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#184 Ahmad Hassan - All time
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Hash Date Message
8ea9c81 2018-07-19 Use rugged to validate ref name
099eb8a 2018-06-21 Restore custom hooks for wiki
9d7e732 2018-06-20 Move backup custom hooks up a level
5308b51 2018-06-19 Output done for wiki and repo
69de7b4 2018-06-15 Migrate repo backup to gitaly
2bbac66 2018-06-08 Refactor
59a8c79 2018-06-07 Use RestoreCustomHooks RPC in restore rake task
84e6ddb 2018-05-24 Remove unneeded gitaly_migrate function
9c4f967 2018-05-23 Take restoring custom hooks and the skip flag out of scope
80197bd 2018-05-21 Remove gitaly_migrate blocks and replace by early return
125be18 2018-05-18 Move restore_custom_hooks to its seperate function
62f2988 2018-05-17 Return from prepare directory if gitaly skip is enabled
42cabcb 2018-05-17 Call path_to_repo only when using gitaly
51ee6f0 2018-05-16 Changelog entry
7ea4a42 2018-05-16 Fix failing specs
0734da1 2018-05-15 Wrap create_from_bundle in a begin rescue block
8457262 2018-05-15 Better repo restore progress logging
fb54eb7 2018-05-15 Remove useless print line
3b5e9f0 2018-05-15 Use gitaly repository_service.CreateFromBundle to restore