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#94 Alessio Caiazza - All time
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f80ba92 2018-05-22 Merge branch 'workhorse-4.2.1' into 'master'
49a9d9d 2018-05-22 Upgrade workhorse to v4.2.1
ce5723c 2018-04-30 Add alpine mirrors while operating on k8s cluster
5794b1c 2018-04-27 Fix example config miss-alignment in uploads.object_stor...
e09f99b 2018-03-29 Add port number to artifacts links to gitlab-pages, if n...
ae27a47 2018-03-29 Add Gitlab::ExclusiveLease to ObjectStorage#use_file
04c5e63 2018-03-27 Port LFS direct_upload from EE
34c2a59 2018-02-12 Honour workhorse provided file name
3514b72 2018-01-05 Add status attribute to runner api entity
ebdcbd4 2018-01-04 Do not run ee_compat_check on security branches
20f7992 2018-01-04 Backport gitlab-org/gitlab-ci-yml!128 - Fix kubectl vers...
5e0143a 2018-01-03 Add online attribute to runner api entity
8153f73 2017-12-15 Avoid running autodevops sast job on GitLab CE
095b5eb 2017-12-04 Fix haml_lint warnings :green_heart:
f8b29b0 2017-12-04 Fix static analysis :green_heart:
4b4e83d 2017-11-22 Add CSS hidden class in mailer layout
761a403 2017-11-07 Upgrade vendored templates
1471495 2017-11-07 Review Gitlab::Kubernetes::Namespace
a194d31 2017-11-07 Fix Projects::Clusters::ApplicationsController failures
e3b5dfd 2017-11-07 Fix rubocop warning
8ec618a 2017-11-07 Add Helm InstallCommand
16b9e28 2017-11-07 Do not use RSpec.describe
0562b02 2017-11-07 Do not use %i() in state machines
3f261a4 2017-11-07 Add k8s namespace implementation and tests
68a9229 2017-11-07 Fix cluster_applications_helm factory with a configured ...
d613470 2017-11-07 Remove Project#clusters export
3bf2aba 2017-11-07 More restrictive state machine transitions in Clusters::...
f936492 2017-11-07 Rename application_helm factory to cluster_application_helm
86d8531 2017-11-07 Remove Clusters::Applications::FinalizeInstallationService
f676f38 2017-11-06 Add more tests to Projects::Clusters::ApplicationsContro...
2b4fccb 2017-11-06 Add Helm import/export
338d761 2017-11-06 Merge branch 'refactor-clusters' into 38464-k8s-apps
2802b5b 2017-11-06 Add ClusterApplicationEntity tests
b893a85 2017-11-06 db/schema.rb cleanup
61501a0 2017-11-06 Add Clusters::Applications services tests
317c3cd 2017-11-06 Merge branch 'refactor-clusters' into 38464-k8s-apps
80b0834 2017-11-06 Add Clusters::Appplications::CheckInstallationProgressSe...
c6c9b37 2017-11-03 Add Clusters::Applications::Helm tests
c0299ce 2017-11-03 Add Projects::Clusters::ApplicationsController tests
e6616e0 2017-11-03 Fix typos
44f885e 2017-11-03 Fix typo
49210df 2017-11-03 Schedule k8s application installation with a service
1ca9aaf 2017-11-03 Merge branch 'refactor-clusters' into 38464-k8s-apps
08752e5 2017-11-03 Remove `Clusters::Applications::FetchInstallationStatusS...
c46417c 2017-11-03 Rename App to Applications
94d5f56 2017-11-02 Extract ClusterWaitForAppInstallationWorker logic into a...
a8d7e4b 2017-11-02 Fix rubocop offenses
31c256c 2017-11-02 General cleanup
d870785 2017-11-02 Revert "Add helm CLI wrapper"
6950f38 2017-11-02 Install k8s application with helm running inside the clu...
84f5aaa 2017-10-31 WIP: mock cluster apps status API
3aafcc1 2017-10-26 Add KubernetesService#default_namespace tests
6798bab 2017-10-26 Remove duped tests
c3ac1c6 2017-10-21 Document `CI_SHARED_ENVIRONMENT` and `CI_DISPOSABLE_ENVI...
79ed79d 2017-10-21 Document `CI_SHARED_ENVIRONMENT` and `CI_DISPOSABLE_ENVI...
6d462ce 2017-10-17 Add helm CLI wrapper
c0cfc9e 2017-10-06 Extract `Ci::Build#parse_trace_sections!` into a service
ea02313 2017-10-06 Repack migration correctly
91f8e73 2017-10-05 Add CI build trace sections extractor
79e1f33 2017-10-03 Expose GitLab features to the CI runner
5709408 2017-10-03 Hide CI section markers from job trace
40c6128 2017-10-03 Fix broken certificate-authority-data with kubectl >= 1.8.0
130904e 2017-09-20 Support new auto-deploy helm chart
8a13032 2017-09-15 Never connect to webpack-dev-server over SSL
3dafd75 2017-09-07 Update templates for 10.0
eec8a0b 2017-07-07 Fix offline runner detection