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04b8e00 2018-03-22 Use porcelain commit lookup method on CI::CreatePipeline...
cf1a1e9 2018-03-21 Send Gitaly payload for git-upload-archive SSH commands
bb2bf39 2018-03-08 Cache `#can_be_resolved_in_ui?` git operations
c277aac 2018-03-07 Don't do a commit lookup to present the MR entity, just ...
5171e2f 2018-03-07 Refactor RepositoryCache to make it usable in other classes
4c84ee5 2018-03-06 Bump Gitlab Shell to v6.0.4
bc365bd 2018-03-06 Use persisted/memoized value for MRs shas instead of doi...
2a5794a 2018-03-05 Add Gitaly N+1 notice for Banzai filtering
0a4ee10 2018-03-05 Fix n+1 issue by not reloading fully loaded blobs
a0a7b55 2018-03-02 Incorporate Gitaly's RPCs for Gitlab::Git::LfsChanges
acc0e25 2018-02-21 Incorporate Gitaly's RepositoryService.IsSquashInProgres...
e60bf2f 2018-02-02 Incorporate OperationService.UserSquash Gitaly RPC
98affa7 2018-02-02 Refactor Gitlab::Git code related to LFS changes for Git...
658749d 2018-02-01 Fix an issue where sparse checkout wasn't configured cor...
c01f81f 2018-01-31 [ci skip] Fix example commands to refer to the correct v...
d86751d 2018-01-22 Incorporate Gitaly's RemoteService.UpdateRemoteMirror RPC
2e0951e 2018-01-22 Incorporate Gitaly's OperationService.UserCommitFiles RPC
081a584 2018-01-19 Ensure hooks are deleted regardless of the project forki...
15ddfa2 2018-01-05 Pass timeout to RepositoryService.FetchRemote Gitaly RPC...
9ff44c2 2018-01-05 Incorporate RemoteService.FetchInternalRemote Gitaly RPC
0b07be5 2018-01-05 Move git operations for multi_action into Gitlab::Git
5152cc3 2018-01-04 Fix a bug where charlock_holmes was used needlessly to e...
996becd 2018-01-04 Move git operations for UpdateRemoteMirrorService into G...
1c458d1 2018-01-04 Move delete_remote_branches from Gitlab::Shell to Gitlab...
43308bd 2018-01-04 Move push_remote_branches from Gitlab::Shell to Gitlab::...
65e3a1e 2018-01-02 Simplify conflict resolution interface and code
11247ac 2017-12-28 Move encoding methods to the more general EncodingHelper
7ed28b9 2017-12-28 Unmark Gitaly features as OPT_OUT until the gRPC proxy i...
04b9875 2017-12-27 Fix feature flags for Gitaly's RemoteService RPCs
0aa87bb 2017-12-27 Incorporate ConflictsService.ResolveConflicts Gitaly RPC
351f205 2017-12-27 Incorporate ConflictsService.ListConflictFiles Gitaly RPC
2694355 2017-12-22 Incorporate Gitaly's RemoteService RPCs
7354c9f 2017-12-22 Remove unused method `remote_exists?`
240945f 2017-12-14 Simplify conflict resolver interface
95009ce 2017-12-06 Unify mirror addition operations to prepare for Gitaly m...
885a4da 2017-12-06 Add feature flag to use gitaly-ssh mirroring when clonin...
359b65b 2017-12-04 Use `String#end_with?` instead of `String#ends_with?`
2286681 2017-12-04 Add missing attr_accessor to Gitlab::Git::Conflict::File
f91c5c5 2017-12-04 Backport Squash/Rebase refactor from EE
c33ca9d 2017-11-21 Use `make install` for Gitaly setups in non-test environ...
99092a7 2017-11-21 Mark all gitaly features as opt-in
473ae04 2017-11-20 Update gRPC to v1.7.2
3f0c9e9 2017-11-20 Fix Gitlab::Git::Repository#remote_tags using unexisting...
38730a2 2017-11-17 Incorporate Gitaly's RefService.DeleteRefs RPC
282e7f8 2017-11-13 Incorporate Gitaly's WikiService.WikiGetAllPages RPC
5a38a9d 2017-11-13 Add spec examples for Gitlab::Gitaly::WikiService
fe4874c 2017-11-03 Use Gitlab::Git operations for repository mirroring
dea6d05 2017-11-03 Encapsulate git operations for mirroring in Gitlab::Git
3f0233e 2017-11-03 Create a Wiki Repository's raw_repository properly
88d2517 2017-11-03 Add `Gitlab::Git::Repository#fetch` command
37cc50f 2017-10-31 Incorporate Gitaly's OperationService.UserFFBranch RPC
1796936 2017-10-31 Handle large values on `MergeRequestDiffCommit` dates
42a4539 2017-10-25 Fix the incorrect value being used to set GL_USERNAME on...
a64601b 2017-10-24 Move all rugged operation for ff_merge inside Gitlab::Git
4969f48 2017-10-23 Support `Gitaly::User`'s gl_username field
85fbb47 2017-10-21 Avoind unnecesary `force_encoding` operations
6d04f37 2017-10-20 Avoid calling underlying methods on non-existing repos
520866a 2017-10-19 Avoind unnecesary `force_encoding` operations
9fdde36 2017-10-13 Move line code generation into Gitlab::Git
faa9bd4 2017-10-13 Create a Gitlab::Git submodule for conlict-related files
3fcab51 2017-10-13 Refactor conflict resolution to contain git ops within G...
9cc1517 2017-10-13 Clean hierarchy of calls between models and Gitalb::Git ...
f72598b 2017-10-13 Move Gitlab::Diff::LineCode to module Gitlab::Git
9fda629 2017-10-13 Encapsulate git operations for conflict resolution into lib
06e7eeb 2017-10-10 Use Gitaly's RepositoryService.HasLocalBranches RPC
1731934 2017-10-09 Add `Gitlab::Git::Repository#fetch` command
60a35e4 2017-10-05 Send API parameters as extra data for sentry errors
a646947 2017-10-05 Update required Workhorse version to v3.2.0
79719cf 2017-10-04 Add OperationService.UserDeleteBranch Gitaly RPC
40060b1 2017-10-02 [ci skip] Fix archive spec descrptions
fce708c 2017-10-02 Send extra Gitaly params for `send_git_archive` if needed
fa5f016 2017-09-30 Implement OperationService.UserAddBranch Gitaly RPC
16f8500 2017-09-30 Populate `Gitlay::Repository`'s `gl_repository` field
a97ff8a 2017-09-30 Add a factory for `Gitaly::GitCommit`s
412845f 2017-09-27 Merge branch 'an-repo-gitaly' into 'zj-repo-gitaly'
cae3417 2017-09-26 Don't enforce gitaly request limits for distinct calls
bc8dcbf 2017-09-26 Fix component update with branch specifiers on CI
34eeac6 2017-09-20 Use Gitlab::Git's Popen on that module's code
c2e99b4 2017-09-06 Implement fix for n+1 issue on `flatten_tree` helper
204d9c2 2017-09-06 Update GITALY_SERVER_VERSION to 0.38.0
758f18b 2017-09-06 Update GitLab Shell to v5.9.0
ff3eeff 2017-09-05 Implement /internal/pre-receive for shell operations
8323e55 2017-09-05 Return a value to check if redis is available on /intern...
9ccc516 2017-09-05 Enable all gitaly features in spinach tests
eaf60bb 2017-08-31 Implement /internal/post_receive unified endpoint for Po...
2cbad40 2017-08-24 Add spec for Gitlab::Git::Commit#rugged_commit
4b75525 2017-08-24 Refactor Gitlab::Git::Commit to include a repository
72f2625 2017-08-22 Include missing Gitlab::GitalyClient.encode method in 9-...
258d5a5 2017-08-22 Incorporate DiffService.CommitPatch Gitaly RPC
b7ebb44 2017-08-21 Correctly encode string params for Gitaly's TreeEntries RPC
a16dc5c 2017-08-21 Ensure Rugged methods are called with a Rugged Commit
c463a83 2017-08-17 Incorporate RepositoryService.ApplyGitattributes Gitaly RPC
0296700 2017-08-17 Add GitalyClient::RepositoryService specs
3ce6f03 2017-08-08 Incorporate Gitaly's CommitService.FindCommit RPC
e363fbf 2017-08-08 Move `deltas` and `diff_from_parents` logic to Gitlab::G...
c21ae07 2017-08-08 Refactor Gitlab::Git::Commit to include a repository
8e3f2ec 2017-07-27 Incorporate RefsService.FindAllBranches Gitaly RPC
8065adc 2017-07-27 Improve Gitlab::Git::Repository specs for #branches
432bb22 2017-07-27 Remove unused Gitlab::Git operations
c9c0606 2017-07-20 Improve version handling on component install tasks
9eb5cdd 2017-07-20 Incorporate CommitService.GetTreeEntries Gitaly call
25b01b4 2017-07-18 Incorporate Gitaly's Commits#between RPC
90f8fea 2017-07-18 Adapt to new Gitaly commit message format
bf31a7e 2017-07-11 Use Gitaly server v0.17.0
f4e6aba 2017-06-29 Set the GL_REPOSITORY env variable on Gitlab::Git::Hook
5681bf6 2017-06-28 Fix a bug where an invalid sort param value was passed t...
e747053 2017-06-27 Use gl_repository exclusively as identifier on post-receive
b4e1529 2017-06-19 Reinstall shell on the test env if it's outdated
58821eb 2017-06-14 Stop using deprecated `path` field on Gitaly messages
d39646e 2017-05-31 Update GITLAB_SHELL_VERSION
18aebf0 2017-05-31 Revert "Update GITLAB_SHELL_VERSION"
0d55def 2017-05-31 Update GITLAB_SHELL_VERSION
671284b 2017-05-31 Add feature toggles through Flipper
870a8bb 2017-05-31 Allow PostReceivePack to be enabled with Gitaly
e76a30c 2017-05-26 Add missing project import job example from gitlab-ee
eef12af 2017-05-24 Re-download and recompile Gitaly in tests if the version...
de33a5b 2017-05-18 Prevent errors from non-functional notify_post_receive e...
925945f 2017-05-17 Incorporate Gitaly's local_branches operation into repo ...
71569a9 2017-05-17 Compare ids of commits if present for equality test
f3cbb0a 2017-05-16 Clean import of shared examples for protected branches/tags
cf09c82 2017-05-16 Re-enable gitaly migration for ref_name_for_sha after bu...
6d46e51 2017-05-11 Use gitaly_migrate helper on all current migrations in r...
8bc381d 2017-05-05 Pass GL_REPOSITORY in Workhorse responses
5249157 2017-05-05 Allow gl-repository strings as project identifiers in Po...
c45341c 2017-05-03 Generate and handle a gl_repository param to pass around...
5e0e580 2017-05-02 Re-enable ref operations with gitaly after not-found fix
476037b 2017-04-19 Configure Gitaly through settings file instead of ENV vars
e61325f 2017-04-13 Expand components version specification format to allow ...
d6cc8fe 2017-04-11 Setup and run a Gitaly server for testing if GitalyClien...
267cd3e 2017-04-04 Incorporate Gitaly client for refs service
46214d5 2017-03-08 Improve storage validation after configuration structure...
0b9d56f 2017-03-03 Update storage settings to allow extra values per shard
f8fa6e6 2017-03-01 Add internal endpoint to notify post-receive to Gitaly
57a76de 2017-01-25 Change repository storage paths location for clarity
ebc2e5f 2017-01-25 Update VERSION to 8.14.8
844bf10 2017-01-25 Update for 8.14.8
13c7120 2017-01-25 Update for 8.14.8
c194adb 2017-01-25 Merge branch 'master' of
7528d42 2017-01-24 Fix stable branch after cherry-pick batch
1152677 2017-01-24 Merge branch '8-14-stable' of
5f17396 2016-12-19 Update for 8.13.10
62aa468 2016-12-19 Update for 8.14.5
06c1f94 2016-12-14 Update VERSION to 8.12.13
b30a02c 2016-12-14 Update VERSION to 8.13.10
e5938ae 2016-12-14 Update for 8.13.10
1df85ae 2016-12-14 Update for 8.13.10
6f43aa0 2016-12-14 Update VERSION to 8.14.5
2044f43 2016-12-14 Update for 8.14.5
e3981c0 2016-12-14 Update for 8.14.5
29269e4 2016-12-14 Fix cherry-pick of !8017
0b09412 2016-12-13 Fix cherry-pick of 95a9092661d345e4b47ff17059a93b405cd096ef
43bd03e 2016-12-09 Merge branch 'update/installation-from-source-guide-8-15...
fc53845 2016-12-08 Update VERSION to 8.13.9
55da922 2016-12-08 Update for 8.13.9
0954137 2016-12-08 Update for 8.13.9
3ea6c8d 2016-12-08 Update VERSION to 8.14.4
2ff47e2 2016-12-08 Update for 8.14.4
e374ab7 2016-12-08 Update for 8.14.4
aab865e 2016-12-07 Fix eslint after picking into stable
f397f97 2016-12-02 Update VERSION to 8.12.11
c070cc9 2016-12-02 Update VERSION to 8.13.8
ab385ea 2016-12-02 Update for 8.13.8
96661ed 2016-12-02 Update for 8.13.8
2f0065b 2016-12-02 Update VERSION to 8.14.3
fbeeb05 2016-12-02 Update for 8.14.3
ee32496 2016-12-02 Update for 8.14.3
897bca6 2016-12-02 Fix schema after picking !7744 from master
b9442a5 2016-12-01 Update VERSION to 8.14.2
d3f1ad8 2016-12-01 Update for 8.14.2
4b6bf13 2016-12-01 Update for 8.14.2
f5b272c 2016-11-28 Merge branch 'master' of
eec2e10 2016-11-28 Update VERSION to 8.12.10
e45bf3d 2016-11-28 Update VERSION to 8.14.1
3cffff0 2016-11-28 Update for 8.14.1
61abf53 2016-11-28 Update for 8.14.1
defa0f9 2016-11-24 Revert "Merge branch '22481-honour-issue-visibility-for-...
35b09f5 2016-11-24 Revert "Merge branch 'issue_23548_dev' into 'master'"
295decb 2016-11-24 Fix merge after security cherry-pick
7419238 2016-11-24 Fix spec after CE Upstream merge
c1710af 2016-11-22 Update VERSION to 8.15.0-pre
cde955c 2016-11-22 Update VERSION to 8.14.0
2fabaa5 2016-11-22 Update for 8.14.0
a9dda06 2016-11-22 Update for 8.14.0
8087aa3 2016-11-22 [ci skip] Fix encoding on unreleased changelog entry
29f7b88 2016-11-22 [ci skip] Fix unreleased changelog
0262cd5 2016-11-20 Update VERSION to 8.14.0-rc4
a4a7ba0 2016-11-17 Update VERSION to 8.14.0-rc3
bcd096f 2016-11-16 Merge branch 'master' into 8-14-stable
f821013 2016-11-15 Revert bad merge after release
e3e9cab 2016-11-15 Update VERSION to 8.14.0-rc2
8f72d74 2016-11-15 Merge branch 'master' of
5d4aeae 2016-11-15 Update for 8.14.0-rc2
502aabd 2016-11-14 Merge branch 'master' into 8-14-stable
2b4deed 2016-11-14 Use `default_value_for` to handle null values in only_al...
b83e8a5 2016-11-11 Merge branch 'master' into 8-14-stable
591f10f 2016-11-11 Update 8.14-rc1 migrations to minimize downtime and depl...
cb5f336 2016-11-10 Merge branch 'master' into 8-14-stable
0c99e5d 2016-11-10 Fix CHANGELOG after 8.14.0-rc1 tag
f8ca168 2016-11-09 Update VERSION to 8.14.0-rc1
605d338 2016-11-09 Update for 8.14.0-rc1
b900bb9 2016-11-09 Fix YAML syntax on CHANGELOG entry
32042ef 2016-11-09 Merge branch 'unauthenticated-container-registry-access'...
09cedb5 2016-11-08 Update VERSION to 8.13.5
88d5a5f 2016-11-08 Merge branch 'unauthenticated-container-registry-access'...
38df702 2016-11-03 Add and update .gitignore & .gitlab-ci.yml templates for...
19c57f9 2016-11-03 Update "Installation from source" guide for 8.14.0
fa3bbd4 2016-10-28 Fix lightweight tags not processed correctly by GitTagPu...
7bd6ff0 2016-10-28 Fix and improve `Sortable.highest_label_priority`
0badbef 2016-10-27 Optimize Event queries by removing default order
91f25c2 2016-10-25 Update VERSION to 8.13.1
1a7926c 2016-10-22 Update VERSION to 8.13.0-rc6
a30d1c7 2016-10-21 Update VERSION to 8.13.0-rc5
eb54c71 2016-10-21 Merge branch 'markdown-xss-fix-option-2' into 'security'
49643da 2016-10-20 Update VERSION to 8.13.0-rc4
5847cf0 2016-10-12 Update VERSION to 8.13.0-rc2
d6d61aa 2016-10-07 Update Gitlab Shell to fix errors moving projects betwee...
1d35c5b 2016-10-06 Improve project policy spec
26221e7 2016-09-28 [ci-skip] Correct gitlab-shell installation instructions...
0b5d629 2016-09-28 Update Gitlab Shell to support low IO priority for stora...
02bc717 2016-09-15 Update references to deprecated `repos_path` configurati...
ea155cc 2016-09-06 Optimize discussion notes resolving and unresolving
6686084 2016-08-26 Fix "Wiki" link not appearing in navigation for projects...
60aee5b 2016-08-13 Add method missing from EE
2f06027 2016-08-12 Change the order of the access rules to check simpler fi...
6af4efe 2016-08-08 Update version_sorter and use new interface for faster t...
efef0be 2016-08-03 Remove unnecessary index_projects_on_builds_enabled inde...
08bac55 2016-07-28 Fix failing CommitController spec
d00679d 2016-07-28 Update to gitlab_git 10.4.1 and take advantage of preser...
1dcfb1d 2016-07-26 Fix a bug where forking a project from a repository stor...
2b7e6e9 2016-07-25 Add ENV variable to skip repository storages validations
3dc8075 2016-07-24 Revert "Merge branch '17073-tagscontroller-index-is-terr...
8958900 2016-07-21 Skip repository storage path valitaions on test environment
72f59dd 2016-07-21 Use Pathname to make the repository storage path validat...
065a65a 2016-07-21 Update to gitlab_git 10.4.1 and take advantage of preser...
04fff5c 2016-07-21 Update documentation according to the new multiple git m...
ea63346 2016-07-20 Refactor user authorization check for a single project t...
0480317 2016-07-20 Change `return`s for `next`s to please rubocop (behaviou...
818ad89 2016-07-20 Add /deploy_keys API to retrieve all deploy keys regardl...
e94d383 2016-07-16 Fix a bug where the project's repository path was return...
5200804 2016-07-02 Fix typo in Merge Requests API documentation
e8a8b0b 2016-06-30 Remove hardcoded gitlab-shell version in test env now th...
4a8a698 2016-06-30 Add Application Setting to configure default Repository ...
20b9bb2 2016-06-30 Create (if necessary) and link the gitlab-shell secret f...
86359ec 2016-06-30 Refactor repository paths handling to allow multiple git...
8fdd419 2016-06-23 Improve performance of searching tags by name by using a...
ca69617 2016-06-21 Optimize Banzai::Filter::RelativeLinkFilter
bcecc19 2016-06-20 Set missing stages on ci builds to 'test' to avoid regre...
7022357 2016-06-16 Add sorting dropdown to tag page
83e1274 2016-06-08 Update CHANGELOG
fade1a4 2016-06-08 Fix pseudo n+1 queries with Note and Note Authors in iss...
ad83c30 2016-06-08 Remove `projects` inclusion in `notes_with_associations`...
d485ec9 2016-06-07 Instrument `RepositoryCheck::SingleRepositoryWorker` man...
fbd2169 2016-06-06 Use better_errors editor links in sherlock
535d113 2016-06-06 Remove prev/next buttons on issues and merge requests
7910853 2016-04-21 Update CHANGELOG
d391271 2016-04-21 Include Milestone reference syntax in Markdown documenta...
30d1d47 2016-04-21 Using project `path_with_namespace` in milestone's cross...
0f92571 2016-04-21 Inserting the Milestone title between quotes on GFM auto...
ec71edf 2016-04-21 Sorting Milestones on the auto complete list by due date...
4596190 2016-04-21 Inserting Milestone titles insted of IIDs with GFM auto ...
0ba116a 2016-04-21 Matching version-like expressions as `milestone_name`s i...
4cab66e 2016-04-21 Implementing autocomplete for GFM milestone references
1ff896f 2016-04-21 Escaping the `object_link_text` on cross project milesto...
6d9794d 2016-04-21 Transforming milestones link references to the short ref...
375e83b 2016-04-21 Consistently using iid when treating milestones as refer...
077f9a4 2016-04-21 Implementing special GitLab markdown reference for miles...