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#73 Ahmad Sherif - All time
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019f5e2 2018-05-18 Add handling for commit/tags with big messages
9d799cc 2018-05-09 Fix finding wiki pages when they have invalidly-encoded ...
f611212 2018-04-11 Fix finding wiki file when Gitaly is enabled
ddfc661 2018-04-03 Use shard name in Git::GitlabProjects instead of shard path
1f2cc29 2018-03-22 Fix EncodingHelper#clean blowing up on UTF-16BE strings
d0a1da5 2018-03-21 Remove calls to clear_cache from Git::Wiki
fdb5080 2018-03-06 Upgrade grpc gem to 1.10.0
37162a5 2018-03-06 Reduce number of FindCommit calls from RefsController#lo...
2cc43aa 2018-03-05 Keep a commit around if its sha is present
cd77094 2018-03-02 Add support for :all option to {count,find}_commits
03f3350 2018-03-01 Fetch commit signatures from Gitaly in batches
c370f53 2018-02-26 Migrate recursive tree entries fetching to Gitaly
f933447 2018-02-13 Remove allow_n_plus_1 block from Network::Graph
5074913 2018-02-12 Remove allow_n_plus_1 block from DeleteMergedBranchesSer...
0d91073 2018-02-09 Return a warning string if we try to encode to unsupport...
8cdb347 2018-02-08 Remove allow_n_plus_1 from Git::Repository#branches_filter
dabc703 2018-02-07 Migrate Git::Blob.batch to Gitaly
cf25ef3 2018-02-07 Cache Gitaly FindCommit RPC response
457e702 2018-02-07 Remove allow_n_plus_1_calls from MergeRequests::CreateSe...
48568a9 2018-02-07 Check for keep-around commits once if target and source ...
be26c4e 2018-02-05 Encode GitalyClient::WikiPage attributes to UTF-8
05f17e4 2018-02-02 Remove repo reloading logic from Repository#find_branch
5aeb5ff 2018-01-30 Add support for PreReceiveError in UserMergeBranch RPC
1ebb781 2018-01-30 Migrate Git::Repository#delete_refs to Gitaly
11191f9 2018-01-30 Move Repository#can_be_merged? to Gitlab::Git::Repository
fa9d47f 2018-01-30 Migrate fetching wiki page formatted content to Gitaly
77d91f5 2018-01-26 Fix spec failures in issues_spec.rb
2290b43 2018-01-25 Fix rubocop offenses introduced in !16623
07b0beb 2018-01-25 Fix .batch_lfs_pointers accepting a lazy enumerator
5735747 2018-01-24 Add formatted_data attribute to Git::WikiPage
29fa930 2018-01-24 Migrate .batch_lfs_pointers to Gitaly
6a28967 2018-01-24 Migrate restoring repo from bundle to Gitaly
2462532 2018-01-24 Migrate repository bundling to Gitaly
0b96552 2018-01-23 GitalyClient::ConflictsService#conflicts? should return ...
e528ae2 2018-01-15 Bump Gitaly version to 0.69.0
f32f04a 2018-01-15 Migrate Commit#uri_type to Gitaly
49d6ed9 2018-01-15 Migrate importing repository to Gitaly
b4b267b 2018-01-11 Migrate Repository#can_be_merged? to Gitaly
8310194 2018-01-11 Migrate merged_branch_names to Gitaly
42265d4 2018-01-10 Migrate Gitlab::Git::Repository#rebase to Gitaly
92d62ff 2018-01-10 Migrate rebase_in_progress? to Gitaly
8065efa 2018-01-09 Add support for multiple refmaps to RemoteService#add_re...
0ba0f9d 2018-01-04 Prepare Gitlab::Git::Repository#rebase for Gitaly migration
4b5b433 2018-01-02 Migrate repo forking to Gitaly
13932b0 2017-12-27 Add support for max_count option to Git::Repository#coun...
835a5db 2017-12-13 Migrate Gitlab::Git::Repository#merge_base_commit to Gitaly
887a373 2017-12-05 Migrate Gitlab::Git::Repository#revert to Gitaly
8be9567 2017-12-04 Migrate Gitlab::Git::Repository#cherry_pick to Gitaly
44c3fb6 2017-11-15 Add an attributes bag class as a GitalyClient helper
52bfd06 2017-11-14 Use relative git object paths to construct absolute ones...
56e5355 2017-10-31 Migrate Gitlab::Git::Wiki#file to Gitaly
964cbb6 2017-10-31 Migrate Gitlab::Git::Wiki#page to Gitaly
b3a0166 2017-10-31 Migrate Gitlab::Git::Wiki#delete_page to Gitaly
43f0bca 2017-10-27 Avoid using Rugged in Gitlab::Git::Wiki#preview_slug
76becfb 2017-10-26 Add path attribute to WikiFile class
fa5eeae 2017-10-16 Migrate Gitlab::Git::Wiki#write_page to Gitaly
a24abf3 2017-10-12 Fix the format of rugged alternate directory list
4378f56 2017-10-11 Pass git object dir attributes as relative paths to Gitaly
03f3cee 2017-10-10 Fix a liniting error introduced by !14652
618dd9e 2017-10-09 Migrate Workhorse Send{Diff,Patch} to Gitaly
6396d4c 2017-10-03 Fix gitaly-proto version in Gemfile.lock
4706554 2017-10-02 Bump gitaly-proto version to v0.39.0
4f5be9e 2017-09-28 Migrate Gitlab::Git::Repository#add_tag to Gitaly
3944e16 2017-09-28 Migrate Git::Repository#rm_tag to Gitaly
eb36fa1 2017-09-21 Migrate Gitlab::Git::Repository#diff to Gitaly
28d95e1 2017-09-19 Encode paths properly for Gitaly Commit{Diff,Delta}
41ef94e 2017-09-06 Migrate creating/deleting a branch to Gitaly
e10437d 2017-09-05 Migrate Gitlab::Git::Repository#find_branch to Gitaly
6dfe286 2017-08-31 Update Gitaly version to v0.35.0
9240d35 2017-08-23 Properly encode Gitaly RawBlame request params
daa0137 2017-08-11 Migrate force push check to Gitaly
c0b4106 2017-08-07 Migrate Repository#find_commits_by_message to Gitaly
c4f55ce 2017-08-07 Migrate Gitlab::Git::Repository#size to Gitaly
f81c07e 2017-08-03 Migrate Repository#last_commit_for_path to Gitaly
03440ee 2017-08-03 Migrate blame loading to Gitaly
215e091 2017-08-01 Migrate Gitlab::Git::Repository#count_commits to Gitaly
cd5ae5c 2017-07-27 Migrate Repository#tags to Gitaly
1300736 2017-07-24 Use a unique feature name for Workhorse send blob migration
b043100 2017-07-20 Migrate Gitlab::Git::Commit.find_all to Gitaly
ef2b81a 2017-07-19 Migrate DiffCollection limiting logic to Gitaly
08ce213 2017-07-11 Migrate Workhorse SendBlob to Gitaly
c393d88 2017-07-07 Migrate Gitlab::Git::Repository#commit_count to Gitaly
5b092d2 2017-06-22 Encode Gitaly diff patches properly
0284f01 2017-06-21 Migrate Gitlab::Git::Blob.find to Gitaly
204db05 2017-06-07 Re-enable Gitaly commit_raw_diffs migration
4d1e987 2017-06-02 Use the new Gitaly CommitDiff RPC
99feed6 2017-05-13 Add support for deltas_only under Gitaly
b03179b 2017-05-10 Print Go version in rake gitlab:env:info
2f60a40 2017-05-07 Remove stubbing from Gitlab::GitalyClient::Commit specs
34cd109 2017-05-07 Re-enable Gitaly commit_raw_diff feature
13de8ae 2017-05-01 Add specs for Gitlab::RequestProfiler
b742ff9 2017-04-08 Improve gitaly_address error message
62521f2 2017-04-04 Add rake task that prints TOML storage configuration
f5b8dcf 2017-04-04 Bump Gitaly server version to 0.5.0
d56e422 2017-04-04 Disable support for Gitaly PostReceivePack
09751c7 2017-04-03 Add support for Gitaly calls over TCP connection
39753bf 2017-04-03 Add feature flags for enabling (Upload|Receive)Pack for ...
290621f 2017-03-24 Bump Gitaly server version to v0.4.0
c0a4f52 2017-03-15 Use Gitaly for CommitController#show
0a1c8bb 2017-01-18 Pass Gitaly resource path to gitlab-workhorse if Gitaly ...
4e0a0d0 2016-12-05 Authorize users into imported GitLab project
2ea5ef0 2016-11-23 Update ProjectTeam#fetch_members to use project authoriz...
747959a 2016-11-23 Update ProjectTeam#max_member_access_for_user_ids to use...
0f3c3a1 2016-11-23 Update user's authorized projects if project is allowed ...
9163328 2016-11-23 Drop Project#authorized_for_user? in favor of ProjectTea...
229b7e9 2016-11-23 Refresh user's authorized projects when one of his membe...
74650b2 2016-11-23 Change personal projects access level to master in User#...
4262687 2016-11-23 Use the minimum access level of group link and group mem...
fd05e26 2016-11-18 Precalculate user's authorized projects in database
eaa0303 2016-11-04 Cache imported GH labels no matter what
6a9fb20 2016-11-04 Fix applying GitHub-imported labels when importing job i...
f68d926 2016-10-28 Fix typos
07275dd 2016-10-28 Abstract the use of imported[!?] and {current,increment}...
bc6302b 2016-10-28 Use public_send instead of send
14fbd25 2016-10-28 Modify GitHub importer to be retryable
6e590af 2016-10-28 Check if repository already exists before trying to re-i...
ce38ae8 2016-10-27 Fix importing MR comments from GitHub
4259334 2016-10-27 Fix applying labels for GitHub-imported MRs
c180221 2016-10-14 Add docs for request profiling
333c02a 2016-10-06 Fix broken handling of certain calls in GitHub importer ...
dca1acd 2016-09-27 Call after_remove_branch only once after importing all G...
e30bfb8 2016-09-27 Import all GitHub comments after importing issues and PRs
dbcbbf2 2016-09-27 Speed up label-applying process for GitHub importing
395a930 2016-09-27 Process each page of GitHub resources instead of concati...
ca823ab 2016-09-23 Fix the leak mentioned in 504a3b5 by another way
0fe33f9 2016-09-23 Revert "Fix a memory leak caused by Banzai::Filter::Sani...
3753b84 2016-09-23 Update CHANGELOG
2161c72 2016-09-23 Use select(:foo) instead of map(&:foo) in GlobalMilestone
b513211 2016-09-23 Ensure milestones passed to GlobalMilestone is an Active...
b8bfe50 2016-09-23 Reduce number of queries when calling GlobalMilestone#{l...
ac34702 2016-09-23 Eager-load assignee and labels associations for GlobalMi...
0560b7a 2016-09-23 Add index on labels title
f8cc548 2016-09-16 Use oj gem for faster JSON processing
c90174a 2016-09-13 Fix Gitlab::Popen.popen thread-safety issue
04a5a88 2016-09-02 Fix a typo
a3828ab 2016-09-02 Change minimum Unicorns required to two
619b350 2016-09-02 Update memory requirements
4ad028a 2016-08-18 Rename TodoService#mark_todos_as_done_by_id{,s}
548da42 2016-08-18 Implement TodoService#mark_todos_as_done_by_id
30654fc 2016-08-18 Simplify SQL queries of marking a todo as done
d81a283 2016-08-18 Update gitlab_git gem to 10.4.7
cd814fb 2016-08-17 Eliminate unneeded calls to Repository#blob_at when list...
be87076 2016-08-15 Add a spec for ProjectsFinder project_ids_relation option
e93de60 2016-08-15 Fix ProjectsFinder spec
76db0dc 2016-08-15 Pass project IDs relation to ProjectsFinder instead of u...
d13c36f 2016-08-15 Speed up todos queries by limiting the projects set we j...
504a3b5 2016-08-14 Fix a memory leak caused by Banzai::Filter::Sanitization...
08c1dd3 2016-08-03 Use commit deltas when counting files in IrkerWorker
a16c26c 2016-08-03 Speed up Commit#repo_changes
0720b9c 2016-08-01 Catch what warden might throw when profiling requests to...
2e06800 2016-08-01 Fix RequestProfiler::Middleware error when code is reloa...
e4027e4 2016-07-28 Reduce number of queries made for merge_requests/:id/diffs
3e17187 2016-07-27 Change requests_profiles resource constraint to catch vi...
2747699 2016-07-27 Use fewer queries for CI charts
345cd22 2016-07-26 Profile requests when a header is passed
df541e5 2016-07-22 Load project invited groups and members eagerly in Proje...
0c14c63 2016-07-21 Retrieve rendered HTML from cache in one request
41b25e5 2016-07-19 Limit git rev-list output count to one in forced push check
0c22698 2016-05-12 Add API endpoints for un/subscribing from/to a label
ab4671f 2016-05-06 Fix adding a todo for private group members