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#127 Alexander Randa - All time
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Hash Date Message
c7bcebd 2017-06-20 Fix edit button for deploy keys available from other pro...
3d70eeb 2017-06-02 Implement ability to update deploy keys
330789c 2017-05-25 Implement web hooks logging
fdba744 2017-05-12 Fix long urls in the title of commit
c504b88 2017-04-28 Implement ability to update hooks
c4be346 2017-03-28 Fix API group/issues default state filter
7a12360 2017-03-24 Fix projects_limit RangeError on user create
c532dfc 2011-12-13 Demo issues title update
7c5e83c 2011-11-18 changing admin disign for userss update
84fc40f 2011-11-18 changing admin disign for projects update
bc591f9 2011-11-18 admin button style update
22be078 2011-11-18 changing admin disign for users finish
f950d78 2011-11-18 changing admin disign for projects finish
5488f17 2011-11-18 changet button disign
46d7eca 2011-11-18 table header align bugfix
0c19b1a 2011-11-18 disabled empty notice
c3eac16 2011-11-16 update notice and show-info view
4dee4bd 2011-11-16 change back button position when project creating
9987ec9 2011-11-16 added 10px in bottom
459c9ba 2011-11-16 bugfix back button on page admin/project/new
930455f 2011-11-16 change the highlight color from pink to blue