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#148 Alex Braha Stoll - All time
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Hash Date Message
50a8f16 2017-03-10 Add count badges to both dashboard and group milestones
fe5a753 2017-02-13 Fix haml-lint violation
89347fb 2017-01-30 Add merge request number
6830976 2017-01-30 Add WikiPage.unhyphenize
4c57fa4 2017-01-30 Merge branch 'master' into 23535-folders-in-wiki-repository
4841789 2016-12-31 Remove directories as one of the attributes of WikiDirec...
b0ad4e0 2016-12-31 Add new wiki related partials
389bd6b 2016-12-31 Improve WikiPage.group_by_directory
d2b3fe4 2016-12-31 Change WikiPage#directory
104bfa2 2016-12-31 Remove WikiPage#full_path
94dcadd 2016-12-31 Add a breadcrumb at projects/wikis/show.html.haml
84cc7c3 2016-12-31 Stop rendering page full path at projects/wikis/show.htm...
a5625c7 2016-12-31 Render wiki entries using a collection of WikiPage and W...
7bd68ae 2016-12-31 Add WikiDirectory#to_partial_path
8473518 2016-12-31 Add WikiPage#to_partial_path
c8a1e96 2016-12-31 Change WikiPage.group_by_directory to use WikiDirectory
b361a67 2016-12-31 Add model WikiDirectory
8d8c5d9 2016-12-31 Simplify WikiPage.group_by_directory by using Enumerable...
77fe503 2016-12-31 Remove WikiPage.sort_by_directory
645aaf6 2016-12-31 Use the icon helper at wikis/_new.html.haml
50e3e79 2016-12-31 Fix scss style violation
e66fa41 2016-12-31 Improve style of wiki page lists
f25344e 2016-12-31 Change WikiPage.group_by_directory to order by directory...
7f914ec 2016-12-31 Add tip about specifying the full path when creating new...
5607bb8 2016-12-31 Change WikiPage#directory to always start a directory hi...
904aa03 2016-12-31 Change WikiPage.group_by_directory to use WikiPage#direc...
5bbe655 2016-12-31 Add component to show the full path of a wiki page when ...
294acf1 2016-12-31 Remove root directory name from index of wikis
91e1701 2016-12-31 Remove root directory name from the sidebar of wikis
c7294dd 2016-12-31 Remove WikiPage.add_to_directory
bebfba3 2016-12-31 Refactor WikiPage.group_by_directory
083442b 2016-12-31 Add specs for WikiPage.group_by_directory
8bf52a4 2016-12-31 Show directory hierarchy when listing wiki pages