count.
f208411 2018-03-27 Remove unused index from events table.
783868e 2018-03-23 Remove N+1 query for Noteable association.
1059b3a 2018-03-21 Guard creation/removal with existence checks.
5f8abe4 2018-03-21 Flip column order in new index.
c0bfe9d 2018-03-21 Patch MySQL's odd foreign key behavior.
58a9946 2018-03-21 Add indexes for user activity queries.
c914883 2018-03-20 Shortcut concurrent foreign key creation if already exists.
1362d9f 2018-03-20 Shortcut concurrent index creation/removal if no effect.
c3b489b 2018-03-18 Add spec for concurrent insert situation.
e739319 2018-03-18 Replace public_send calls.
fb6d6fc 2018-03-16 Address review comments.
bc3fc8e 2018-03-16 Only support single scope argument.
4c1e6fd 2018-03-16 Simplify migration and add NOT NULL to project_id.
539bdf7 2018-03-16 Address review comments.
d9a953c 2018-03-16 Add new model to import/export configuration.
6568b4a 2018-03-16 Add shared specs for AtomicInternalId concern.
d374d0b 2018-03-16 Backwards-compat for migration specs.
d4bb363 2018-03-16 Add changelog.
3a8207a 2018-03-16 Use bigserial for internal_ids table.
3fa2eb4 2018-03-16 Refactor, extract class and improve comments.
0360b09 2018-03-16 More flexible way of internal id generation.
754272e 2018-03-16 Atomic generation of internal ids for issues.
a0abb90 2018-03-16 Deprecate InternalId concern and rename.
5f35ea1 2018-03-14 Fix concurrency issue with migration for user_interacted...
6379a84 2018-03-12 Fix timestamp to include %M instead of %I for post-deplo...
ecf1af6 2018-03-07 Fix snippets problem in 10-5-stable-patch-4
7d2859e 2018-03-07 Leverage user_contributed_projects to find recent events.
9f77670 2018-03-06 Shortcut and return on duplicate record error.
8e66807 2018-03-06 Improve robustness of migration.
d270b85 2018-03-06 Nested transaction for find_or_create_by! queries.
e83e85c 2018-03-06 Remove unnecessary safe guard.
9ebbcb8 2018-03-06 Operate on ids to avoid unnecessary loading.
11a559f 2018-03-06 Singularize model name.
8a7cd25 2018-03-06 For MySQL, foreign keys are dependent on index.
43b74af 2018-03-06 Rename to UserInteractedProjects.
986f470 2018-03-06 Improve migration robustness and speed.
7a22a58 2018-03-06 Add changelog.
4418066 2018-03-06 Flush cached information about schema.
375a5c9 2018-03-06 Only track contributions if table is available.
8dde030 2018-03-06 Address rubocop offenses.
8701098 2018-03-06 Treat special cases accordingly.
d4d0740 2018-03-06 Cache project/user combinations.
ebcf3c7 2018-03-06 Track which projects a user contributed to.
f88d513 2018-03-06 Simpler migration strategy for MySQL.
f579a08 2018-03-06 Add post-migration to populate user_contributed_projects...
8cca328 2018-03-06 Create user_contributed_projects table.
39011be 2018-03-02 Extract method User#authorizations_for_projects.
0a3fc7e 2018-03-02 Use yield instead of
82a32e2 2018-03-02 Apply query changes to snippets only.
df55efd 2018-02-26 Simplify filtering of non-human users (like ghosts).
b25319f 2018-02-21 More readable SQL query.
3dbec2c 2018-02-20 Fix MembersFinder to never include group invitees.
a10d09e 2018-02-20 Fix N+1 query problem for users on members view.
3eaf877 2018-02-20 Add changelog.
c2ae4a6 2018-02-20 Use DISTINCT ON and translate to MySQL.
02b9fa0 2018-02-20 Rename use_conditions_only option to use_where_in.
715183d 2018-02-20 Avoid manual SQL for visibility level check.
80dff37 2018-02-20 Cleanup access level shortcut.
ef077fd 2018-02-20 Simplify down migration.
df7d65a 2018-02-20 Simplify database queries in MembersFinder.
e0a331a 2018-02-20 Add changelog.
c8cafb2 2018-02-20 Allow choice between #where or #from.
78d84c1 2018-02-20 Don't mess with table aliases.
86591b8 2018-02-20 Remove duplication in Project methods.
336bc95 2018-02-20 Push feature-related query part up.
5a5a33a 2018-02-20 Add partial index on projects for index-only scans.
39d14f2 2018-02-20 Shortcut when all levels visible.
d13aeba 2018-02-20 Replace OR clause with UNION.
a4a7d2a 2018-02-13 Remove ignore_column from Events#data.
dd1d13b 2018-02-13 Extract repeated logic into #avatar_icon_for.
6670074 2018-02-13 Add changelog.
c11e806 2018-02-13 Always eagerly load a note's author.
95738d4 2018-02-13 Always eagerly load an issue's author.
4f3d753 2018-02-13 Extract method to improve readability.
c4cf722 2018-02-13 Remove generic #avatar_icon helper.
c641dff 2018-02-13 Explicit use of avatar_icon_* calls depending on situation.
d5ffcb8 2018-02-13 Use avatar_icon_for_email for commits.
2e6dea7 2018-02-13 Retrieve project creator's avatar by creator, not creato...
c015ea8 2018-02-13 Retrieve namespace owner's avatar by owner, not owner#em...
9adafff 2018-02-13 Retrieve issue author's avatar by user, not user#email.
a5e271b 2018-02-13 Use more specific #avatar_icon_for_email.
be231d2 2018-02-13 Use more specific #avatar_icon_for_user.
f338ff4 2018-02-13 Refactor and split ApplicationHelper#avatar_icon.
f7c30ae 2018-02-06 Fix N+1 query problem for snippets dashboard.
24a11c9 2018-02-05 Set todos#author_id to NOT NULL.
d07addb 2018-02-05 Add foreign keys to todos table.
313f4d4 2018-02-02 Add unique constraint to trending_projects#project_id.