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#206 Andre Guedes - All time
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Hash Date Message
c64d363 2017-03-21 Makes ContainerImages Routable
db5b4b8 2017-02-23 Creates specs for destroy service and improves namespace...
8294756 2017-02-22 Improved readability in tag/image delete condition
ea17df5 2017-02-22 Fixing minor view issues
b408a19 2017-02-22 Adding mock for full_access_token
164ef8a 2017-02-22 Fixing typos in docs
e4fa80f 2017-02-22 Fixes broken and missing tests
246df2b 2017-02-22 Adding registry endpoint authorization
eed0b85 2017-02-22 First iteration of container_image view
dcd4beb 2017-02-22 Multi-level container image names backend implementation
e43b2e8 2017-02-22 Added MR Road map
c6acc7e 2016-12-08 Render SVG as images in notes
41d70ea 2016-10-05 Added Issue Board API support
d16e118 2016-09-30 Bumped change to 8.13 release on CHANGELOG
5dbf1f4 2016-09-30 Use `Module#prepend` instead of `alias_method_chain`