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#108 Alex Denisov - All time
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a15fe61 2013-03-19 API docs updated
28e7d1a 2013-03-18 Abilities added to /user and /sign_in requests
6ab6c55 2013-01-26 Missed environment added to 'Try fixing it' block
e78e067 2013-01-21 Render empty string instead of nil
d7bc121 2013-01-09 replace javascript:void with preventDefault
5133fe8 2013-01-09 dashboard js -> coffee
3cc0458 2013-01-09 Reloading of events via ajax instead of page reloading.
f038057 2013-01-09 Typo fixed
97d17cf 2013-01-09 Event filters stores at cookies.
b255c3c 2013-01-09 Tests on events filtering added
2b93201 2013-01-09 Tests on EventFilters added
34c2d8e 2012-11-28 authorized_for scope added to project
15a72a3 2012-11-28 Spinach test added
965b670 2012-09-26 Comment removed
c09d233 2012-09-26 Merge branch 'master' into fix_project_access_notification
e6ce472 2012-09-20 master merged
1905a9e 2012-09-17 Merge branch 'master' into ssh_keys_api_doc_fixes
aeb87d8 2012-09-17 Gitlab => GitLab
0358c2e 2012-09-17 copied from wiki pages
9c0f6e8 2012-09-17 Small fixes added
c83af0d 2012-09-16 Uses attributes_for_keys
b6c6a5b 2012-09-16 Merge branch 'master' into ssh_keys_api
b896880 2012-09-16 Method name changed
549c4c2 2012-09-16 API attributes refactored
87d40fd 2012-09-16 Docs added
c23eb40 2012-09-16 SSH Keys API implemented
e68d084 2012-09-10 Merge branch 'master' into api_errors_refactoring
a065557 2012-09-10 Common errors method added
915dac0 2012-09-10 Error throwing moved to api_helper
77bfc59 2012-09-10 Merge 'master' branch
1f240b0 2012-09-09 User left project event added
a86bd87 2012-09-09 User joined project event added
1b83af6 2012-09-07 IssueController#new refactored
f789476 2012-09-07 Merge branch 'master' into preselected_milestone_while_c...
320250c 2012-09-07 Cucumber tag removed
b462b0c 2012-09-07 Pre-selected assignee implemented
c818c93 2012-09-07 Cucumber scenario on pre-selected assignee added
2655205 2012-09-07 Pre-selected milestone implemented
0926371 2012-09-07 Preselected Milestone: Cucumber scenario added
85db51f 2012-09-07 don't send notification when UsersProject destroyed
ed4fbcf 2012-09-07 Merge branch 'master' into fix_project_access_notification
562af7a 2012-09-06 Merge branch 'master' into normalize_capitalization
a65ce74 2012-09-06 Spec fixed
09a86bd 2012-09-06 Capitlization of /gitlab/i normalized. #1367
9b9dd3f 2012-09-05 Unnecessary code removed
761c17f 2012-09-05 Unused routes removed
4bd3024 2012-09-04 json_spec removed
b73d441 2012-09-04 json_spec added. Create project via REST API fixed
38b17e4 2012-09-03 Merge branch 'master' into fix_project_access_notification
af63607 2012-09-03 test_after_commit gem added
1f1c809 2012-09-03 After commit instead of after_update
6b3ce96 2012-09-03 Merge branch 'master' into api_create_project_fixes
e078a17 2012-09-03 Create project via API: fixes added
2bd1682 2012-08-31 Merge branch 'master' into api_project_creation
9811e64 2012-08-31 Typo and mistakes fixed
acac154 2012-08-31 JSON for new project removed from API docs
b6a0407 2012-08-31 Docs changed for Create Project API
985ecf0 2012-08-31 Docs added for Create Project API
c1173e2 2012-08-31 API on Projects creation implemented
2703fe3 2012-08-29 Merge branch 'master' into issue_status_changed_notifica...
05af565 2012-08-29 Merge branch 'master' into issue_status_changed_notifica...
43cad71 2012-08-29 Duplicate code removed from IssueObserver#after_update
2cb0a62 2012-08-29 Notification sends to issue author and assignee if issue...
4d65532 2012-08-29 Issue_status_changed email added
3c96d1f 2012-08-26 Send notification on update UserProject relation (access...
aaeb374 2012-08-26 Send notifiation on create UserProject relation (access ...