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#218 André Luís - All time
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db0454f 2018-05-18 Resolve "Web IDE: Previewing Markdown in Firefox doesn’t...
b7f3d74 2018-05-07 Resolve "Clean up bottom status bar Web IDE"
7a8af42 2018-05-03 Improve Web IDE Commit Panel
71102f0 2018-04-19 Resolve "Get rid of branch element all in bottom bar in ...
c352f69 2018-04-18 Resolve "View labels when editing labels in sidebar and ...
f8049f4 2018-04-02 Backport changes in EE MR 4972: System Header and Footer
1dc43af 2018-03-26 Add doc about backporting changes from EE to CE
da531c3 2018-02-23 Add Tip about Push to Create project on New Project page
65e761e 2018-02-15 Re-enable eslint in `commits.js` file
e92db99 2018-02-13 Make Edit link style consistent on Sidebar
26754e8 2018-02-12 Clean new Flash() and stop disabling no-new (eslint) whe...