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#162 Alexis Reigel - All time
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01be21d 2017-04-06 user#update_two_factor_requirement is public
63e61cf 2017-04-06 use more explicit and explanatory sql statement
1735ed6 2017-04-06 rename cache db column with `_cached` suffix
2057585 2017-04-06 check all groups for 2fa requirement
5ea4e34 2017-04-06 add method to get a full routable hierarchy
b7ca733 2017-04-06 state the reason to the user for the required 2fa
c1e9447 2017-02-22 restrict height of the custom brand logo in emails
26da2c4 2017-02-22 add changelog entry
84420c8 2017-02-22 add documentation for custom brand logo in email
0df104a 2017-02-22 use custom brand logo in pipeline mails
f0766fd 2017-02-22 extract pipeline mails layout