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#46 Alexis Reigel - All time
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Hash Date Message
3033505 2018-10-01 add changelogs
801fe04 2018-10-01 allow users api to set public_email
f38aa2b 2018-10-01 add missing allowed attributes
f920d99 2018-09-27 add changelog
585b1b3 2018-09-27 add user's public_email attribute to api
0a94bdf 2018-09-27 add missing user attributes to api docs
921c96a 2018-09-26 remove obsolete parameter from users api
40cfd9e 2018-09-26 remove obsolete allowed attribute
2466a51 2018-09-24 add changelog
a1094e2 2018-09-24 add type filter to admin runners page
dc1e0f6 2018-09-15 deprecate scope param for runners api
641012c 2018-09-15 add missing params to runners api doc
8254688 2018-09-15 add status param to runners api
048b446 2018-09-15 cleanup runners api specs
4b6619c 2018-09-15 add type param to runners api
65caacc 2018-09-15 fix and add missing api specs
f7ef78a 2018-09-13 add a comment to the usage of a anti-pattern query
b4e2cc4 2018-09-12 replace cond. assignment by default param value
0389055 2018-09-12 rename variable from *_cnt to *_count
27aeacc 2018-08-29 rename to IssuableFilteredSearchTokenKeys
145925a 2018-08-29 use default value arguments syntax
6033859 2018-08-29 dry up view by using a for loop
03a074f 2018-08-29 dry up view by extracting layout template
7d316a9 2018-08-29 enable frozen string literal on runners finder
ba9ad98 2018-08-29 unify the usage of factorybot's 'create'
7fbd922 2018-08-29 add i18n support to admin runners page
b622191 2018-08-29 only run the specs as :js that actually need to
6a3dc66 2018-08-29 add changelog
7abc931 2018-08-29 show number of runners indicator as callout
7eee6cd 2018-08-29 convert admin runners table to responsive table
34bdb74 2018-08-29 add sort dropdown to admin runners page
89b3099 2018-08-29 use filtered search bar for admin runners
d4387d8 2018-08-20 make FilteredSearchTokenKeys generic
0a0350b 2018-08-20 extract filter/sort/paging logic to finder class
16d1249 2018-08-20 add status filter to admin runners page
bbc305b 2018-08-20 dry up available scopes to constants
f0d0400 2018-08-20 add Ci::Runner.offline scope to API
00647b3 2018-08-20 add offline scope to Ci::Runner
b612670 2018-06-20 Fix: Serve favicon image always from the main GitLab dom...
366e133 2018-06-06 add changelog for custom favicon
5e78ac2 2018-06-06 document custom favicon
6b72c2f 2018-06-06 move favicon admin section up
29598f6 2018-06-06 find assets in test for CI and local test
d225630 2018-06-06 hint the allowed image formats on favicon upload
cb564d5 2018-06-06 use build image with picturemagick
197932a 2018-06-05 allow only png, ico for favicon uploads
1e9c33a 2018-06-05 remove obsolete favicon related spec
7706b3a 2018-06-05 use Gitlab::Favicon for jira service
9151aed 2018-06-05 dry up asset path helper calls
b606636 2018-06-05 simplify uploader versions check
96d0b1c 2018-06-05 require uploaded file's name to match in any case
256d959 2018-06-05 ability to get an image's alternative version
46328b1 2018-06-05 the '?' favicon hack doesn't seem to be required
b4d84c0 2018-06-05 remove favicon preview on appearance page
36d000c 2018-06-05 use inverted style for remove buttons
9ae0834 2018-06-05 force minimagick to use graphicsmagick
949c30d 2018-06-05 remove all .ico favicon variations, use png always
9e14f43 2018-06-05 create favicon overlay on the client
5202c3f 2018-06-05 fix resetFavicon so that it actually resets
67fe0a1 2018-06-05 call Gitlab::Favicon.status in serializer
40ffa84 2018-06-05 add request store caching to favicon
85a8e6f 2018-06-05 whitelist allowed file types for custom favicons
822023c 2018-06-05 Add a '?' to the custom favicon's urls
bf27c68 2018-06-05 send ico files with inline disposition
0a76bcb 2018-06-05 register ico mime type
44d7b15 2018-06-05 use custom favicon for ci build status favicons
a6f3f6b 2018-06-05 extract favicon logic to lib class
606b23d 2018-06-05 sort status icon names by name
8967fc0 2018-06-05 use custom main favicon
40d8d7d 2018-06-05 feature spec for managing appearance > favicon
ff24be4 2018-06-05 show avatar status versions on appearance page
18d4f12 2018-06-05 fix carrierwave suffix for different format
ce6172e 2018-06-05 allow uploading favicon in appearance settings
c8a4d20 2018-06-05 favicon uploader generating ci status favicons
9447e5c 2018-04-23 extract method to adhere to "tell, don't ask"
e13026a 2018-04-23 use more efficient AR length check methods
cc4bc22 2018-04-23 runner can't be assigned to more than 1 group
1a009f1 2018-04-23 update MODELS_JSON with new Project#settings attr
bfc694f 2018-04-23 show group runners setup only to group master
c585004 2018-04-23 restrict projects ci controller to project runners
9bed8de 2018-04-23 simplify runner selection
1acd8eb 2018-04-23 ci runners: assigned to either projects or group
316ccb6 2018-04-23 add `active` scope only once, inline methods
d4bda7c 2018-04-23 use union for Project#any_runners?
dd78546 2018-04-23 project#group_runner_enabled -> project_settings
a2a7ad2 2018-04-23 add project_settings (Project#settings)
d669410 2018-04-23 dry up: extract method
9b836b8 2018-04-23 support group hierarchies for group runners
6bd3cb0 2018-04-23 different text on admin runner page for group r.
6077c56 2018-04-23 denote group runners on admin runners page
a5f5a27 2018-04-23 include group runners in Project#any_runners?
743c322 2018-04-23 select group runners also in register_job_service
7584d03 2018-04-23 allow disabling/enabling group runners per project
d8675bd 2018-04-23 select group runners also in build queue service
8d61d33 2018-04-23 use .owned_or_shared for #assignable_for?
d588adf 2018-04-23 don't filter group runners by project flag
4ccf734 2018-04-23 show group runners on runners page
eba1a05 2018-04-23 ensure_runners_token on read instead of write
8dad45a 2018-04-23 add method CI::Runner.project?
d6167a9 2018-04-23 split up Ci::Runner.owned_or_shared scope
81c0c57 2018-04-23 exclude group runners on projects that disabled it
677291b 2018-04-23 add group_runners_enabled to ci_runners
4b1b2f3 2018-04-23 add Ci::Runner#group? method
d0842d2 2018-04-23 disallow group runners to become project runners
32a9c85 2018-04-23 revert support for v3 api
850e327 2018-04-23 use INNER JOIN instead of LEFT JOIN
b55c3a7 2018-04-23 support group runners in existing API endpoints
7fbdd17 2018-04-23 authorize group runners on user
9507f39 2018-04-23 add runners_token column to namespaces
14c8dbc 2018-04-23 drop 'scopes' context from specs
40b0f54 2018-04-23 use union instead of multiple joins
295184f 2018-04-23 include group runners in scope
9a07bc8 2018-04-23 add misssing scope specs
1549239 2018-04-23 add Ci::RunnerGroup join model
6ef1b94 2018-01-17 accept_confirm requires js driver
337ced2 2018-01-17 reference triggers.values for permitted parameters
eb5e0e9 2018-01-17 add missing permitted param
faadd9e 2018-01-17 use class reader instead of dynamic constant
f99b0cc 2018-01-17 no need for a named parameter
a63792b 2018-01-17 accepts `.all` as a hook scope as well
a78abf3 2018-01-17 use safer .hooks_for instead of .public_send
ac92d70 2018-01-17 extract concern for hook triggers
88832ba 2018-01-17 doc for system hook merge_requests_events
7c669ee 2018-01-04 doc for system hook merge_requests_events api
2a0a7b4 2018-01-04 api support for merge_requests_events system hook
9a5bfcf 2018-01-04 add changelog
57e2488 2018-01-04 we only need a test for the happy path
a2655e3 2018-01-04 use sentence case for "Merge request events"
630c338 2018-01-04 merge requests on system hook admin page
d71d8ad 2018-01-04 test hook for system merge request hook
b22ae0c 2018-01-04 invoke SystemHooksService instead of direct model
9f7811e 2018-01-04 execute system hooks from project
bb1cf2a 2017-09-13 Fix: GPG tmp dir removal race condition
cab6745 2017-09-05 Revert "make valid_signature an ignored column"
ae600b8 2017-09-05 set the popover's viewport to the main content
a6509d5 2017-09-05 remove obsolete migration
e63de3d 2017-09-05 add changelog
703b39d 2017-09-05 truncate gpg signature instead of destroy
c4bb09b 2017-09-05 update gpg documentation pictures
1cc51c3 2017-09-05 update gitlab-test repository
42a0639 2017-09-05 use local_assigns to document partial params
a70b672 2017-09-05 document new gpg verification conditions
e7d0feb 2017-09-05 remove valid_signature from gpg_signatures
55acc66 2017-09-05 dry up signature badge templates
3ffe35f 2017-09-05 make valid_signature an ignored column
b62c162 2017-09-05 drop backwards compatibility for valid_signature
aa98c36 2017-09-05 destroy signatures instead of updating them
7f45dd9 2017-09-05 destroy all signatures and add with default value
ea4604e 2017-09-05 use User#to_reference for outputting the username
936be35 2017-09-05 update signature badges to reflect new states
978252a 2017-09-05 use new #verification_status
31ad752 2017-09-05 update all signatures with the verification status
c8e4bbb 2017-09-05 extract partial for the signature badge user
e7be70a 2017-09-05 extract gpg commit specs to their own file
e37c46b 2017-09-05 downcase all GpgSignature#gpg_key_user_email
d71d10c 2017-09-05 use User#verified_email? for gpg key verification
98016ef 2017-09-05 add User##verified_email? method
3b090bb 2017-09-05 simplify check for verified email in collection
d6c58a5 2017-09-05 only use symbols instead of enum hash accessor
7ad7222 2017-09-05 simplify if/else with guards
00392d9 2017-09-05 add verification_status: same_user_different_email
2a89037 2017-09-05 downcase gpg key's emails
c5e0bd5 2017-09-05 extract shared example
64855c8 2017-09-05 match the committer's email against the gpg key
508ff17 2017-09-05 pass whole commit to Gitlab::Gpg::Commit again
ff413ec 2017-09-05 add verification_status to gpg signatures
a175966 2017-08-14 reset original directory in ensure
2c17853 2017-08-14 add changelog
edcc488 2017-08-14 use mutex for keychain interaction
6cd9888 2017-08-11 store gpg return directory locally
5ebccab 2017-07-27 add "GPG Keys" to new navigation
7f7e93a 2017-07-27 remove log statements from workers
f1ccecc 2017-07-27 improve gpg key validation
9488b77 2017-07-27 optimize query, only select relevant db columns
4e53131 2017-07-27 add unique index for gpg_signatures#commit_sha
fef030c 2017-07-27 validate the foreign_key instead of the relation
a5f04df 2017-07-27 update all records at once using `update_all`
843b1de 2017-07-27 simplify nil handling
1455142 2017-07-27 add unique indexes to gpg_keys
07dbd56 2017-07-27 use Module#prepend instead of alias_method_chain
ecbc11a 2017-07-27 extract setter as before_action
98531fc 2017-07-27 upcase in the model instead of in the view
f86580c 2017-07-27 no more more :length due to mysql set_index hack
ce4e083 2017-07-27 mysql hack: set length for binary indexes
eda0015 2017-07-27 fetch gpg signature badges by ajax
c4c44c6 2017-07-27 length constrain on the index, not on the column
57ccff8 2017-07-27 use db's on_delete instead of has_many :dependent
786b5a5 2017-07-27 use short project path helpers
895efdf 2017-07-27 use text instead of string for db columns
8e0c33e 2017-07-27 use ShaAttribute for gpg table columns
8c8a9e6 2017-07-27 merge migrations to 1 single create per table
312dc89 2017-07-27 nicer email badges on the profile gpg page
a03a6ff 2017-07-27 display gpg key in the popover with monospace font
ccf3ed4 2017-07-27 swap user's name and the user's username
c527183 2017-07-27 show gpg key's user info when no profile exists
cd01e82 2017-07-27 store gpg user name and email on the signature
506836a 2017-07-27 unify commit signature colors with pipeline status
027309e 2017-07-27 user may now revoke a gpg key
111edaa 2017-07-27 use lighter gray for unverified gpg signature
f1e6a9c 2017-07-27 use svg icons for gpg popovers
e5c9c71 2017-07-27 add notfound icon (question mark)
71d884a 2017-07-27 don't use assignment in if condition
e63b693 2017-07-27 generate gpg signature on push
4c5d4a6 2017-07-27 improve spacing / alignments in gpg popup
8ccce9d 2017-07-27 use existing status-box css class for gpg badge
3729c3a 2017-07-27 use the correct flex classes on the commits list
deb474b 2017-07-27 extract common method
b66e372 2017-07-27 also update gpg_signatures when gpg_key is null
7f03282 2017-07-27 remove duplicate statement
a7d2ebe 2017-07-27 simplify fetching of commit
4f7ba8f 2017-07-27 fix memoization
36c05b3 2017-07-27 convert gpg badge helper methods to partials
084cc71 2017-07-27 use after_commit instead of AfterCommitQueue
e79e2ae 2017-07-27 validate presence of user on gpg_key
d9fd370 2017-07-27 use hash instead of 2d array
075dae6 2017-07-27 find_by_id -> find_by(:id, ...)
a06494b 2017-07-27 no need for html_safe
ade5480 2017-07-27 add help links to gpg commits / gpg settings
3b7ac36 2017-07-27 position gpg badge first on commit line
28c75fc 2017-07-27 documentation for gpg signed commits
bd476c1 2017-07-27 use sign_in instead of login_with
e9515df 2017-07-27 remove the :gpg rspec tag
9a759c6 2017-07-27 add changelog
4648d00 2017-07-27 popover trigger needs to be defined in js init
5013f3a 2017-07-27 use updated gitlab-test repo for signed commits
afd7582 2017-07-27 extract variable
7fc69a7 2017-07-27 linkify the whole user badge part, not only avatar
ee7468e 2017-07-27 we need to update the gpg_key as well
78b5264 2017-07-27 add gpg commit popover badges
2ea9514 2017-07-27 allow removal of gpg key by nullifying signatures
9816856 2017-07-27 perform signature update in sidekiq worker
9d30a80 2017-07-27 update features specs for gpg commits
a01eabc 2017-07-27 update rugged
028ecb0 2017-07-27 need to wrap the raw commit in a commit model
d7f4264 2017-07-27 no need for passing parameter
e75ab06 2017-07-27 update invalid gpg signatures when email changes
24671cd 2017-07-27 update invalid gpg signatures when key is created
d48eb77 2017-07-27 allow updating of gpg signature through gpg commit
502e31b 2017-07-27 memoize verified_signature call
5d5fd4b 2017-07-27 store gpg_key_primary_keyid for unknown gpg keys
34810ac 2017-07-27 move signature cache read to Gpg::Commit
7b616d3 2017-07-27 gpg signature is only valid when key is verified
8c4b6a3 2017-07-27 bail if the commit has no signature
69e511c 2017-07-27 cache the gpg commit signature
8236b12 2017-07-27 gpg signature model for gpg verification caching
2f956fa 2017-07-27 verify gpg commit using tmp keyring and db query
3c42d73 2017-07-27 add primary keyid attribute to gpg keys
7e13d96 2017-07-27 don't sync to keychain file
d1101ec 2017-07-27 use more descriptive variable names
8bd94a7 2017-07-27 remove gpg from keychain when user's email changes
c128198 2017-07-27 notification email on add new gpg key
f0fe1b9 2017-07-27 gpg email verification
0668521 2017-07-27 move current keychain methods to namespace
0e3d3d6 2017-07-27 email handling for gpg keys
41c96c4 2017-07-27 test with a gpg key with multiple emails
5ce6112 2017-07-27 use example gpg key instead of my own
597ae6e 2017-07-27 feature spec for gpg signed commits
eb77e10 2017-07-27 add second gpg key for specs
87c0fd3 2017-07-27 add / remove gpg keys to / from system keychain
e34cef0 2017-07-27 extract gpg functionality to lib class
7b4d29f 2017-07-27 add profile gpg key page to manage gpg keys
ab4120d 2017-07-27 only validate gpg_key#fingerprint "internally"
7b7cd6f 2017-07-27 add emails method to GgpKey
fbf1fd1 2017-07-27 add gpg key model
28bb5e3 2017-07-27 commit signature with spec
cdcf461 2017-06-13 contrib footer only for devise mails
16f64df 2017-06-13 inline the only once used template
96e5837 2017-06-13 add changelog
96c500d 2017-06-13 add contribution footer to all emails
a3bd6ce 2017-06-13 use common devise layout and use heading style
25fcaa9 2017-06-13 add view helper for mail heading
b0e0bfc 2017-06-13 use common layout for devise mailer
2fbe116 2017-06-13 add layout for default email content
f0d0f60 2017-05-24 extract partial
6dc2ade 2017-05-24 user can reset his rss token on the account page
3014116 2017-05-24 remove dead code
4cd6fc6 2017-05-24 create User#rss_token in user factory explicitely
2f277d1 2017-05-24 ensure rss token on read
dfc2542 2017-05-24 use full caps RSS instead of rss
e209724 2017-05-24 add changelog
6efe9c2 2017-05-24 atom links with rss token instead of private token
c1b5c80 2017-05-24 add missing spec for incoming email token presence
ff8ecbc 2017-05-24 rake task to reset all rss tokens
3713a57 2017-05-24 add rss_token attribute to user model
9a15b11 2017-05-19 Fixes the 500 for custom apearance header logo and logo
01be21d 2017-04-06 user#update_two_factor_requirement is public
63e61cf 2017-04-06 use more explicit and explanatory sql statement
1735ed6 2017-04-06 rename cache db column with `_cached` suffix
2057585 2017-04-06 check all groups for 2fa requirement
5ea4e34 2017-04-06 add method to get a full routable hierarchy
b7ca733 2017-04-06 state the reason to the user for the required 2fa
c1e9447 2017-02-22 restrict height of the custom brand logo in emails
26da2c4 2017-02-22 add changelog entry
84420c8 2017-02-22 add documentation for custom brand logo in email
0df104a 2017-02-22 use custom brand logo in pipeline mails
f0766fd 2017-02-22 extract pipeline mails layout