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9da83ba 2018-10-11 Merge branch 'docs/remove-link-old-project' into 'master'
9e7899f 2018-10-11 Merge branch 'patch-27' into 'master'
316eaec 2018-10-11 Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
8f13e07 2018-10-10 Merge branch 'docs/fix-link-to-eslint-config' into 'master'
12a1122 2018-10-10 Merge branch 'docs/add-note-for-interactive-web-terminal...
f1eba61 2018-10-10 Merge branch 'tpresa-update-install-docs-11-4' into 'mas...
f9bedcf 2018-10-09 Merge branch 'patch-28' into 'master'
b77d11c 2018-10-09 Clarify what happens when enabling a service template
5dc20e5 2018-10-09 Merge branch '43953-add-troubleshooting-to-github-import...
41a79f3 2018-10-09 Merge branch 'docs-improve-repository_files' into 'master'
ac2cd5a 2018-10-09 Refactor GitHub import raketask docs
e15016e 2018-10-09 Move the Auto DevOps note to the top
df0b8b9 2018-10-09 Merge branch 'tsumitsu-master-patch-1' into 'master'
1a66012 2018-10-09 Merge branch 'docs/fix-docs-structure-links' into 'master'
93b5b45 2018-10-08 Merge branch 'tpresa-update-install-docs-11-4' into 'mas...
21267c1 2018-10-08 Merge branch 'docs/add-note-for-interactive-web-terminal...
22a29eb 2018-10-08 Merge branch 'docs/fix-authentication-links' into 'master'
a5ca102 2018-10-08 Merge branch 'docs/update-variables-image' into 'master'
afdd1aa 2018-10-08 Merge branch 'docs-pre-selected-template-link' into 'mas...
01166e8 2018-10-08 Merge branch 'docs-clarify-hook-name-values' into 'master'
0c8bbd0 2018-10-08 Move hook name note to the top
bcc0306 2018-10-08 Merge branch 'update_extends_docs' into 'master'
74e49d2 2018-10-08 Merge branch 'docs-docker-auth-config-port' into 'master'
04a1625 2018-10-08 Merge branch 'docs/fix-link-to-deploy-boards' into 'master'
56a7e99 2018-10-08 Merge branch 'docs/fix-link-to-mr-template' into 'master'
524b41c 2018-10-08 Merge branch 'patch/gpg-doc' into 'master'
b1d8cd2 2018-10-05 Merge branch 'docs/variables-doc' into 'master'
a786662 2018-10-05 Merge branch '7453_document_security_and_licence_managem...
4ceff1d 2018-10-05 Merge branch 'docs/fix-404-to-8.17' into 'master'
fc41120 2018-10-04 Merge branch 'new-docs-linting-image' into 'master'
4d30215 2018-10-04 Merge branch 'add-pipeline-in-mr-docs' into 'master'
22de07a 2018-10-04 Merge branch 'docs/fix-links-to-subgit' into 'master'
c4d9f40 2018-10-03 Merge branch 'gt-update-git-lfs-fetch-command' into 'mas...
88ad6c7 2018-10-02 Merge branch 'jr-wiki-doc' into 'master'
3dec816 2018-10-02 Merge branch 'jr-webhook-docs' into 'master'
910a52b 2018-10-02 Merge branch 'add-missing-changelog-type' into 'master'
70f4a26 2018-10-01 Merge branch 'update-configuration-section' into 'master'
bfeed3b 2018-10-01 Merge branch 'update-link-to-documentation-testing' into...
d5734de 2018-09-28 Merge branch 'bvl-merge-translations-docs' into 'master'
1ed5ab5 2018-09-28 Merge branch '51404-update-groups-and-projects-api-docs'...
e8e1a51 2018-09-28 Merge branch 'da-clarify-subgroup-permissions' into 'mas...
de7dd22 2018-09-28 Update notes notation in subgroups docs
790eabc 2018-09-28 Merge branch 'patch-28' into 'master'
4acc4b5 2018-09-27 Merge branch 'docs/remove-doctoc-frontmatter' into 'master'
08e153e 2018-09-27 Merge branch 'docs/fix-mitmproxy-link' into 'master'
6c3c76a 2018-09-26 Merge branch 'patch-28' into 'master'
53e012a 2018-09-25 Merge branch 'docs/zj-update-repository-lang' into 'master'
bd30b0d 2018-09-24 Merge branch 'auto-devops-docs-improvements' into 'master'
3dd27e4 2018-09-24 Change the tier badge of Geo to be PREMIUM
8f19159 2018-09-21 Merge branch 'docs-cycle-analytics-fix-broken-link' into...
a4a7c53 2018-09-21 Merge branch 'patch-28' into 'master'
0d1576c 2018-09-21 Merge branch 'docs-gitaly-shell-secret' into 'master'
732538c 2018-09-20 Merge branch 'jr-wiki-doc' into 'master'
7d6c663 2018-09-20 Merge branch 'jr-webhook-docs' into 'master'
3314233 2018-09-20 Merge branch 'docs-dev-guidelines-milestones' into 'master'
392d85e 2018-09-20 Merge branch 'docs/rs-update-docs' into 'master'
b43e786 2018-09-20 Merge branch 'docs/fix-releases-link' into 'master'
32f01b3 2018-09-17 Merge branch 'junit-reports-filename-patterns' into 'mas...
a936a6c 2018-09-14 Merge branch 'docs/gb/improve-docs-about-ci-config-exten...
9677e53 2018-09-14 Port 'include' in CI yaml docs from EE
1d76e53 2018-09-14 Copyedit extends CI yaml docs
c019030 2018-09-14 Document how to enable Auto DevOps at the instance level
18b99cc 2018-09-14 Merge branch 'docs-gitlab-chart-contains-runner' into 'm...
844bb16 2018-09-14 Merge branch 'docs-update-usersapi' into 'master'
528b060 2018-09-14 Copyedit RBAC clusters docs
7a4d74e 2018-09-14 Copyedit RBAC docs
b9ea4e3 2018-09-11 Merge branch 'jlenny-UpdateProductDiscoverySteps' into '...
38be8bc 2018-09-10 Merge branch 'docs/51295-update-documentation-for-intera...
4a5f98b 2018-09-10 Merge branch 'improve-chart-index-docs' into 'master'
208faf6 2018-09-10 Merge branch 'backup-restore-tar-version' into 'master'
94f0322 2018-09-10 Merge branch 'docs/51295-update-documentation-for-intera...
4dc903e 2018-09-10 Merge branch '50036-document-permissions' into 'master'
b16dd6f 2018-09-07 Merge branch 'specify-variables-manual-pipeline' into 'm...
9f70b11 2018-09-07 Merge branch 'doc-39923-automatically-disable-auto-devop...
9d895a7 2018-09-07 Merge branch 'docs/no-submodule-recursive-in-old-git' in...
20ded2a 2018-09-06 Add link to EE MR
b1b5537 2018-09-06 Add Documentation Dangerfile
c903fcd 2018-09-05 Merge branch 'patch-28' into 'master'
304f43c 2018-09-04 Merge branch 'docs-50155-user-added-as-a-reporter-can-no...
7360fa4 2018-09-03 Merge branch 'bvl-update-install-docs-11-3' into 'master'
f2999c9 2018-09-03 Refactor Java JUnit reports examples
990278b 2018-09-03 Merge branch 'add-additional-ce-images-kube-doc' into 'm...
8cb39fa 2018-09-03 Merge branch 'docs-port-ee-community-contributions' into...
0cab788 2018-08-31 Merge branch 'compliance-docs' into 'master'
02e9a8f 2018-08-28 Merge branch 'docs-clarify-wording-gitlab-chart' into 'm...
8dbcd11 2018-08-27 Compress all PNG images under doc/
33226c8 2018-08-22 Docs update ha aws diagram
d2590b1 2018-08-21 Merge branch 'update-chart-for-ga-doc' into 'master'
7c5b466 2018-08-20 Merge branch '25990-interactive-web-terminals-for-ci-cd-...
efc1ecf 2018-08-17 Merge branch 'docs-update-pages-ip-gitlabcom' into 'master'
e9e6821 2018-08-17 Merge branch 'improve-project-manifest-import-docs' into...
f7d7161 2018-08-17 Merge branch 'add-kaniko-docs' into 'master'
b997fab 2018-08-17 Merge branch 'docs-update-pages-ip-gitlabcom' into 'master'
aecf120 2018-08-17 Merge branch 'patch-11' into 'master'
5e1cd6b 2018-08-16 Add when the hangouts integration was introduced
1e2918e 2018-08-16 Add when manifest feature was introduced
82b3d16 2018-08-16 Merge branch 'improve-project-manifest-import-docs' into...
935bc24 2018-08-16 Improve project manifest import docs
7a0e242 2018-08-16 Merge branch 'add-kaniko-docs' into 'master'
b8b1c0e 2018-08-14 Merge branch 'rz-update_events_documentation' into 'master'
af0cac1 2018-08-10 Merge branch '50174-clarify-list-user-projects-api-endpo...
7431ada 2018-08-09 Merge branch 'docs-fix-conflict-bulk-editing' into 'master'
2b92a56 2018-08-09 Merge branch 'sh-bitbucket-importer-docs' into 'master'
bd741f3 2018-08-09 Merge branch 'sh-bitbucket-importer-docs' into 'master'
5e810e2 2018-08-09 Merge branch 'thernstig-master-patch-09581' into 'master'
3fa3656 2018-08-09 Add introduced section
a3e1732 2018-08-09 Copyedit Bitbucket docs
c62db30 2018-08-09 Merge branch 'docs-fix-conflict-bulk-editing' into 'master'
b211f7c 2018-08-07 Merge branch 'winh-user-status-docs' into 'master'
923b261 2018-07-27 Merge branch 'feature/add-docs-to-disable-listener' into...
5fab5af 2018-07-27 Merge branch 'revert-aeb3df17' into 'master'
d426a53 2018-07-25 Merge branch 'docs-fix-users-md-typo' into 'master'
9982ff3 2018-07-25 Prefer using direct links in docs styleguide
4bbfe53 2018-07-25 Merge branch 'using-docker-build-docs' into 'master'
eca751a 2018-07-24 Merge branch 'update-improve-issue-boards-links-to-docs'...
2816406 2018-07-24 Remove extra parenthesis in PAT docs
1c24eaf 2018-07-24 Merge branch 'docs-add-read_repository-description' into...
d4e9cd9 2018-07-24 Merge branch 'feature/add-docs-to-disable-listener' into...
3f11703 2018-07-24 Merge branch 'revert-aeb3df17' into 'master'
e3dac36 2018-07-23 Merge branch '48627-document-which-api-is-accessible-wit...
9cef6c4 2018-07-23 Merge branch 'docs-unicorn-metrics' into 'master'
3318a79 2018-07-10 Mention admin privileges for k8s token creation
f6e822c 2018-07-06 Merge branch 'docs-update-eks-hostname' into 'master'
23f0321 2018-07-06 Merge branch 'docs-make-sure-enabling-omniauth' into 'ma...
8c837a3 2018-07-06 Add note about the k8s namespace of installed applications
4d2e24e 2018-07-05 Merge branch 'docs/container-scanning-note' into 'master'
6b02e36 2018-07-05 Mention the forked_from_project field in projects API
f574116 2018-07-05 Remove unneeded changelog
72fa064 2018-07-05 Simplify downstream branch name
80f1a48 2018-07-04 Fix 'only' regex for the review-docs job
5c19f09 2018-07-04 Use CI_COMMIT_REF_SLUG for the env URL in review-docs jobs
122e764 2018-07-03 Merge branch 'docs-products-links' into 'master'
ef19a88 2018-07-03 Run the review-docs jobs for gitlab-org repos only
786ea59 2018-07-02 Copyedit Bamboo integration docs
6151e46 2018-07-02 Merge branch 'crose-details-on-buildkey' into 'master'
601eb8d 2018-07-02 Merge branch 'bvl-externalize-singular-docs' into 'master'
17a38b5 2018-07-02 Merge branch 'improve-using-docker-build-docs' into 'mas...
52e1821 2018-07-02 Merge branch 'sh-add-s3-signature-version-docs' into 'ma...
765c4d9 2018-07-02 Merge branch 'sh-improve-backup-directory-docs' into 'ma...
dbbd8d0 2018-06-28 Merge branch 'api-file-sha56-and-head' into 'master'
bfd23a5 2018-06-27 Move DO spaces troubleshooting to DO spaces section
58faa96 2018-06-26 Use the branch instead of the tag to install
701adc2 2018-06-26 Merge branch 'docs-contributing-links' into 'master'
e0af4c1 2018-06-25 Document how the new automatic review apps for docs work
82012d4 2018-06-25 Always run review app for docs-only branches
0b6f7a2 2018-06-25 Refactor the job traces admin docs
266451e 2018-06-25 Change path to CI job traces
dd71b5a 2018-06-25 Merge branch '48260-change-the-bitbucket-import-page-to-...
83240ff 2018-06-25 Merge branch 'docs/refactor-issue-boards' into 'master'
44f8372 2018-06-25 Refactor issue boards and get the EE changes to CE
5ef5881 2018-06-22 Merge branch 'docs-add-inline-badges-autodevops' into 'm...
9805a25 2018-06-22 Add ip_address to json examples in Runner API docs
1781ec1 2018-06-22 Add paragraph for self-hosted instances
72754e7 2018-06-21 Document end to end flow for Kubernetes and Auto DevOps
2e71a0e 2018-06-21 Merge branch 'docs-styleguidelines-nav' into 'master'
47812b0 2018-06-20 Merge branch 'docs-clarify-API-share-project-to-group' i...
905273c 2018-06-20 Refactor the profile preferences docs
1273759 2018-06-20 Add note about Master/Maintainer role
0716e19 2018-06-19 Merge branch 'docs/fix-yaml-indentation' into 'master'
a18c79f 2018-06-19 Remove label examples from headings
d222baf 2018-06-18 Merge branch 'patch-28' into 'master'
aeb3df1 2018-06-18 Merge branch '2211-add-option-to-change-clone-path-docs'...
fa4f71e 2018-06-18 Merge branch 'docs-coached-20180614-1' into 'master'
b1c5212 2018-06-18 Merge branch 'fix_google_oauth_docs' into 'master'
0e76bad 2018-06-15 Merge branch 'fix_google_oauth_docs' into 'master'
e2d9e37 2018-06-14 Merge branch 'docs/permissions' into 'master'
bf817b3 2018-06-14 Update permissions docs
282b3b5 2018-06-14 Merge branch 'author-doc-fix' into 'master'
1f0a901 2018-06-14 Merge branch 'cache-doc-fix' into 'master'
458d18f 2018-06-14 Merge branch 'docs-coached-20180613-1' into 'master'
1175e23 2018-06-13 Merge branch 'docs-coached-20180610-1' into 'master'
3068f18 2018-06-12 Merge branch '47532-follow-up-from-resolve-add-deploy-st...
fdf1ec1 2018-06-12 Merge branch '47731-update-docs-as-gke-cluster-creation-...
3822509 2018-06-12 Merge branch '47731-update-docs-as-gke-cluster-creation-...
8e7ebd5 2018-06-12 Merge branch 'docs-coached-20180608-1' into 'master'
f268da8 2018-06-11 Merge branch 'sh-remove-sclau-docs' into 'master'
b32f368 2018-06-08 Merge branch '47532-follow-up-from-resolve-add-deploy-st...
7fac5c8 2018-06-08 Copyedit Auto DevOps deployment strategy docs
13bc3be 2018-06-07 Merge branch 'docs-article-link-from-index' into 'master'
135dc2c 2018-06-07 Port the Auto DevOps docs from EE
428bbc9 2018-06-07 Merge branch 'docs-article-cloud-foundry' into 'master'
717a46d 2018-06-07 Merge branch 'docs/47485-update-docs-to-reflect-the-new-...
95b3e51 2018-06-07 Merge branch '47325_document_license_management_ci_var_d...
fc09926 2018-06-07 Add artifacts expiry time for
69bf190 2018-06-07 Correct docs that mirror push is in Core
8b31e8c 2018-06-07 Change EKS article yaml frontmatter
ce001db 2018-06-07 Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
e1e9524 2018-06-06 Merge branch 'update/help-integration-screenshot' into '...
b995b03 2018-06-06 Merge branch 'docs-reorg-docs-guides-dir' into 'master'
7334b85 2018-06-06 Merge branch '47204-fix-golang-minimum-version-in-docs' ...
3c9686c 2018-06-06 Rename Secret variables -> variables
89ab76c 2018-06-05 Merge branch 'docs-gitlab-ee-6184_update_security_produc...
35ba75f 2018-06-04 Merge branch 'github-import-docs' into 'master'
2d7aef1 2018-06-04 Port repository mirroring from EE
8197c75 2018-06-04 Copyedit GitHub importer docs
9b20be4 2018-06-04 Merge branch 'sh-add-missing-squash-param-api-docs' into...
36617d9 2018-06-01 Merge branch 'docs-fix-typo-pages-ce' into 'master'
7bf573b 2018-06-01 Merge branch 'docs-fix-typo-pages' into 'master'
755cd9b 2018-06-01 Merge branch 'docs/ldap' into 'master'
8346092 2018-06-01 Refactor LDAP docs
8d2b4e0 2018-06-01 Merge branch 'docs-update-reporter-role' into 'master'
5b9edea 2018-05-31 Merge branch 'improve-snippets-docs' into 'master'
76099e7 2018-05-31 Merge branch 'add-project-features-docs' into 'master'
5e39c6d 2018-05-30 Merge branch 'add-embedded-snippets-docs' into 'master'
71b2eb7 2018-05-29 Merge branch '38325-variables-usage-in-gitlab-ci-yml-doc...
4c74936 2018-05-29 Merge branch 'patch-26' into 'master'
4af756e 2018-05-29 Merge branch '44602-clarify-update-docs-text-about-restr...
7c948e0 2018-05-28 Merge branch 'patch-23' into 'master'
992ba63 2018-05-28 Merge branch 'patch-22' into 'master'
ce1a9a5 2018-05-25 Merge branch 'docs/remove-dead-link' into 'master'
f5e6300 2018-05-25 Merge branch 'add-embedded-snippets-docs' into 'master'
6d2a613 2018-05-24 Merge branch '5779_rename_code_quality_job_and_artifact'...
04efc4e 2018-05-24 Merge branch 'docs-backport-ee-5794-to-ce' into 'master'
1128d0e 2018-05-24 Merge branch '46723-api-created-issue-do-not-get-assigne...
bc79141 2018-05-24 Merge branch '5778_rename_container_scanning_job_and_art...
bbeeb18 2018-05-24 Merge branch 'docs-update-backup-restore-guide' into 'ma...
610aefe 2018-05-23 Merge branch 'akaemmerle-update-keyboard-shortcuts-doc' ...
a352c0d 2018-05-23 Merge branch '46505-update-autodevops-docs' into 'master'
ab4df99 2018-05-22 Merge branch 'docs/46042-document-that-project-templates...
8f159d9 2018-05-22 Merge branch 'jira-clarify-docs' into 'master'
1229250 2018-05-18 Chmod 644 on offending files
51214bf 2018-05-18 Add docs for incremental rollouts
2eb8099 2018-05-17 Merge branch 'docs/46042-document-that-project-templates...
14507fd 2018-05-16 Merge branch 'docs-41873-bulk-edit-issuable' into 'master'
3f4a3e4 2018-05-16 Document the 3h timeout for shared Runners
e844259 2018-05-15 Merge branch 'docs-fix-mr-link-maintainer-pushes' into '...
90ea6e9 2018-05-15 Merge branch 'docs-typo-main-page' into 'master'
665de94 2018-05-14 Merge branch 'jl-update-runner-links-docs' into 'master'
ce1bb12 2018-05-14 Merge branch 'bvl-fix-typo-on-help-page-docs' into 'master'
94ff08b 2018-05-14 Merge branch 'jl-update-runner-links-docs' into 'master'
b5163a7 2018-05-14 Merge branch 'docs/rs-errant-grave' into 'master'
0f66496 2018-05-11 Merge branch 'docs-fixed-typo-microsoft-teams-slug' into...
023ac1e 2018-05-11 Merge branch 'docs-42067-document-runner-registration-ap...
b5ef4ad 2018-05-11 Merge branch 'docs-helm-init-before-helm-repo-add' into ...
63e7518 2018-05-09 Merge branch '45840-fix-cache-key-docs' into 'master'
ade1db5 2018-05-09 Merge branch '45840-fix-cache-key-docs' into 'master'
5ea93ac 2018-05-09 Merge branch 'docs-fix-duplicate-titles' into 'master'
1802954 2018-05-09 Merge branch 'docs-update-docstyleguide' into 'master'
c1c934c 2018-05-09 Merge branch 'docs-document-redirect-to' into 'master'
ec7f1d1 2018-05-09 Merge branch 'docs-add-descriptions' into 'master'
76c7236 2018-05-09 Merge branch '10244-group-runner-docs' into 'master'
6300112 2018-05-09 Merge branch '45819_update_container_scanning_gitlab_ci_...
97dda37 2018-05-09 Merge branch '10244-group-runner-docs' into 'master'
21eccf4 2018-05-09 Merge branch '45819_update_container_scanning_gitlab_ci_...
2ac407b 2018-05-09 Deprecate the Kubernetes service docs
a1ce521 2018-05-04 Merge branch 'docs-46056-documentation-wrong-link-for-pr...
52e8f61 2018-05-03 Change the docs license to CC BY-SA
2c9568e 2018-05-03 Merge branch 'docs-use-variables-deploy-policy-for-stagi...
cd06a88 2018-04-30 Merge branch 'docs-review-home' into 'master'
649f791 2018-04-30 Merge branch 'patch-28' into 'master'
7160be1 2018-04-30 Merge branch 'docs-update-pages-for-newbies-ce' into 'ma...
27b1f96 2018-04-17 Merge branch 'docs-for-failure-reason-tooltip' into 'mas...
a78d7f3 2018-04-17 Merge branch '5103-mention-reply-by-email-in-user-docs' ...
4882044 2018-04-17 Merge branch '41436-use-simpler-env-vars-for-auto-devops...
791bc18 2018-04-13 Merge branch 'contribute/no-rm-rf-gitlab-basics' into 'm...
70083eb 2018-04-13 Merge branch 'docs-for-failure-reason-tooltip' into 'mas...
3354523 2018-04-12 Merge branch 'docs/autodevops-buildpacks' into 'master'
f97d87e 2018-04-12 Merge branch '5103-mention-reply-by-email-in-user-docs' ...
d50849c 2018-04-12 Correct wrong buildpacks filename
f900204 2018-04-12 Correct another one
ef44ebf 2018-04-12 Merge branch '41436-use-simpler-env-vars-for-auto-devops...
4bc38c4 2018-04-11 Link Monitor docs to the front page
f2c6849 2018-04-10 Explain Auto DevOps better
e5821bc 2018-04-09 Merge branch 'docs-fix_code_quality_example_documentatio...
c6d80de 2018-04-06 Copyedit plugins docs
3d28a3e 2018-04-06 Merge branch 'update-gitlab-com-settings-docs' into 'mas...
aff9bf1 2018-04-04 Merge branch 'pdeden/gitlab-ee-patch-7' into 'master'
dbbc9e6 2018-03-30 Copyedit JIRA docs
00c89ea 2018-03-30 Merge branch 'runner-update-doc' into 'master'
1893625 2018-03-30 Provide clarification on mirrored repositories for pipel...
f7f98fa 2018-03-30 Refactor the LFS S3 docs
6b90caa 2018-03-30 Merge branch 'winh-repository-limit-lfs-docs' into 'master'
9b76d85 2018-03-29 Merge branch 'docs-fix-per-runner-timeout-section' into ...
45b6118 2018-03-29 Merge branch 'fix-issue-closing-pattern-docs' into 'master'
66bb335 2018-03-29 Merge branch 'docs/clarify-latest-stable-release' into '...
6599335 2018-03-29 Refactor the browser performance testing docs
be944a6 2018-03-28 Merge branch 'docs-fix_code_quality_example_documentatio...
c02089a 2018-03-27 Merge branch 'docs-fixes-prometheus-metrics-codeblocks' ...
db555cb 2018-03-27 Merge branch 'docs/add-ci-trace-to-settings-and-configs'...
d16e1fe 2018-03-27 Add info on CI job traces for admins
1e307c8 2018-03-27 Merge branch 'remove-source-branch-docs' into 'master'
b897357 2018-03-27 Merge branch 'docs-ee-5105-split_dependency_scanning_fro...
9ce6169 2018-03-27 Merge branch 'docs-ci-docker-build-cache' into 'master'
775796c 2018-03-27 Clarify what auth_url should be
729d155 2018-03-27 Update the Documentation MR template
489509e 2018-03-27 Change Container to Kubernetes in Google integration docs
d2608d3 2018-03-26 Copyedit JWT docs
c820520 2018-03-26 Add test for new in docs
5523ae4 2018-03-26 Merge branch 'patch-19' into 'master'
433a6b0 2018-03-23 Move settings under main docs
fade3e2 2018-03-22 Add image for clearing the cache docs
89de9bd 2018-03-22 Merge branch 'ce-version-of-ee-4295' into 'master'
71f707b 2018-03-22 Add the /help page in robots.txt
d24ee39 2018-03-21 Gather info on CI/CD caching
c7ec7ec 2018-03-19 Merge branch '44330-docs-for-ingress-ip' into 'master'
cd4ddee 2018-03-19 Merge branch '44330-docs-for-ingress-ip' into 'master'
3ef8ea8 2018-03-19 Merge branch 'docs-update_code_quality_example' into 'ma...
871fd10 2018-03-19 Document static IP and DNS configuration for Kubernetes
f817159 2018-03-19 Merge branch 'abuango-cloud-native' into 'master'
57c5cb5 2018-03-19 Merge branch 'update-gitlab-ci-yml-services-docs' into '...
c7a5517 2018-03-19 Copyedit CI services docs
40e9e44 2018-03-16 Merge branch 'docs-refactor-dev-guides' into 'master'
f1542a9 2018-03-16 Merge branch 'docs-update_code_quality_example' into 'ma...
e332f3f 2018-03-16 Merge branch 'docs-44273-fix-ce-install-link' into 'master'
a63d747 2018-03-16 Merge branch 'docs-ee-5017-rename_sast_container_to_cont...
fcd19ce 2018-03-13 Merge branch 'docs-update-table-tiers-boards' into 'master'
dd9124a 2018-03-13 Merge branch '43259-document-persistent-images-for-autod...
3bbe60f 2018-03-09 Merge branch 'docs/ci-yaml-cleanup' into 'master'
3617570 2018-03-09 Merge branch 'docs-article-devops-gamedev' into 'master'
138ae50 2018-03-09 Merge branch 'dm-project-group-share-docs' into 'master'
f2723fc 2018-03-09 Merge branch 'docs-correct-permissions-for-lock-discussi...
5189fdd 2018-03-09 Merge branch '43259-document-persistent-images-for-autod...
08c407c 2018-03-08 Merge branch 'docs-update-table-tiers-boards' into 'master'
471728f 2018-03-08 Wait for the pipeline to start before canceling it
3d61a45 2018-03-07 Remove wrong assumption about Runners cache GC
93e4542 2018-03-07 Cleanup and consolidate the CI yaml docs
2a97550 2018-03-06 Merge branch 'docs-devguide-cherry-pick-ce-to-ee' into '...
ce12b60 2018-03-06 Merge branch 'patch-28' into 'master'
fe7d45f 2018-03-06 Fix race condition when previewing docs
715b10b 2018-02-21 Merge branch 'docs-project-labels' into 'master'
b876a52 2018-02-20 Merge branch 'docs-pages-refactor-article-series' into '...
7e83993 2018-02-20 Merge branch '43376-follow-up-from-docs-update-all-artic...
fff70a0 2018-02-20 Add version which LFS lock was introduced
53f290b 2018-02-19 Merge branch 'docs-articles-layout-frontmatter' into 'ma...
46d59a5 2018-02-16 Merge branch '43322-update-gcp-install-instructions-to-u...
2f817f6 2018-02-16 Replace "Kubernetes cluster" where appropriate in docs
8f74bb8 2018-02-15 Merge branch '43231-document-the-instance-level-auto-dev...
ba0d45c 2018-02-15 Merge branch '43231-document-the-instance-level-auto-dev...
dd633bc 2018-02-14 Merge branch 'update-namespaces-api-docs' into 'master'
c896ad8 2018-02-14 Merge branch 'feature-flags-for-user-apps' into 'master'
9b0f0fd 2018-02-14 Merge branch 'lm-update-mysql-rec' into 'master'
9489387 2018-02-12 Merge branch 'bvl-pot-merge-conflicts-docs' into 'master'
8a53025 2018-02-08 Merge branch 'docs-pages-https' into 'master'
bb2478c 2018-02-08 Merge branch 'osw-wip-commit-docs' into 'master'
920f71a 2018-02-08 Merge branch 'bvl-pot-merge-conflicts-docs' into 'master'
5eb8a02 2018-02-08 Merge branch 'sh-nfs-ip-docs' into 'master'
2b5d5b1 2018-02-07 Merge branch '41601-document-pages-static-gzip' into 'ma...
024c8a4 2018-02-07 Merge branch 'docs-replace-product-names' into 'master'
41cd11d 2018-02-07 Change docs links to
3241690 2018-01-31 Merge branch 'docs-42499-api-repo-archive-format-param' ...
501d81c 2018-01-29 Merge branch '42521-docs-update-usage-of-force-option-wh...
60963ea 2018-01-29 Merge branch 'sh-digital-ocean-s3-docs' into 'master'
2b80e16 2018-01-25 Open links in a new tab on the user page
85940d7 2018-01-25 Default to HTTPS for all Gravatar URLs
51ce175 2018-01-23 Merge branch 'sh-s3-digitalocean-howto-docs' into 'master'
4f6967a 2018-01-23 Merge branch 'docs/update-rack-attack' into 'master'
e339695 2018-01-22 Merge branch 'sh-scheduled-ci-pipeline-docs' into 'master'
b871764 2018-01-22 Merge branch 'sh-scheduled-ci-pipeline-docs' into 'master'
d6c56ab 2018-01-22 Copy k8s service integration info into clusters
3d18d37 2018-01-22 Port the cluster docs from EE to CE
af59078 2018-01-22 Merge branch '42212-order-of-steps-in-auto-devops-do' in...
d73e97b 2018-01-22 Add more info on how DAST works
2e4fd61 2018-01-19 Update outdated docs for CI/CD quick start
e3716e0 2018-01-19 Merge branch 'patch-28' into 'master'
9fb5bd4 2018-01-19 Merge branch 'spelling' into 'master'
074ce6a 2018-01-19 Merge branch 'docs-move-transfer-project-to-group' into ...
b9f6929 2018-01-19 Merge branch 'docs-clarify-auto-devops-pipelines' into '...
4a38b8a 2018-01-19 Update Auto DevOps template
f7fb6a5 2018-01-18 Add cache clearing documentation
935dda9 2018-01-18 Merge branch 'docs-articles-index-comments-false' into '...
25c6b69 2018-01-18 Merge branch 'docs-ce-readme' into 'master'
6f283dd 2018-01-18 Merge branch 'patch-28' into 'master'
7951acf 2018-01-16 Merge branch 'docs-redirections' into 'master'
1ce24f9 2018-01-15 Merge branch 'remove-beta-notice-for-clusters' into 'mas...
81e1cb0 2018-01-15 Merge branch 'dz-improve-code-quality-docs' into 'master'
edfddd5 2018-01-15 Merge branch '41607-require-rsync-docs' into 'master'
c75a8af 2018-01-15 Merge branch 'docs-delete-content-articles-index' into '...
6b36fff 2018-01-15 Merge branch 'docs-fix-duplicate-sections' into 'master'
f730a7a 2018-01-15 Merge branch 'docs-move-article-undo-git' into 'master'
0c9f2bb 2018-01-15 Add DAST to Auto DevOps docs
3b029de 2018-01-12 Merge branch 'docs-move-article-autoscaling-runner-aws' ...
19df9c7 2018-01-12 Port the SAST DAST doc examples from EE to CE
977c9b2 2018-01-12 Merge branch 'docs-api-users' into 'master'
9b7d572 2018-01-12 Merge branch 'docs-remove-duplicate-ci-examples' into 'm...
215fd04 2018-01-11 Merge branch '41607-require-rsync-docs' into 'master'
685780d 2018-01-11 Merge branch 'docs-move-article-laravel-envoy' into 'mas...
4d94c6d 2018-01-11 Merge branch 'docs-move-article-openshift' into 'master'
f10fb6c 2018-01-11 Merge branch 'docs/add-aws-reference-diagram' into 'master'
6e24b4b 2018-01-11 Merge branch 'docs-fix-api-snippets-docs' into 'master'
2c27117 2018-01-11 Merge branch 'docs-update-EFS-HA-note' into 'master'
968430f 2018-01-10 Merge branch '29322-include-the-crowd-application-permis...
a3904da 2018-01-10 Merge branch 'docs-move-article-install-git' into 'master'
16e2e4c 2018-01-10 Merge branch 'remove-beta-notice-for-clusters' into 'mas...
047cde2 2018-01-10 Merge branch 'dz-improve-code-quality-docs' into 'master'
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dfcb0ed 2018-01-09 Merge branch 'docs-push-web-hook-note' into 'master'
3d8c898 2018-01-09 Merge branch 'docs/rs-fix-changelog-header-level' into '...
01c0d1f 2018-01-09 Merge branch 'docs-19843-specify-archive-sha-options' in...
6d0b5f9 2018-01-09 Merge branch 'patch-24' into 'master'
4eae806 2018-01-09 Merge branch '
2972352 2017-12-22 Merge branch 'docs-clarify-auto-devops-pipelines' into '...
ebe56ca 2017-12-22 Merge branch 'lfs-docs-typo' into 'master'
92e00ff 2017-12-22 Merge branch 'patch-29' into 'master'
21c0031 2017-12-22 Add note about using the term GPG for all related implem...
300988e 2017-12-21 Merge branch 'docs-move-article-artifactory' into 'master'
f13b9bb 2017-12-21 Merge branch 'docs-move-transfer-project-to-group' into ...
03bee98 2017-12-21 Add docs for automatic redirects when renaming namespaces
5d48760 2017-12-21 Merge branch '41227-document-volume-mounts-with-docker-d...
ac8c0ba 2017-12-19 Merge branch 'docs-add-auto-pipeline' into 'master'
8c011e0 2017-12-19 Merge branch 'docs/commit-diff-discussions-in-mr-context...
38dd726 2017-12-18 Merge branch '39836-document-how-lfs-integrity-check-pus...
a862a21 2017-12-15 Add SAST docs
6547f54 2017-12-15 Merge branch 'docs-add-auto-pipeline' into 'master'
d7c1a9d 2017-12-14 Merge branch 'docs-add-indexes-monitoring' into 'master'
2c3e6f4 2017-12-14 Merge branch 'clearer-documentation-on-inline-diffs' int...
8b33670 2017-12-14 Merge branch 'docs/commit-diff-discussions-in-mr-context...
f15082f 2017-12-13 Merge branch 'docs-admin-update' into 'master'
b6021d1 2017-12-13 Merge branch 'tm/docs/docker-extended-entrypoint-fix' in...
f06982b 2017-12-13 Make usage of SSH keys in CI/CD more clear
0684639 2017-12-13 Refactor Git troubleshooting docs
a2c615d 2017-12-12 Merge branch 'tm/docs/docker-extended-entrypoint-fix' in...
9f3df64 2017-12-12 Refactor entrypoint override docs
86ae677 2017-12-11 Merge branch 'docs-add-index-to-operations' into 'master'
8ff6303 2017-12-11 Merge branch 'docs/fix-header-level' into 'master'
2ac6d80 2017-12-07 Clean up docs for dependencies validation
d782ee7 2017-12-07 Merge branch 'docs-fix-typo' into 'master'
a5acf13 2017-12-07 Merge branch 'docs-pages-admin-update' into 'master'
4215309 2017-12-05 Merge branch 'docs-update-permissions' into 'master'
4d025f2 2017-12-05 Do not run qa:internal for docs only changes
ca95ee6 2017-12-05 Merge branch 'add-slack-app-case-to-docs' into 'master'
ae1c0c4 2017-12-04 Merge branch 'docs/mermaid-gl-version' into 'master'
e0f8413 2017-12-01 Merge branch 'docs_ext_redmine_fix' into 'master'
82da87f 2017-12-01 Add version mermaid support was introduced
6704a4f 2017-12-01 [API] Document how to unassign labels, milestones, and a...
bca153e 2017-11-24 Address feedback for AWS Runner autoscale article
1982125 2017-11-23 Clarify usage of Runner limit and AWS tags
48db4f2 2017-11-23 Finish rest of the sections
675ea33 2017-11-23 Finish all sections except docker.machine
e992471 2017-11-23 Add runners.cache section
801f6ac 2017-11-23 Add Runner registration info
2343d3a 2017-11-23 Clear up sections
61eed64 2017-11-23 Add skeleton
c69e9d2 2017-11-23 Add article on autoscaling GitLab Runner on AWS
07e42c5 2017-11-23 Clarify the docs review process and mention the supporte...
3f39d78 2017-11-23 Fix the redirect location wording
0b22169 2017-11-22 Cross link default branch docs to issue closing pattern ...
135437b 2017-11-20 Merge branch 'docs/fix-broken-anchor' into 'master'
cbee84c 2017-11-20 Merge branch 'sh-document-strace-unicorn' into 'master'
6675bab 2017-11-18 Merge branch 'sh-remove-docs-executable' into 'master'
842ad95 2017-11-18 Merge branch 'docs-link-subgroups-api-mr' into 'master'
4756720 2017-11-17 Use slug as the prefix for the docs CI job preview URL
4aa1859 2017-11-17 Merge branch 'patch-28' into 'master'
bacf671 2017-11-16 Move installation of apps higher
3b9773f 2017-11-16 Change to Google Kubernetes Cluster and add internal links
ee7ecc8 2017-11-16 Add Ingress description from official docs
b7a01e0 2017-11-16 Add info on creating your own k8s cluster from the clust...
644a294 2017-11-16 Add info about the installed apps in the Cluster docs
a248bb7 2017-11-16 Merge branch 'patch-28' into 'master'
e1fb8b3 2017-11-16 Change logic of repo name and slugs in docs review script
f2997af 2017-11-15 Merge branch 'patch-2' into 'master'
c27a73b 2017-11-15 Merge branch '38007-update-licensing-docs' into 'master'
8a2bece 2017-11-09 Merge branch 'fix/doc/39935-missing-fields-in-merge-requ...
e438e5c 2017-11-09 Merge branch 'bvl-update-externalization-docs' into 'mas...
fec66bf 2017-11-08 Merge branch 'fix/doc/39935-missing-fields-in-merge-requ...
f6fb478 2017-11-08 Merge branch 'bvl-update-externalization-docs' into 'mas...
db6a125 2017-11-06 Merge branch 'docs/add-link-to-brand-ai' into 'master'
69b4c5c 2017-11-01 Exclude comments from specific docs
4c35242 2017-11-01 Merge branch 'sh-api-json-logs' into 'master'
6bd2d59 2017-10-31 Change to new GitLab Runner name
61f78b3 2017-10-30 Merge branch '39426-update-fog-google-docs' into 'master'
f83f15b 2017-10-30 Merge branch '39426-update-fog-google-docs' into 'master'
0289e7b 2017-10-30 Merge branch 'bvl-add-circuitbreaker-metrics-docs' into ...
5e0308d 2017-10-30 Split S3 and Google Cloud Storage sections in backup doc
c3d3a10 2017-10-28 Merge branch 'sh-api-json-logs' into 'master'
6d205a9 2017-10-27 Merge branch 'patch-29' into 'master'
d147103 2017-10-24 Merge branch 'docs/ci-disposable-environment' into 'master'
a65b297 2017-10-24 Merge branch 'api-doc-group-statistics' into 'master'
b5410a2 2017-10-23 Merge branch 'cs-docs-fixes' into 'master'
a9e4fd0 2017-10-23 Merge branch 'docs-fix-delete-merged-branches-typo' into...
8854cd3 2017-10-23 Merge branch 'docs-fix-issue-new-branch-format' into 'ma...
02e283f 2017-10-23 Merge branch 'patch-8' into 'master'
126c4d9 2017-10-21 Fix wording on CI disposable variables
8bb1735 2017-10-21 Update docs on creating MRs
815a32e 2017-10-21 Merge branch 'docs/ci-disposable-environment' into 'master'
2c66ea0 2017-10-20 Merge branch 'maintenance_policy' into 'master'
490cce6 2017-10-19 Merge branch 'docs/Wernight/gitlab-ce-patch-28' into 'ma...
ed339b6 2017-10-19 Merge branch 'sh-document-plus-encoding-api' into 'master'
16998e2 2017-10-19 Merge branch 'sh-api-json-logs' into 'master'
081fe81 2017-10-18 Merge branch 'update-new-project-docs' into 'master'
7685314 2017-10-16 Merge branch 'update-new-project-docs' into 'master'
2087f12 2017-10-14 Merge branch 'bvl-update-settings-api-docs' into 'master'
cc411c7 2017-10-13 Merge branch 'docs-patch-28' into 'master'
b7f3eac 2017-10-13 Merge branch 'docs-image-discussion' into 'master'
47e7e9c 2017-10-12 Merge branch 'docs/gke-cluster' into 'master'
ba90f02 2017-10-12 Merge branch 'winh-shorten-inclusive-language-example-do...
be9e5ce 2017-10-12 Merge branch 'docs/gke-cluster' into 'master'
10d41a9 2017-10-12 Merge branch 'docs/fix-dev-doc' into 'master'
d9526d1 2017-10-12 Explicit state integration deletion
119a3b3 2017-10-11 Merge branch 'winh-i18n-inclusive-language-docs' into 'm...
644d24c 2017-10-11 Merge branch 'docs-patch-28' into 'master'
a30417e 2017-10-11 Merge branch 'docs-image-discussion' into 'master'
c734bd0 2017-10-11 Merge branch 'rc/refactor-testing-docs' into 'master'
150f58d 2017-10-11 Merge branch '38828-update-kubernetes-helm-chart-docs' i...
c756b08 2017-10-11 Fix Google API callback
8af29c2 2017-10-09 Merge branch 'jramsay-4012-improve-internationization-do...
0e9c886 2017-10-09 Fix link to new i18n index page
5a25fc1 2017-10-09 Update i18n docs
75212fe 2017-10-09 Move i18n/introduction to i18n/index
8a1f29d 2017-10-09 Merge branch 'master' into jramsay-4012-improve-internat...
7048834 2017-10-09 Add link to Google billing account
2a9147b 2017-10-09 Merge branch '38840-simple-documentation-update-backup-t...
fbf10f3 2017-10-09 Merge branch 'sh-pgloader-fixes' into 'master'
91f1d65 2017-10-08 Merge branch 'sh-remove-ux-chmod-permissions' into 'master'
509d9f0 2017-10-06 Refine Google integration steps
e3ff410 2017-10-06 Merge branch '2799-mysql-to-postgresql-docs' into 'master'
53e5b30 2017-10-06 Fix broken link
3da881b 2017-10-06 Remove Google sign-in requirement
7d00296 2017-10-05 Refactor discussion lock docs
002854b 2017-10-05 Simplify overview
48d3391 2017-10-05 Refactor the Google integration page
d0593e1 2017-10-05 Add docs for GKE integration
905d3ed 2017-10-05 Merge branch 'patch-26' into 'master'
da05687 2017-10-04 Update a bunch of docs images
ae9dd4b 2017-10-03 Merge branch 'docs-add-summary-about-project-archiving' ...
b4d25a8 2017-10-02 Add changelog lint script to docs lint CI job
b69aab6 2017-10-02 Merge branch '38616-take-down-references-to-gitlab-chart...
fda5707 2017-10-02 Git ignore po files ending in time_stamp
038b44e 2017-09-28 Merge branch 'docs-crosslink-pages-guides' into 'master'
93a3355 2017-09-28 Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
3d27d15 2017-09-28 Merge branch 'docs-38152-bump-recommended-mysql-version'...
864790b 2017-09-27 Add EEP to headings
b01db4d 2017-09-27 Merge branch 'rc/update-testing-docs' into 'master'
7464811 2017-09-27 Merge branch 'docs-using-reserved-keywords-in-gitlab-ci-...
ba4f741 2017-09-26 Merge branch '38374-add-note-for-upgrading-helm-chart-pr...
9cb9331 2017-09-25 Merge branch '38155-autodevops-typo' into 'master'
f6a69ea 2017-09-25 Add link to NGINX Ingress and change Auto DevOps descrip...
3269588 2017-09-25 Clean up Kubernetes integration docs page
5c25145 2017-09-25 Add things that the k8s integration enables
5cb4966 2017-09-25 Clarify k8s project namespace
0741b86 2017-09-25 Check for exec permissions also in app/
6532c13 2017-09-25 Add check for exec permissions and refactor lint doc script
babc1d0 2017-09-25 Change mode to 644 for all md and png files
3f4653a 2017-09-25 Merge branch '38021-add-instructions-for-upgrading-from-...
f9df0e1 2017-09-22 Merge branch 'jej/demonstrate-details-summary' into 'mas...
c8e60d6 2017-09-22 Merge branch '38016-fix-bad-link-on-gitlab-omnibus-helm-...
0f9ac77 2017-09-21 Merge branch 'docs-updates-sharing-permissions-and-proje...
c55ce58 2017-09-21 Merge branch 'docs/autodevops-cleanup' into 'master'
521717f 2017-09-21 Do not clone the repo when running the review-docs jobs
085c4cb 2017-09-21 Document that group Owners can always create subgroups
f918e00 2017-09-21 Merge branch 'docs/autodevops-cleanup' into 'master'
e63d78f 2017-09-21 Auto DevOps docs cleanup
cfccb27 2017-09-21 Merge branch 'docs-updates-sharing-permissions-and-proje...
fb9fec0 2017-09-19 Refine docs trigger script and use a really long branch ...
52ddf8e 2017-09-19 Do not show YAML frontmatter for doc pages under /help
c56c417 2017-09-19 Merge branch 'docs-replace-pipelines-cicd' into 'master'
95e1a5d 2017-09-19 Merge branch 'fix_wiki_md' into 'master'
90aebe8 2017-09-18 Merge branch 'docs-17499-documentation-errors-about-crea...
326e479 2017-09-18 Merge branch 'fix_wiki_md' into 'master'
d97b3fa 2017-09-18 Merge branch 'docs-replace-pipelines-cicd' into 'master'
99b95ea 2017-09-18 Merge branch 'master' into 'docs-replace-pipelines-cicd'
e484e50 2017-09-15 Merge branch 'docs-my-reaction-filter' into 'master'
60be513 2017-09-15 Merge branch '37896-minor-improvements-to-prometheus-doc...
7a24a9d 2017-09-14 Merge branch 'docs-my-reaction-filter' into 'master'
6bbd3d3 2017-09-14 Merge branch '37739-improve-nginx-ingress-configuration-...
544739a 2017-09-14 Clarify what variables can be used under `environment:`
cc1e0bf 2017-09-14 Merge branch 'docs/autodevops-fixes' into 'master'
db81ae2 2017-09-14 Use a secret variable to define the repo suffix
4879e43 2017-09-13 Merge branch 'docs-gitaly-client-config' into 'master'
54a49a0 2017-09-12 Expose URL under environments when triggering a docs rev...
c9e11a8 2017-09-12 Merge branch 'docs/autodevops-fixes' into 'master'
589217e 2017-09-12 Fix Auto DevOps quick start guide
b0151a8 2017-09-12 Merge branch '37647-follow-up-from-update-helm-chart-doc...
609de61 2017-09-12 Merge branch 'jk-update-dependencies' into 'master'
e409330 2017-09-12 Merge branch 'jk-update-templates' into 'master'
90f83ca 2017-09-11 Merge branch '37647-follow-up-from-update-helm-chart-doc...
7f18fa1 2017-09-11 Add gitaly to patch update doc
0e2a27c 2017-09-08 Merge branch 'fix/ldap-typo-docs' into 'master'
5b2594b 2017-09-08 Merge branch 'docs-quick-fix' into 'master'
def8e64 2017-09-08 Merge branch 'jk-update-dependencies' into 'master'
7b6cec4 2017-09-08 Merge branch 'jk-update-templates' into 'master'
af930b8 2017-09-08 Merge branch 'docs-new-topic-projects-settings' into 'ma...
7791218 2017-09-08 Merge branch 'docs-confidential-issue' into 'master'
769d9e2 2017-09-08 Fix wrong link in
77ccbe0 2017-09-08 Exclude migration-paths job when executing docs-only jobs
4773c6a 2017-09-08 Clarify yaml hidden keys (jobs)
dc46863 2017-09-08 Merge branch '37550-improve-clarity-of-helm-chart-docs' ...
d98b6a6 2017-09-07 Add Auto DevOps docs
2f1a039 2017-09-07 Merge branch 'docs-confidential-issue' into 'master'
ecdab9f 2017-09-07 Add script and job to trigger a docs build
d2cafa8 2017-09-07 Merge branch 'add-security-on-protected-branches' into '...
1bdabb3 2017-09-07 Merge branch 'docs-37499-add-description-template-exampl...
728a13a 2017-09-07 Merge branch 'docs/autodeploy-refactor' into 'master'
21935d8 2017-09-06 Merge branch '37532-fix-broken-link-on-kubernetes-monito...
0aa4db5 2017-09-06 Remove duplicate entry, order tools by name
5e6b583 2017-09-06 Merge branch 'master' into 'docs/migrating-from-tfs'
77b63a2 2017-09-06 Remove confusing Nginx example from Autodeploy docs
812a4cf 2017-09-06 Refactor Autodeploy docs
1ea64ac 2017-09-06 Add images from auto deploy guide
f7babab 2017-09-06 Port changes from Autodeploy EE to CE
794e376 2017-09-06 Make clear changeset vs snapshot method
b0476cc 2017-09-06 Add TFS migration docs
e7bfd4a 2017-09-06 Make clear changeset vs snapshot method. Also typos.
0a835fb 2017-09-06 Add CVS migration guide
b97f962 2017-09-06 Merge branch 'docs/cleanup-projects-api' into 'master'
d1b60cb 2017-09-06 Merge branch 'improve-pipeline-visibility-desc' into 'ma...
2247f11 2017-09-06 Clean up projects API docs
276b57e 2017-09-05 Merge branch 'docs-add-assign-runner' into 'master'
27cc09c 2017-09-04 Fix flaky-examples-test job to not run for docs
c5e5c4f 2017-09-04 Merge branch '37295-further-improvements-to-helm-chart-d...
d8633bd 2017-09-04 Merge branch 'docs-fix-15669-issue-move-api' into 'master'
b378ae6 2017-09-04 Merge branch 'fix_typo_in_deploy_keys_docs' into 'master'
894526e 2017-09-01 Merge branch 'patch-24' into 'master'
c740d3d 2017-09-01 Deprecate Koding in docs
a7fd91a 2017-08-31 Merge branch 'docs-article-fix-date' into 'master'
4ce10fd 2017-08-31 Move apt-get quiet flag in the beginning
9aef042 2017-08-31 Merge branch 'fix-typo-ci-sshkey-documentation' into 'ma...
bda435f 2017-08-31 Merge branch '37056-improve-kubernetes-installation-docs...
f431543 2017-08-30 Merge branch 'patch-24' into 'master'
c11278d 2017-08-30 Add vs heading in perforce doc
11da029 2017-08-29 Move GPG signed commits docs to new location
5cac145 2017-08-29 Add perforce migration doc
9e7e049 2017-08-29 Merge branch 'docs-update-dind-overlay2' into 'master'
9ce1f48 2017-08-28 Merge branch 'docs/update-ci-docker-using-docker-images'...
1bfba53 2017-08-25 Merge branch 'docs-clarify-dependencies' into 'master'
0512795 2017-08-25 Merge branch 'docs-document-version-for-group-milestones...
1c39c76 2017-08-25 Merge branch 'authentiq-docs' into 'master'
32fa511 2017-08-25 Merge branch 'docs-update-links-guideline' into 'master'
98cac5a 2017-08-25 Merge branch 'docs-add-deprecation-note-build-vars' into...
2a7104b 2017-08-25 Merge branch 'docs-article-gitlab-on-azure-1' into 'master'
c15ee52 2017-08-24 Merge branch 'docs-article-gitlab-on-azure' into 'master'
016bc1a 2017-08-21 Merge branch 'update-create-project-getting-started' int...
e8e9c0c 2017-08-20 Merge branch 'update-create-project-getting-started' int...
0d3d032 2017-08-19 Add more sections in GPG docs
d047b12 2017-08-18 Merge branch 'docs/sm/36543-describe-supported-version-i...
2e39826 2017-08-18 Merge branch 'docs/sm/36543-describe-supported-version-i...
1964562 2017-08-18 Merge branch 'docs/sm/fix_project_snippets_md' into 'mas...
fc6fe13 2017-08-18 Add docs: migrating from Clearcase to Git/GitLab
1db6bb8 2017-08-18 Refactor GPG signing docs
4d4994f 2017-08-18 Change GPG docs location
bbd627c 2017-08-17 Move workflow/importing/ to user/project/import/
36ba84c 2017-08-17 Merge branch 'bvl-docs-add-reserved-names-to-docs' into ...
1a39d4f 2017-08-16 Properly explain when advanced Docker options were intro...
0935e26 2017-08-16 Merge branch 'doc-group-issues-filtered-search' into 'ma...
efa996d 2017-08-16 Merge branch 'doc-group-issues-filtered-search' into 'ma...
f82d8a2 2017-08-15 Merge branch 'docs-topic-permissions' into 'master'
31b06b3 2017-08-15 Merge branch '36398-update-our-auto-deploy-docs-to-inclu...
f285d01 2017-08-15 Copyedit Artifactory and GitLab article
aeb9d41 2017-08-15 Rename Artifactory and GitLab article file
b38b7e6 2017-08-15 Merge branch 'master' into 33329-tech-article-deploying-...
19cdcb6 2017-08-15 Merge branch '36398-update-our-auto-deploy-docs-to-inclu...
de0d0e4 2017-08-15 Merge branch 'docs-correct-filetree' into 'master'
2d6663d 2017-08-11 Merge branch '36039-document-new-all-in-one-helm-chart-d...
0ca8375 2017-08-11 Merge branch 'sh-structured-log-docs' into 'master'
d8e9d9e 2017-08-11 Merge branch 'docs-update-docs' into 'master'
3a9f210 2017-08-10 Merge branch '36039-document-new-all-in-one-helm-chart-d...
b1ae717 2017-08-10 Merge branch 'docs/add-toc' into 'master'
39493e4 2017-08-09 Merge branch 'update-installation-docs-9-5' into 'master'
5388f5e 2017-08-09 Merge branch 'patch-24' into 'master'
94ead23 2017-08-09 Merge branch 'docs-invalid-json-examples-for-system-hook...
358a07c 2017-08-09 Merge branch 'sh-structured-log-docs' into 'master'
59800e6 2017-08-04 Merge branch '32388-validate-and-document-openshift-supp...
f0e58a3 2017-08-04 Fix different Markdown styles
9c33281 2017-08-04 Start using 'toc' in yaml frontmatter to explicitly disa...
c39daf9 2017-08-03 Merge branch 'patch-1' into 'master'
2a77db9 2017-08-03 Merge branch 'abuango-imap-doc-fix' into 'master'
97ef4cb 2017-08-01 Merge branch 'docs-update-articles-list' into 'master'
9a3b283 2017-07-31 Merge branch 'fix-user-creation-doc' into 'master'
a5689a1 2017-07-31 Merge branch 'sh-aws-efs-docs' into 'master'
5899294 2017-07-28 Add link to JIRA article in docs
04fa41b 2017-07-28 Merge branch '35657-fix-prometheus-docs-to-indicate-kube...
c493804 2017-07-28 Explain all possible values of 'only' and 'except'
aafa3f9 2017-07-27 Merge branch 'harish-update-backup-restore-docs' into 'm...
63b66f1 2017-07-16 Fix wrong link to docs in docs styleguide
aab51db 2017-07-16 Merge branch 'docs/overview-features-3' into 'master'
34800fe 2017-07-16 Merge branch 'docs/add-features-groups' into 'master'
1cfa37d 2017-07-16 Merge branch 'docs/add-subgroups-limitations-to-pages' i...
7e12619 2017-07-16 Merge branch 'docs/overview-features-5' into 'master'
7d819d5 2017-07-16 Merge branch 'ad_matching_rule_doc' into 'master'
1322042 2017-07-16 Split docs on IP whitelist for monitoring access
e1339d9 2017-07-16 Update health check docs
6fb712a 2017-07-14 Merge branch 'patch-16' into 'master'
ed418e8 2017-07-11 Merge branch 'jej/update-source-install-instructions-for...
b5aa8d3 2017-07-11 Merge branch 'jej/create-update-instructions-for-9-4' in...
e2edbdf 2017-07-11 Merge branch 'jej/create-update-instructions-for-9-4' in...
df05405 2017-07-11 Merge branch 'jej/update-source-install-instructions-for...
b5c7aad 2017-07-07 Exclude gitlab_git_test from docs only changes
d633bf0 2017-07-07 Copyedit docs for group-level secret variables
53c626b 2017-07-04 Merge branch 'docs/extended-docker-syntax-in-ci-yml' int...
e897dfe 2017-07-03 Merge branch 'docs/overview-features-2' into 'master'
469ea5e 2017-07-03 Refactor and copyedit "Using Docker images" docs
3e93ddf 2017-06-30 Merge branch 'update_issues_board_doc' into 'master'
d20079f 2017-06-28 Merge branch 'docs/introduce-ee-unified-docs' into 'master'
7f8bea5 2017-06-21 Do not run the codeclimate job on docs-only changes
aa69927 2017-06-21 Merge branch '33824-update-mr-prometheus-docs' into 'mas...
ea975b6 2017-06-21 Add missing link in Redis HA source docs
e8a2950 2017-06-21 Fix broken relative URL in prometheus docs
cc2f1df 2017-06-21 Clarify the expiration date of PATs
ec088b6 2017-06-20 Merge branch '33922-add-ruby-metrics-documentation' into...
57a6f2c 2017-06-20 Merge branch '33922-add-ruby-metrics-documentation' into...
89dce3e 2017-06-20 Add link to issue for MySQL/subgroups drop support
dc8850d 2017-06-19 Merge branch 'docs/object-storage' into 'master'
d264084 2017-06-19 Merge branch 'group-label-permissions-docs' into 'master'
e4eeba4 2017-06-19 Merge branch 'docs/object-storage' into 'master'
17eff57 2017-06-19 Merge branch 'group-label-permissions-docs' into 'master'
46813cc 2017-06-19 Mention limitations of MySQL in docs
6472643 2017-06-19 Merge branch 'issue-board-docs' into 'master'
96c44f5 2017-06-19 Merge branch 'jira-integ-docs' into 'master'
3b982fe 2017-06-19 Merge branch 'confidential-issues-redesign-docs' into 'm...
af0bfe2 2017-06-19 Merge branch 'convdev-docs' into 'master'
7794a51 2017-06-19 Merge branch '33824-update-mr-prometheus-docs' into 'mas...
6315245 2017-06-16 Move branches docs to new location and copyedit
301386e 2017-06-16 Merge branch 'convdev-docs' into 'master'
b13dcb2 2017-06-16 Copyedit ConvDev docs
81015cb 2017-06-16 Add info about artifacts object storage in docs
c676e79 2017-06-16 Merge branch 'issue-board-docs' into 'master'
ff3a6ff 2017-06-16 Merge branch 'jira-integ-docs' into 'master'
11b7727 2017-06-16 Merge branch 'confidential-issues-redesign-docs' into 'm...
9999260 2017-06-15 Merge branch '9-3-stable-rc3-conflicts-docs' into '9-3-s...
699b0e5 2017-06-15 Fix conflict in doc/api/
8fb33b8 2017-06-14 Add docs for personal access tokens
4052342 2017-06-14 Fix wrong link to codeclimate diff docs
268d9f8 2017-06-08 Refactor CI triggers docs
acdd1bf 2017-06-08 Merge branch '28607-forking-and-configuring-project-via-...
e717c73 2017-06-07 Refactor Runners docs
8e4c6a0 2017-06-06 Add more info on private Registry docs
6d3b4b3 2017-06-06 Add more info on artifacts expiry date
b60aa77 2017-06-06 Add info on using self-signed certs with Registry
1e67130 2017-06-06 Merge branch 'evn-crosslink-to-architecture' into 'master'
39710ab 2017-06-06 Remove references to old settings location
5f77689 2017-06-06 Merge branch '30156-api-environment-info-missed' into 'm...
4a811fb 2017-06-06 Merge branch '32236-fix-typo-in-helm-chart-installation-...
59bd1d2 2017-06-06 Merge branch 'dz-backport-codeclimate-docs' into 'master'
1d847b4 2017-06-06 Merge branch 'add-note-on-body-size' into 'master'
a5b5956 2017-06-06 Merge branch 'patch-23' into 'master'
aab8f27 2017-06-06 Merge branch 'docs/fix-headings-for-seo' into 'master'
3ad3f90 2017-06-03 Merge branch '31943-document-go-18' into 'master'
d9362de 2017-06-01 Resolve "Improve Container Registry description"
87e761d 2017-05-31 Merge branch 'git-checkout-variable-documentation' into ...
8f2af75 2017-05-26 Merge branch 'zj-docs-on-pipeline-schedules' into 'master'
b216739 2017-05-25 Merge branch 'update-helm-source-ip-docs' into 'master'
1086a3b 2017-05-25 Merge branch 'mrchrisw-add-mr-stats' into 'master'
71b80f9 2017-05-24 Merge branch 'patch-19' into 'master'
c866674 2017-05-23 Merge branch '32749-update-helm-chart-documentation' int...
5e25308 2017-05-23 Move docs 'superpowers' items to respective sections
4ee7983 2017-05-23 Fix tests
e4d9be0 2017-05-23 Fix rubocop
6fe2744 2017-05-23 Add tests for removing old backups with the new timestamp
450e2cd 2017-05-23 Add missing regex to backup manager
4cb5020 2017-05-22 Merge branch '32604-add-docs-for-change-of-cache-artifac...
2b0dd71 2017-05-22 Change pipelines schedules help page path
a83bef6 2017-05-22 Merge branch '32667-update-helm-chart-documentation' int...
561ec26 2017-05-21 Move environment monitoring to environments doc
e15aee2 2017-05-21 Merge branch '32604-add-docs-for-change-of-cache-artifac...
cf86e2e 2017-05-19 Merge branch '32602-add-docs-for-remove-filter-in-search...
6ad2a9c 2017-05-19 Merge branch '32602-add-docs-for-remove-filter-in-search...
d0b92f9 2017-05-19 Merge branch '32583-update-prometheus-merge-request-widg...
3ad8235 2017-05-19 Merge branch '32583-update-prometheus-merge-request-widg...
5683bf3 2017-05-19 Add note about artifacts previewing in docs
f64dae7 2017-05-19 Add docs for protected branches deletion feature
3a4a841 2017-05-19 Merge branch 'helm-documentation' into 'master'
cf4b740 2017-05-19 Merge branch '32236-fix-typo-in-helm-chart-installation-...
258c33a 2017-05-19 Merge branch 'i18n-docs' into 'master'
6c61f56 2017-05-19 Merge branch 'bvl-docs-dynamic-path-validator' into 'mas...
ae96126 2017-05-18 Refactor pipeline schedules docs
0b52808 2017-05-18 Merge branch 'dz-codeclimate-doc' into 'master'
3bbf957 2017-05-18 Merge branch 'patch-20' into 'master'
a5f0656 2017-05-17 Merge branch 'bvl-docs-dynamic-path-validator' into 'mas...
dc045da 2017-05-16 Merge branch 'i18n-docs' into 'master'
e949d6b 2017-05-16 Merge branch 'pms-uxguide-monospace-git-refs' into 'mast...
0c59aa0 2017-05-16 Add more choices to name the branch for docs only tests
61ececb 2017-05-15 Merge branch '32236-fix-typo-in-helm-chart-installation-...
aec53ba 2017-05-11 Merge branch 'patch-18' into 'master'
365cda5 2017-05-11 Merge branch 'docs/fix-broken-link' into 'master'
f07a799 2017-05-11 Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
000045e 2017-05-10 Merge branch 'fix-api-headings' into 'master'
9c7d87e 2017-05-10 Merge branch 'master' into 'docs/hide-gcp-install'
914a0bb 2017-05-09 Merge branch 'helm-documentation' into 'master'
1e0df21 2017-05-09 Hide GCP install guide from index page until our image i...
0f97672 2017-05-04 Merge branch '31064-update-docs-todos' into 'master'
c5bca70 2017-05-03 Move api lint out of static analysis job
513a81f 2017-05-03 Merge branch 'docs/31692-elaborate-on-spring-instruction...
439d550 2017-05-03 Merge branch 'docs/ldap-admin-guide-chris' into 'master'
58b0841 2017-05-02 Create the rest of the wiki docs
1cb827e 2017-05-02 Fill in information about creating the wiki Home page
75ab147 2017-05-02 Move wiki doc to its own index page
9548942 2017-05-02 Fix misaligned buttons in wiki pages
9fce7c8 2017-05-02 Merge branch 'docs-mrs-should-run-static-analysis' into ...
2f21445 2017-05-02 Update docs on creating a project
e340fad 2017-04-28 Document sorting of jobs in pipelines graph
cd9d1c6 2017-04-28 Document pipeline grouping
0f0517d 2017-04-28 Merge branch 'docs/make-ci-run-only-for-doc-changes' int...
8b4a726 2017-04-28 Document the process of docs only changes
0f327e0 2017-04-28 Skip irrelevant jobs for documentation only changes
f25f6fb 2017-04-27 Merge branch 'patch-16' into 'master'
c671690 2017-04-27 Merge branch 'patch-18' into 'master'
ced7212 2017-04-27 Merge branch 'patch-21' into 'master'
3bce129 2017-04-26 Fix failing spec
e7fce9e 2017-04-26 Merge branch 'docs-reorg-landing-page' into 'master'
119707d 2017-04-25 Ignore all builds* directories from version control
d2889b6 2017-04-25 Refactor backup/restore docs
43f7310 2017-04-25 Expose GitLab version in backup file
cd04108 2017-04-25 Merge branch '30649-update-health-check-documentation' i...
4740c99 2017-04-24 Merge branch 'db-backup-ssl-support' into 'master'
61ba808 2017-04-21 Merge branch '31265-update-auto-deploy-documentation-for...
e82c707 2017-04-21 Merge branch 'sentinel-psswd-docs' into 'master'
98ea851 2017-04-21 Merge branch 'resolvable-discussions-docs' into 'master'
5aea8c4 2017-04-21 Merge branch 'resolvable-discussions-docs' into 'master'
e84787a 2017-04-21 Refactor Discussions docs
b5e9b8f 2017-04-21 Merge branch 'docs/mention-microsoft-teams' into 'master'
c132b29 2017-04-21 Merge branch '2989-run-cicd-pipelines-on-a-schedule-expe...
c6709c5 2017-04-21 Merge branch 'docs/mention-microsoft-teams' into 'master'
9d1ce06 2017-04-21 Merge branch '2989-run-cicd-pipelines-on-a-schedule-expe...
1dd6935 2017-04-20 Merge branch 'docs/milestones-refactor' into 'master'
91b1f03 2017-04-20 Merge branch 'kubernetes-service-namespace' into 'master'
631bc87 2017-04-20 Merge branch 'kubernetes-service-namespace' into 'master'
90e3ef5 2017-04-20 Merge branch 'docs/milestones-refactor' into 'master'
6f92325 2017-04-20 Milestones documentation refactor
ee8d9ac 2017-04-20 Move kube namespace section to the variables one
63689d7 2017-04-20 Mention Microsoft teams service in project services doc
a19dd9a 2017-04-14 Add documentation on Usage statistics and link from the ...
2cd9c26 2017-04-13 Merge branch 'patch-15' into 'master'
defdf45 2017-04-12 Merge branch 'patch-15' into 'master'
8b410a5 2017-04-11 Merge branch 'dewet-do-disclaimer' into 'master'
56ff820 2017-04-11 Merge branch 'rs-fix-doc-anchor-link' into 'master'
bbab475 2017-04-11 Merge branch 'alkuzad/gitlab-ce-namespaces_encoding_docs...
1e10c1b 2017-04-11 Merge branch '25274-gitlab_flow-md-broken-download-link-...
520ed07 2017-04-10 Merge branch 'rs-fix-doc-anchor-link' into 'master'
7ae3001 2017-04-10 Merge branch 'dewet-do-disclaimer' into 'master'
4f839b4 2017-04-10 Replace pipelines image in docs
76cec34 2017-04-10 Merge branch '25274-gitlab_flow-md-broken-download-link-...
6c7b479 2017-04-10 Merge branch 'alkuzad/gitlab-ce-namespaces_encoding_docs...
6536e3d 2017-04-10 Add URL encoding link to issues API
b472f99 2017-04-10 Fix wrong copy edits for URL-encoded substitutions in AP...
5422554 2017-04-08 Mention URL path encoding to all API docs
9bf3dfd 2017-04-07 Merge branch 'docs/ci-variables-remove-my-email' into 'm...
f18e05b 2017-04-07 Remove wrong user email from CI variables example output
c970fa9 2017-04-07 Merge branch 'docs/fix-md-table-in-api-issues' into 'mas...
b902788 2017-04-07 Merge branch '30575-update-prometheus-integration-docume...
7d54383 2017-04-06 Fix markdown table in API Issues docs
08393ec 2017-04-05 Merge branch 'docs/ci-index-page' into 'master'
ef9cfcb 2017-04-05 Separate Scala from Java in CI examples
0a9eac5 2017-04-05 Fix broken link
56c3b28 2017-04-05 Refactor CI index page
d8cbe97 2017-04-04 Merge branch '30451-fix-docs-check-jobs-shallow-fetch' i...
3e663a2 2017-04-04 Merge branch '29670-jira-integration-documentation-impro...
ea35b11 2017-04-04 Merge branch 'sh-add-polling-images' into 'master'
97313fd 2017-04-04 Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
3fb5c16 2017-03-31 Merge branch 'doc-upgrade-8.2-to-8.3' into 'master'
75fe127 2017-03-31 Merge branch 'docs/ci-dpl-example' into 'master'
6ff5e7f 2017-03-30 Merge branch 'fix-docs-check-links' into 'master'
5e48bf8 2017-03-30 Update dpl CI example
4d3b5d5 2017-03-30 Merge branch 'patch-15' into 'master'
0b1c7ee 2017-03-30 Test docs internal links check
b20ba36 2017-03-29 Merge branch 'new-guides-guidelines' into 'master'
0d26702 2017-03-29 Fix links and do some refactoring
bdec5c5 2017-03-27 Merge branch 'triggers-docs' into 'master'
40e3a70 2017-03-27 Merge branch 'triggers-docs' into 'master'
b752090 2017-03-24 Merge branch '29860-fix-upgrade-guide' into 'master'
f4e7bc8 2017-03-23 Remove highlighting language from GET codeblocks
a634e53 2017-03-23 Merge branch 'docs/fix-dead-link' into 'master'
dab4907 2017-03-23 Merge branch '29860-fix-upgrade-guide' into 'master'
3574963 2017-03-22 Merge branch 'docs/profile-preferences' into 'master'
c9c2353 2017-03-22 Update user's profile preferences docs
f844bf5 2017-03-22 Fix dead docs link
88fb39a 2017-03-21 Merge branch '29713-update-documentation-to-reflect-prom...
fc2f0eb 2017-03-20 Merge branch 'simplify-docs-trigger' into 'master'
81e6cbc 2017-03-20 Merge branch '29713-update-documentation-to-reflect-prom...
b5cc980 2017-03-17 Update Impersonation tokens docs
a406918 2017-03-17 Refactor award emojis document
9df22a1 2017-03-17 Merge branch '29142-add-prometheus-integration-documenta...
beb5667 2017-03-17 Merge branch '29142-add-prometheus-integration-documenta...
0928d3c 2017-03-16 Merge branch '29142-add-prometheus-integration-documenta...
19d8f31 2017-03-16 Merge branch '29142-add-prometheus-integration-documenta...
72bd0aa 2017-03-16 Fix broken links limit lines to 80 chars
3fa6788 2017-03-16 Merge branch 'zj-rename-ci-vars' into 'master'
4413d97 2017-03-16 Merge branch 'zj-rename-ci-vars' into 'master'
0b67cb8 2017-03-16 Include instructions to update /etc/default/gitlab
cd0dd80 2017-03-16 Merge branch 'syshook_documentation_updated' into 'master'
352e38f 2017-03-16 Merge branch 'docs/nested-groups' into 'master'
6619772 2017-03-15 Merge branch 'docs/nested-groups' into 'master'
cbedb34 2017-03-15 Merge branch '28277-document-u2f-limitations-with-multip...
77d5414 2017-03-15 Merge branch 'issue-boards-docs' into 'master'
0d860ae 2017-03-15 Refactor Prometheus integration docs
db8f625 2017-03-15 Change naming from nested groups to subgroups
b5142f9 2017-03-14 Address subgroups docs review
f35d7a1 2017-03-14 Fix wording
1913f1e 2017-03-14 Add info on group membership
bb99fc2 2017-03-14 Add nested groups documentation
ef32f4c 2017-03-14 Merge branch 'syshook_documentation_updated' into 'master'
74ec81a 2017-03-14 Bump pages daemon to 0.4.0
205d268 2017-03-14 Merge branch 'update-new-ip-pages-docs' into 'master'
1a71676 2017-03-14 Include instructions to update /etc/default/gitlab
e8c8ea8 2017-03-14 Include instructions to update /etc/default/gitlab
5e05d6b 2017-03-14 Merge branch 'patch-15' into 'master'
77d93d3 2017-03-14 Add missing steps of Pages source installation
b090536 2017-03-14 Merge branch 'lm-docs-clarity' into 'master'
b6055bc 2017-03-14 Merge branch 'patch-15' into 'master'
64a0777 2017-03-10 Merge branch 'docs/ci-variables-deprecation-table' into ...
9f3eb5e 2017-03-10 Merge branch 'docs/pages-unzip-dep' into 'master'
f67019a 2017-03-10 Merge branch 'docs/contributing-md-labels' into 'master'
1f2bedf 2017-03-10 Add a section on issue/MR labeling in
25a7a09 2017-03-10 Merge branch 'docs/ux-copy-confirmation-dialogs' into 'm...
d2e0009 2017-03-09 Merge branch 'docs/ci-variables-deprecation-table' into ...
235e225 2017-03-09 Add confirmation dialogs guidelines in UX copy
90d7b95 2017-03-09 Move example variables output to bottom
91c2b4c 2017-03-09 Cleanup CI variables table and add a deprecation note
dc26283 2017-03-09 Add zip/unzip as dependencies for Pages source installat...
b87d5c8 2017-03-08 Merge branch 'update_crowd_docs' into 'master'
ca99f3f 2017-03-08 Merge branch 'patch-15' into 'master'
74bfa89 2017-03-07 Merge branch 'docs/redirect-builds-jobs-api' into 'master'
e8ab096 2017-03-07 Bring back api/ and direct to api/
bba00a8 2017-03-06 Merge branch 'update-new-ip-pages-docs' into 'master'
9bb0b58 2017-03-03 Move all Pages related content to a single location
ca63a05 2017-03-03 Merge branch 'patch-16' into 'master'
9039c62 2017-03-02 Merge branch 'docs/google-cloud-platform-installation' i...
d33fab3 2017-03-02 Add docs on how to install GitLab on GCP
135b6e5 2017-03-01 Merge branch 'undefined' into 'master'
e5bafed 2017-03-01 Merge branch 'restructure-pages-docs' into 'master'
6b4d490 2017-03-01 Merge branch 'cla-first' into 'master'
a36c906 2017-03-01 Add CLA on top of
48d7ed6 2017-03-01 Merge branch '28696-improve-grammar-gitlab-flow-doc' int...
4c4810b 2017-02-28 Merge branch 'docs/pages' into 'master'
2d80d05 2017-02-28 Move all Pages related content to a single location
983b90e 2017-02-24 Merge branch '27847-auth0-doc-typo' into 'master'
c3d2ef7 2017-02-24 Merge branch 'docs/fix-broken-ci-links' into 'master'
0be25bf 2017-02-24 Fix broken links in CI admin area docs
61e2a3e 2017-02-22 Merge branch 'docs/pages-redirect' into 'master'
17aae3b 2017-02-22 Remove Pages readme
e519ff3 2017-02-22 Merge branch 'docs/pages-redirect' into 'master'
e2af9d0 2017-02-22 Change Pages redirect
d2c80bf 2017-02-22 Merge branch 'pages-guides' into 'master'
165be63 2017-02-22 Add missing to Pages docs
7273745 2017-02-22 Merge branch 'pages-guides' into 'master'
969754c 2017-02-22 Reorder main index items in Pages overview
27e4b90 2017-02-22 Add links to previous/next articles
699aab0 2017-02-22 Generalize the naming of the getting started docs
3bf60f8 2017-02-22 Change images location (s/images/img)
adbf8b9 2017-02-20 Merge branch 'docs/service-templates' into 'master'
dcd90c2 2017-02-20 Merge branch '28313-words' into 'master'
e03a7c5 2017-02-20 Merge branch 'docs/ldap-location' into 'master'
d2c640c 2017-02-20 Change wording for LDAP doc that was moved to a new loca...
721ae6b 2017-02-17 Merge branch '28313-words' into 'master'
13ad37d 2017-02-17 Merge branch 'directly-addressed-todo-docs' into 'master'
621faee 2017-02-17 Merge branch 'docs/builds-to-jobs-massacre' into 'master'
5ae32ae 2017-02-17 Merge branch 'docs/pages-admin' into 'master'
c824e37 2017-02-17 Merge branch 'docs/pages-admin' into 'master'
d6fea1e 2017-02-16 Merge branch 'docs/pages-admin' into 'master'
b0d7840 2017-02-16 Merge branch 'docs/broken-anchor-links' into 'master'
d603cf2 2017-02-16 Do not use single quote in headings as it breaks
28d8b86 2017-02-16 Merge branch 'docs/service-templates' into 'master'
19fd4eb 2017-02-16 Update services templates docs
97ece6a 2017-02-16 Simplify Pages admin source docs
58cf7db 2017-02-16 Simplify Pages admin Omnibus docs
8b955e4 2017-02-16 Merge branch 'docs/ci-clarify-stop-action' into 'master'
f4bb5dd 2017-02-16 Clarify that stage is needed to stop environments
58cc360 2017-02-16 Merge branch 'docs/broken-link-uni' into 'master'
496b527 2017-02-16 Fix broken link in university docs
5ad1d40 2017-02-15 Merge branch 'docs/broken-links' into 'master'
f2ed144 2017-02-15 Fix most of broken docs links
8813225 2017-02-15 Merge branch 'docs/builds-to-jobs-massacre' into 'master'
a084437 2017-02-15 Rename builds to jobs in docs
93ac8db 2017-02-14 Merge branch '27755-pipeline-docs' into 'master'
613fe2a 2017-02-14 Merge branch '27656-doc-ci-enable-ci' into 'master'
126dfc7 2017-02-14 Merge branch 'issue-boards-docs-update' into 'master'
29d6062 2017-02-14 Merge branch 'docs/merge_requests_index' into 'master'
815cb80 2017-02-14 Merge branch '27755-pipeline-docs' into 'master'
7b67d3d 2017-02-14 Merge branch '27656-doc-ci-enable-ci' into 'master'
9a0c1ff 2017-02-14 Merge branch 'docs/database-info' into 'master'
b65cd9d 2017-02-14 Add MySQL info in install requirements
56ea45e 2017-02-13 Merge branch 'issue-boards-docs-update' into 'master'
6db214f 2017-02-13 Update issue boards docs
59f4405 2017-02-13 Merge branch 'docs/merge_requests_index' into 'master'
4f5bb98 2017-02-13 Move merge requests index file inside the merge_requests...
412aa85 2017-02-09 Merge branch 'patch-13' into 'master'
0fddece 2017-02-09 Merge branch 'docs/prometheus' into 'master'
6ad9916 2017-02-09 Consider existing installations where the setting is not...
52313cf 2017-02-09 Change to direct link for Omnibus Nginx docs
419bbbf 2017-02-09 Add info on changing the default address/port Prometheus...
614f371 2017-02-09 Fix GitLab monitor Omnibus setting
a114f7c 2017-02-09 Add link to issue where HSTS is discussed
c803254 2017-02-09 Add changes from
62870a0 2017-02-09 Merge branch 'docs/omniauth-fix-link' into 'master'
1352a80 2017-02-09 Fix markdown link in Omniauth docs
5849e90 2017-02-09 Merge branch 'docs/omniauth-restart' into 'master'
ad85ecc 2017-02-09 Mention reconfigure/restart in omniauth docs
1bde5d1 2017-02-08 Use underscores instead of dashes in gitlab.rb
4049783 2017-02-08 Add GitLab monitor exporter docs
19a315a 2017-02-08 Add postgres exporter to Prometheus docs
20dd13a 2017-02-08 Use localhost for node_exporter
a28f3f7 2017-02-08 Add Redis exporter to Prometheus docs
5c718b8 2017-02-08 Split node_exporter to its own page
1498786 2017-02-08 Move prometheus docs into their own dir
c88997d 2017-02-07 Merge branch 'docs/services-refactor' into 'master'
761ff1f 2017-02-07 Add info about the new location of Integrations
f88672b 2017-02-07 Merge branch 'docs/fix-broken-links' into 'master'
fbdb09c 2017-02-06 Merge branch 'patch-12' into 'master'
e60ff02 2017-02-06 Fix broken links to docs
9c49a18 2017-02-04 Merge branch 'ux-guide-button-placement' into 'master'
1bf0312 2017-02-03 Merge branch 'docs/integrations' into 'master'
a6ac232 2017-02-03 Move project services to new location under Integrations
8063628 2017-02-03 Move webhooks to new a location under Integrations
b2e5c42 2017-02-02 Merge branch 'fix-ruby-verification-command' into 'master'
920a83b 2017-02-02 Merge branch 'simplify-ssh-doc' into 'master'
7460702 2017-02-02 Merge branch 'ux-guide-hover-animation-guidance-update' ...
e2123de 2017-02-01 Split Omnibus and source installation Pages admin docs
e9c0823 2017-02-01 Bump pages daemon and place Omnibus settings on top
2c787bc 2017-02-01 Better highlight prerequisites for Pages
452b9c8 2017-02-01 Merge multiple notes into one in Pages user docs
39e74b1 2017-02-01 Fix link to new pages location
749d805 2017-02-01 Bump GitLab version that Pages where ported to CE
b14ee42 2017-02-01 Move Pages docs to new location
e7d4b8a 2017-02-01 First iteration on Pages refactoring
baac536 2017-01-31 Clarify where the settings are in Pages docs
d8ae092 2017-01-31 Remove Pages ToC from docs
8fc3030 2017-01-31 Add note on custom domains limitation
1bdfdd8 2017-01-31 Add known issues section
2b18f02 2017-01-31 Add section on redirects
873eaca 2017-01-31 Mention that shared runners on are enabled by...
9a8818f 2017-01-31 Add FAQ on Pages website type precedence
d557b3f 2017-01-31 Fix markdown anchor link
1fe13d6 2017-01-31 Remove confusing FAQ question
552e899 2017-01-31 Clarification
a77a101 2017-01-31 Add separate section for
0255a85 2017-01-31 Use the default ruby:2.1 image
aaebb21 2017-01-31 Clarify where 403 and 404 pages should exist
8442e3f 2017-01-31 Add sections on custom domains
231e3a2 2017-01-31 Add example of hosting Pages in a specific branch
50d32d6 2017-01-31 Add examples to 404 pages
52dcde2 2017-01-31 Move examples to own section
e7b2784 2017-01-31 Add new sections and clean-up
18478e5 2017-01-31 Reword
a3aef35 2017-01-31 Be more clear what project name is referred to
3d91145 2017-01-31 Be more precise who people are
fa374ab 2017-01-31 Add note to use when using
758f559 2017-01-31 Move Pages removal to Next steps section
d1fe6a6 2017-01-31 Mention the power of CI and that Pages support all stati...
ea8ff39 2017-01-31 Rename user/project pages headings
7e7da5b 2017-01-31 Add table explaining the types of pages
69854d9 2017-01-31 Merge user and group pages
5009acc 2017-01-31 Convert shared runners into a note
c9b63ee 2017-01-31 Add pages job in yaml document
8f7eb4e 2017-01-31 Add image for pages removal
34d75cf 2017-01-31 Rephrase
dbfde1d 2017-01-31 Add requirements section
bcf8917 2017-01-31 Convert CI quick start guide into a note
edc8782 2017-01-31 Split user and group sections
81533b8 2017-01-31 More section cleanup
5b9d886 2017-01-31 Add links to CI and runner
47bff50 2017-01-31 Reorganize sections
55214fe 2017-01-31 First iteration on simplifying the pages user docs
5556db0 2017-01-31 Add missing gitlab-pages related vars in init.d/gitlab
8094a9d 2017-01-31 Add missing Omnibus settings
e406930 2017-01-31 Checkout the tag of pages daemon
bdc7301 2017-01-31 Add configuration prerequisites section
e5c7c8c 2017-01-31 Small reword fixes
9ca2346 2017-01-31 Add link to Omnibus 8-3 docs
37fc486 2017-01-31 Link to backup task
aadbb60 2017-01-31 Move Omnibus storage path
84ff07c 2017-01-31 Simplify NGINX server_name regex
d9e3bb0 2017-01-31 Add a separate NGINX section
f8c8dc0 2017-01-31 Add remaining Omnibus configs
3858443 2017-01-31 Add heading to the GitLab Pages setup scenarios
228455a 2017-01-31 Rename NGINX section
d24763f 2017-01-31 Add the four scenarios and NGINX caveats
fed8b62 2017-01-31 Remove pages daemon from table and add it as prerequisite
ca26884 2017-01-31 Add info about the loadbalancer
54c943a 2017-01-31 Reword pages daemon intro
2a484c6 2017-01-31 Introduce custom domains setup for source installations
b399478 2017-01-31 chmod 644 gitlab.default.example
cfc54df 2017-01-31 Set pages daemon to false
39dff1e 2017-01-31 Update TOC
dfc3e58 2017-01-31 Add configuration scenarios
acf7ae5 2017-01-31 Add info about the pages daemon
f8927da 2017-01-31 More changelog clarification
516a95d 2017-01-31 Add TOC
0a4585b 2017-01-31 Add MR that custom CNAMEs were introduced
96fed04 2017-01-31 Add first draft of architecture
055b823 2017-01-31 Add Changelog of GitLab Pages
fd9916c 2017-01-31 Add section about changes from 8.4 to 8.5
deb9481 2017-01-31 Add missing variables for gitlab-pages
4b45f28 2017-01-31 Change the pages daemon proxy listen port to 8090
50bbc32 2017-01-31 Change NGINX pages configs to account for the Pages daemon
d5ccea0 2017-01-31 Add init scripts for GitLab Pages daemon
a7fa7f2 2017-01-31 Add missing dot in .gitlab-ci.yml [ci skip]
8aba28e 2017-01-31 Clarify some things in Pages [ci skip]
0bb480d 2017-01-31 Add note about shared runners [ci skip]
9c78a20 2017-01-31 Typo fixes, remove unnecessary information about pages p...
9ff381c 2017-01-31 Add pages to excluded directories in backup task [ci skip]
a691e9f 2017-01-31 Minor cleanup, use as an example domain for GP
d26eadf 2017-01-31 Fix small typos in GP user guide
5e8675c 2017-01-31 Add section on storage path [ci skip]
31454eb 2017-01-31 Capitalize Pages [ci skip]
cab3ea0 2017-01-31 Add missing intro [ci skip]
139ebce 2017-01-31 Clean up the text in pages view
6f99970 2017-01-31 Finish GitLab Pages user documentation
4e03436 2017-01-31 Small lines improvement [ci skip]
6fd0694 2017-01-31 Point to GP administration guide, no need to duplicate t...
38028d9 2017-01-31 Add example when using a subdomain [ci skip]
a60f5f6 2017-01-31 GitLab Pages admin guide clean up [ci skip]
ab22002 2017-01-31 Add GitLab Pages administration guide
f934460 2017-01-31 Fix wrong assumption that the public dir must be present...
c578813 2017-01-31 Add missing jekyll website link
0f2274c 2017-01-31 First draft of pages documentation
d424605 2017-01-31 Merge branch 'correct-gitlab-host-references' into 'mast...
83711c7 2017-01-31 Merge branch '27474-update-auto-deploy-requires-public-p...
158b92d 2017-01-31 Merge branch 'improve-process' into 'master'
b525aff 2017-01-29 Merge branch 'ux-guide-minor-updates' into 'master'
5d8e9bd 2017-01-26 Merge branch 'polettix/gitlab-ce-master' into 'master'
41674d6 2017-01-26 Merge branch 'update_repo_check_docs' into 'master'
d6bc24d 2017-01-26 Merge branch 'patch-11' into 'master'
8c0e358 2017-01-24 Merge branch 'docs/conflict-editor' into 'master'
b72f43d 2017-01-24 Add docs for resolve conflicts editor
84d3133 2017-01-24 Merge branch 'patch-12' into 'master'
98db0d4 2017-01-24 Merge branch 'docs/prometheus' into 'master'
c66c3a4 2017-01-24 Merge branch 'docs/2fa-cleanup' into 'master'
6f8d97a 2017-01-24 Merge the two 2FA docs into one
c474ceb 2017-01-24 Merge branch 'docs/issues-due-dates' into 'master'
8d94a58 2017-01-24 Add due dates docs
a2c5957 2017-01-24 Merge branch 'docs/confidential-issues' into 'master'
1c8fa2b 2017-01-24 Add link to confidential issues MR
b4dd549 2017-01-24 Add docs for confidential issues
8a6e415 2017-01-22 Merge branch 'patch-12' into 'master'
8ff3db1 2017-01-22 Merge branch 'docs/prometheus' into 'master'
43f0fd1 2017-01-22 Add information on the dashboard and exporter ports
73375c1 2017-01-22 Expose Prometheus docs to the main README
243b18c 2017-01-22 Add Prometheus docs
90305d5 2017-01-20 Merge branch 'improve-public_access-documentation' into ...
88eabae 2017-01-20 Merge branch 'document-auto_link_ldap_user' into 'master'
d7318a5 2017-01-19 Merge branch 'improve-public_access-documentation' into ...
5ba18c5 2017-01-19 Merge branch 'document-auto_link_ldap_user' into 'master'
d9bdd13 2017-01-19 Merge branch 'docs/add_slack_to_services_list' into 'mas...
9e48550 2017-01-19 Merge branch 'docs/add_slack_to_services_list' into 'mas...
07f59a5 2017-01-19 Add Slack slash commands to project services list index
590e3d6 2017-01-10 Merge branch 'patch-8' into 'master'
39c924c 2017-01-09 Merge branch '26014-fix-update-doc' into 'master'
0bfd360 2017-01-09 Merge branch '26014-fix-update-doc' into 'master'
8ab9412 2017-01-06 Merge branch 'fix-link-reply-by-email' into 'master'
5fd8a57 2017-01-06 Fix dead link in Reply by email documentation
0a1d1fb 2017-01-05 Merge branch 'ux-guide-search-box' into 'master'
5836670 2017-01-05 Merge branch 'ux-guide-text-color' into 'master'
79ce691 2016-12-24 Merge branch 'mrchrisw/fix-whitespace-code-block' into '...
e94a78d 2016-12-23 Merge branch 'docs/add_imgs_to_mr_resolution_issue' into...
358a2d8 2016-12-22 Merge branch 'docs/add_imgs_to_mr_resolution_issue' into...
d934c02 2016-12-22 Merge branch 'patch-9' into 'master'
bed4760 2016-12-22 Add images to issue creation from unresolved discussions
f5d456c 2016-12-19 Fix link to img
7f963fc 2016-12-19 Remove duplicate image and optimize the remaining one
445e83e 2016-12-16 Use new generic image for project import
5e2f68e 2016-12-16 Merge branch 'bitbucket-oauth2' of
27f271e 2016-12-16 Refactor Bitbucket import docs
45bd226 2016-12-16 Merge branch 'ux-guide-cursors' into 'master'
b562633 2016-12-15 Merge branch 'docs/add-okta-auth' into 'master'
58597bf 2016-12-15 Merge branch 'ha_docs_auto_migrate_false' into 'master'
1e18876 2016-12-15 Merge branch 'docs/repocheck-logs' into 'master'
a074ad5 2016-12-15 Fix headings in administration/
84c319b 2016-12-15 Document `repocheck.log` in logs docs
ecfa865 2016-12-15 Merge branch 'fix-api-docs' into 'master'
ffaf25b 2016-12-15 Add Okta authentication documentation
e56615f 2016-12-11 Merge branch 'docs/change-docs-title' into 'master'
e71ed01 2016-12-11 Change docs title to represent the edition
e384a14 2016-12-09 Merge branch 'issue_25152_docs' into 'master'
0af2744 2016-12-09 Merge branch '22152-improve-setup-ssh-documentation' int...
81bfa92 2016-12-09 Refactor SSH keys docs
ab04e6c 2016-12-09 Merge branch '1392-honor-database-password' into 'master'
9e5d9f0 2016-12-07 Merge branch 'ux-guide-animation' into 'master'
9f8a389 2016-12-07 Merge branch 'patch-7' into 'master'
183b40f 2016-12-05 Merge branch 'fix-nignx-typo' into 'master'
1e7e797 2016-12-05 Merge branch 'docs/secret-variables' into 'master'
cfb35cd 2016-12-05 It's secret variables, not secure
4099b56 2016-12-05 Merge branch 'docs/refactor-ci-variables' into 'master'
4c7c66a 2016-12-05 Fix dead links, add example of debug trace output, simpl...
89c7db6 2016-12-04 Merge branch '25148_fix_gfm_typo' into 'master'
0819d09 2016-12-03 Merge branch 'improve-patch-update-guide' into 'master'
52e33b4 2016-12-03 Merge branch 'revert-918d30bf' into 'master'
1e67ea8 2016-12-03 Revert "Merge branch 'docs/patch-guide-link-to-old-guide...
918d30b 2016-12-03 Merge branch 'docs/patch-guide-link-to-old-guide' into '...
04c2bce 2016-12-03 Link to old patch update guide now that we install workh...
8146ad8 2016-12-01 Merge branch 'docs/container-registry-2fa' into 'master'
c345edc 2016-12-01 Document the need to use a PAT with Registry when 2FA is on
507abdb 2016-12-01 Merge branch 'docs/fix-webhooks-headings' into 'master'
bc8b602 2016-12-01 Small refactor of webhooks docs
42dc203 2016-12-01 Merge branch 'docs/triggers-ref-clarify' into 'master'
dd7f0fb 2016-12-01 Clarify that a commit SHA doesn't work for CI triggers
63d45dc 2016-12-01 Merge branch 'docs/fix-typo-build-artifacts' into 'master'
41a0dd5 2016-12-01 Fix wrong link in builds artifacts admin docs
2adc656 2016-11-30 Merge branch 'docs/git-submodules-with-ci' into 'master'
66a2e7b 2016-11-30 Refactor the Git submodules with CI docs
2e3b5e1 2016-11-29 Merge branch 'docs/fix-bitbucket-integration-typos' into...
adb3f3d 2016-11-29 Move MWPS document to new location
84638de 2016-11-28 Merge branch 'docs/styleguide-haml-help-links' into 'mas...
297c868 2016-11-28 Add guidelines in doc linking with HAML
eff2404 2016-11-27 Merge branch 'ux-guide-anchor-hover' into 'master'
70d4d2f 2016-11-26 Merge branch 'ux-guide-dropdown-max-height' into 'master'
07c3d2c 2016-11-25 Refactor CI variables docs
1c2f375 2016-11-24 Merge branch 'docs/jira-update-api-docs' into 'master'
d5740d3 2016-11-24 Merge branch '24908-install-instructions-seem-to-have-tw...
9c56270 2016-11-24 Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
02d8432 2016-11-24 Merge branch 'docs/jira-add-missing-file' into 'master'
3341a9d 2016-11-24 Add missing JIRA file that redirects to the new location
5c6d3a9 2016-11-23 Merge branch 'docs/rm-header-ids-from-university' into '...
ad195be 2016-11-23 Remove header ids from University docs
ae4cc42 2016-11-23 Merge branch 'patch-13' into 'master'
3e0c614 2016-11-23 Merge branch 'docs/chrome-support-requirements' into 'ma...
395a772 2016-11-23 Add support of Chrome/Chromium in
5c9cb3a 2016-11-22 Merge branch 'mrchrisw/mysql-install' into 'master'
52750aa 2016-11-22 Merge branch 'doc-for-config' into 'master'
448c19a 2016-11-22 Merge branch 'patch-1' into 'master'
65e5d5c 2016-11-22 Merge branch 'docs/optimize-images' into 'master'
af1dabe 2016-11-22 Reduce size of images from 25MB to 13MB using pngquant
4ed4b1b 2016-11-22 Merge branch 'docs/backport-jira-docs-to-8-13' into '8-1...
a75963e 2016-11-22 Backport JIRA api docs to 8-13-stable
0c921e3 2016-11-22 Merge branch 'docs/jira-update-api-docs' into 'master'
7367744 2016-11-22 Fix list in JIRA service docs
93792e8 2016-11-22 Add changes to JIRA api docs
3385c28 2016-11-22 Merge branch 'docs/cycle-analytics-new-image' into 'mast...
0b05f12 2016-11-22 Merge branch 'zj-slash-command-docs' into 'master'
9f372fc 2016-11-22 Merge branch 'revert-a0d5bb0b' into 'master'
12e4f5b 2016-11-22 Merge branch 'docs/cycle-analytics-new-image' into 'mast...
c908465 2016-11-22 Add new image for Cycle Analytics
da0dd7e 2016-11-22 Merge branch 'revert-a0d5bb0b' into 'master'
c78a0bc 2016-11-22 Change documentation link in JIRA service
33980a0 2016-11-22 Refactor JIRA docs and bring back some old information
a478a1d 2016-11-22 Move JIRA service doc back to its old location
264eda9 2016-11-22 Revert "Merge branch 'docs/jira-old' into 'master'"
d660349 2016-11-22 Merge branch 'ux-guide-update-mr-copy' into 'master'
38f8ad4 2016-11-22 Merge branch 'patch-1' into 'master'
55b5d17 2016-11-22 Merge branch 'patch-10' into 'master'
26cf3e4 2016-11-22 Merge branch 'patch-9' into 'master'
36d0420 2016-11-22 Merge branch 'docs/pipelines-add-img' into 'master'
6f0a9e8 2016-11-22 Add example image to pipelines docs
acaa6d7 2016-11-22 Merge branch 'object-state-models-docs' into 'master'
3722099 2016-11-22 Merge branch 'zj-slash-command-docs' into 'master'
25817c2 2016-11-22 Restructure steps for MM slash commands service
2a21a34 2016-11-21 Refactor Mattermost slash commands docs
36a6144 2016-11-19 Merge branch 'patch-7' into 'master'
cb74495 2016-11-19 Merge branch 'fix-typo-in-gitlab-flow' into 'master'
ecef3da 2016-11-19 Merge branch 'patch-7' into 'master'
3b49851 2016-11-18 Merge branch 'docs/fix-typo-url-environments' into 'mast...
3f949fd 2016-11-18 Merge branch 'docs/grammar-environments' into 'master'
7835d99 2016-11-18 Merge branch 'docs/fix-url-environments' into 'master'
6afa06a 2016-11-18 Merge branch 'docs/environments' into 'master'
29b6d4d 2016-11-18 Merge branch 'docs/review-apps' into 'master'
03b10e5 2016-11-18 Merge branch 'doc/sentinel' into 'master'
00aa3f4 2016-11-18 Merge branch 'docs/refactor-environments' into 'master'
9d74219 2016-11-18 Merge branch 'docs/markdown' into 'master'
d29e985 2016-11-18 Merge branch 'rs-project-archive-doc-fix' into 'master'
9d4a45e 2016-11-18 Merge branch 'docs/no-artifacts-passing' into 'master'
e4ca2fa 2016-11-18 Document how to prevent artifacts from passing to next s...
7924fb3 2016-11-18 Merge branch 'jasperdenkers/gitlab-ce-ci-play-heroku-exa...
99ef207 2016-11-18 Merge the two Scala examples
3be717a 2016-11-18 Merge branch 'rs-project-archive-doc-fix' into 'master'
492ead3 2016-11-18 Merge branch 'docs/fix-typo-url-environments' into 'mast...
5e92fa3 2016-11-18 Fix wrong link URL
5c6a72b 2016-11-18 Merge branch 'docs/grammar-environments' into 'master'
039aae6 2016-11-18 Add note pointing to limitations section in
54c1cca 2016-11-18 Clarify the limitation for special chars is for Review Apps
21d1468 2016-11-18 Change order of limitations list in
6c4ba21 2016-11-18 Add an example of invalid characters to branches for rev...
d085b70 2016-11-18 Grammar fix in s/base/basis
400d2b7 2016-11-17 Merge branch 'docs/fix-url-environments' into 'master'
eb0aac8 2016-11-17 Fix missing URL from environments docs
aea8bae 2016-11-17 Merge branch 'docs/environments' into 'master'
7a37e5c 2016-11-17 Mention Git strategy none
b0de0ce 2016-11-17 Merge branch 'docs/review-apps' into 'master'
bc15f6f 2016-11-17 Merge branch 'doc/sentinel' into 'master'
5fa7169 2016-11-17 Remove ToC since it's now supported in the docs portal i...
642e668 2016-11-17 Add 8.14 to versions with further additions to review apps
184c148 2016-11-17 Add Limitations sections to environments and review apps...
ffadc93 2016-11-17 Add link to environments docs
11c5fcb 2016-11-17 Fix URL to review apps docs
35c45f7 2016-11-17 Add a prerequisites section, add some links
a81546d 2016-11-17 Link to NGINX example project for the time being
46a7e68 2016-11-17 Get rid most of the irrelevant sections
17cf2ad 2016-11-17 Add note about current limitation in $CI_BUILD_REF_NAME
0881c3a 2016-11-17 Add an intro and an Overview section for Review Apps
eee6542 2016-11-17 WIP review apps
1ccc69d 2016-11-17 Add Review apps link to CI README
50585cd 2016-11-17 Merge branch 'docs/refactor-environments' into 'master'
e5aebcc 2016-11-17 Add stop environment permissions and remove delete
9ea4a5b 2016-11-17 Add note about auto-stopping of environments
556aaeb 2016-11-17 Finish "Stopping envs" and "Grouping similar envs" sections
8cec408 2016-11-17 Merge branch 'docs/markdown' into 'master'
aee501c 2016-11-17 Remove ToC and fix headings in Markdown docs
54fc574 2016-11-17 Finish dynamic environments and URLs sections
ff97de6 2016-11-17 Move name rules under environment:name in yaml readme
3a6e38d 2016-11-16 Finish most of environments
5cac52d 2016-11-16 Change deployments view image
21f1bee 2016-11-16 Add section on defining environments
dd3c271 2016-11-16 Move paragraph to overview
8666fd7 2016-11-16 Begin writing Overview section
6715091 2016-11-16 WIP refactor environments
3255401 2016-11-16 Merge branch 'ux-guide-link-update-contributing' into 'm...
465c61e 2016-11-16 Remove login as root step from Redis HA docs
b7aae9a 2016-11-16 Merge branch 'doc/sentinel' into 'master'
d5dc44f 2016-11-16 Minor edits in Redis HA source install
0f95173 2016-11-16 Remove experimental heading and move note at the top
a9f7ce4 2016-11-16 Merge branch 'doc/sentinel' of
850405b 2016-11-16 Merge examples of Redis master/slave + Sentinels for sou...
b6447f3 2016-11-16 Add steps to Redis HA source installation
dc54239 2016-11-16 Merge examples of Redis master/slave + Sentinels
178d5ae 2016-11-16 Rearrange Redis HA source installations sections
a75c5f1 2016-11-16 Add clear instructions for the different Redis HA setups
9b70c09 2016-11-15 Refactor Redis HA docs
39a9af1 2016-11-15 Swap HA setups
6480259 2016-11-12 Merge branch 'ux-guide-index' into 'master'
8b70a89 2016-11-12 Fix link to in development
8458f53 2016-11-11 Merge branch 'ux-guide-restructure' into 'master'
406eda1 2016-11-11 Remove <br> and replace GFM blockquote with the Markdown...
deef24a 2016-11-11 Rename to
cc2bf50 2016-11-11 Add missing link to GH issue
d96ec63 2016-11-11 Merge branch 'mrchrisw/fix-github-link' into 'master'
b575b00 2016-11-10 Rearrange sections in Sentinel docs
fb0dff6 2016-11-10 Move some things over
c43b540 2016-11-10 Move experimental heading at the bottom under changelog
646f81a 2016-11-10 Fix typos of Redis sentinel docs
e6aa43c 2016-11-10 Merge branch '23502-import-university-training-preso-sli...
66cddf3 2016-11-09 Merge branch 'rs-doc-highlighting' into 'master'
c03e4b6 2016-11-09 Merge branch 'docs/add-git-cheatsheet' into 'master'
eed6cbf 2016-11-09 Add a link to Git cheatsheet PDF in docs readme
a0d5bb0 2016-11-08 Merge branch 'docs/jira-old' into 'master'
b105e3d 2016-11-08 Bring back the old JIRA docs
c6d0109 2016-11-08 Merge branch 'docs/docker-overlayfs-driver' into 'master'
cd7339a 2016-11-08 Document the usage of the Docker OverlayFS driver
a6b4975 2016-11-07 Merge branch 'change-docs-trigger-id' into 'master'
d92c003 2016-11-07 Replace trigger with the new ID of the docs project
69bff03 2016-11-04 Merge branch 'clarify-nginx-installation' into 'master'
e276849 2016-11-04 Merge branch 'fix-docs-links' into 'master'
3083488 2016-11-02 Merge branch 'mrchrisw/gitlab-version-fix' into 'master'
8db745e 2016-11-02 Merge branch 'patch-6' into 'master'
ee6d087 2016-11-02 Merge branch 'slony-upgrade-guide' into 'master'
957308a 2016-11-01 Merge branch 'add-link-to-issue-boards-in-api-readme' in...
872d537 2016-11-01 Add a link to the Issue Boards API in main README
4635b47 2016-10-27 Merge branch 'doc/improve-coverage-badge-docs' into 'mas...
6309fbf 2016-10-27 Add more images for the test coverage docs
0995d55 2016-10-27 Use better wording for test coverage parsing help text
ea8b4ed 2016-10-27 Rearrange the Pipelines settings page sections and link ...
4392098 2016-10-27 Fully document the pipelines settings page
7abcb29 2016-10-27 Merge branch 'docs/styleguide-headings' into 'master'
69ab287 2016-10-27 Add note about ephemeral statuses in headings
bbbb3bc 2016-10-26 Merge branch 'docs/jira-service-api' into 'master'
92ac24c 2016-10-26 Add missing API endpoints to JIRA service API documentation
609f474 2016-10-26 Merge branch 'docs-trigger-variable' into 'master'
bcb6b99 2016-10-26 Merge branch 'docs/update-gitlab-shell-version' into '8-...
92ced75 2016-10-26 Update gitlab-shell version to 3.6.6
d6e72f6 2016-10-25 Merge branch 'docs/fog-storage-drivers' into 'master'
3e57daa 2016-10-25 Merge branch 'bradjones1/gitlab-ce-patch-3' into 'master'
7c71ebf 2016-10-25 Merge branch 'docs/dynamic-envs-yaml' into 'master'
5dc6b65 2016-10-25 Merge branch 'dklischies/gitlab-ce-master' into 'master'
692eb3f 2016-10-25 Capitalize Git
99eb154 2016-10-25 Merge branch 'koding-docker-compose-init' into 'master'
7374263 2016-10-25 Restrict docs trigger job only to gitlab-org/gitlab-ce
cfba4c3 2016-10-25 Use the alpine Docker image for docs trigger
03f2f33 2016-10-25 Add a variable to docs trigger and set Git strategy to none
6525671 2016-10-24 Merge branch 'docs/fix-link-to-monitoring' into 'master'
d990572 2016-10-24 Merge branch 'backup-docker-docs' into 'master'
8b7634c 2016-10-24 Fix old monitoring links to point to the new location
a970f8c 2016-10-22 Merge branch 'docs/dynamic-envs-yaml' into 'master'
f956de7 2016-10-20 Refactor and add new functionality to CI yaml reference
52640a1 2016-10-20 Merge branch 'fix/fix-public-builds-name-in-pipeline-set...
85fba09 2016-10-19 Merge branch 'fix/fix-public-builds-name-in-pipeline-set...
f1fd2e4 2016-10-16 Merge branch 'docs/change-docs-reviewers' into 'master'
a4fa44c 2016-10-16 Merge branch 'master' into 'docs/change-docs-reviewers'
59fd455 2016-10-16 Merge branch '23353-add-bookclub-to-university' into 'ma...
5174b7a 2016-10-16 Add the tech writers usernames in the doc_sytleguide doc
9522e3e 2016-10-16 Merge branch 'clarify-cache-and-artifact-paths' into 'ma...
8ca6497 2016-10-14 Merge branch 'patch-6' into 'master'
4561493 2016-10-14 Merge branch '23332-fix-missing-glossary-link' into 'mas...
1f4352a 2016-10-14 Merge branch 'docs/clarify-new-ci-permissions-some-more'...
f19f979 2016-10-14 Merge branch 'docs/refactor-merge-request-revisions' int...
e8c9ccc 2016-10-14 Refactor merge requests revisions
c850651 2016-10-14 Add link to update docs for source installations
e4c74ff 2016-10-14 Merge branch 'docs/add-review-apps-example' into 'master'
8ebc091 2016-10-14 Link to review apps example from docs
9bb52e0 2016-10-13 Merge branch 'trigger-docs-yaml' into 'master'
3630937 2016-10-13 Do not run before_script, artifacts, cache in trigger_do...
6d48c48 2016-10-13 Merge branch 'trigger-docs' into 'master'
88568b8 2016-10-13 Merge branch 'ha-doc-secret-names' into 'master'
1290df0 2016-10-13 Add job to trigger a build
6c88a9d 2016-10-13 Add more info on the new CI permissions model
9b04e69 2016-10-12 Merge branch 'git-attributes-documentation' into 'master'
d078779 2016-10-11 Merge branch 'docs/refactor-operations' into 'master'
d8f33c0 2016-10-11 Move operations/ to new location
e28623c 2016-10-11 Merge branch 'docs/health-check-location' into 'master'
1bbe1ce 2016-10-11 Move health check docs under user/admin_area/monitoring
a3169d5 2016-10-11 Merge branch 'docs/add-fake-tokens-examples' into 'master'
4a8cb23 2016-10-11 Merge branch 'docs/refactor-monitoring' into 'master'
ce8aedf 2016-10-11 Add examples of fake tokens to be used in docs
38978fa 2016-10-11 Merge branch 'docs/refactor-reply-by-email' into 'master'
e17fa24 2016-10-11 Merge branch 'tmatesoft/gitlab-ce-migrate-from-svn-doc-u...
f361b1c 2016-10-11 Refactor the SubGit/SVN documentation
6054e0e 2016-10-11 Merge branch 'document-ci-shell-trace-variable' into 'ma...
455714c 2016-10-11 Merge branch 'gitlab-basics' into 'master'
fccad3a 2016-10-11 Merge branch 'nahtnam/gitlab-ce-ci-test-phoenix' into 'm...
52a3170 2016-10-11 Merge branch 'gitlab-basics' into 'master'
e98d494 2016-10-11 Remove redundant images
777ca78 2016-10-11 Rearrange GitLab basics READMEs
54fd5e8 2016-10-11 New images for GitLab basics "Create MR" docs
815bf9b 2016-10-11 Add new images in GitLab basics "Create issue" docs
7374f87 2016-10-11 Reference the web editor docs in GitLab basics "Add a file"
7d703a4 2016-10-11 New images for GitLab basics "Fork project" docs
54642e5 2016-10-11 Reference the web editor docs in GitLab basics "Create a...
ec102fe 2016-10-11 New images for GitLab basics "Create group" docs
c003c89 2016-10-11 Add new images for GitLab basics "create project"
6de2990 2016-10-10 Use new image for gitlab-basics/
f8df2bc 2016-10-10 Refactor SSH key addition in GitLab basics
eecccf5 2016-10-10 Change img dir name
a5cd9c9 2016-10-10 Merge branch 'doc/link-coverage-badge-to-coverage-report...
4c8ea14 2016-10-10 Merge branch 'jmcgeheeiv/gitlab-ce-patch-1' into 'master'
7aa9675 2016-10-10 Add registry to skipped data in backup raketask docs
4ce9a78 2016-10-10 Merge branch 'jerdog/gitlab-ce-update-start-using-git-do...
516d869 2016-10-10 Merge branch 'gtrafimenkov/gitlab-ce-clarify-runners-del...
b26a3d5 2016-10-10 Merge branch '' into 'master'
c2cf1dd 2016-10-07 Merge branch 'ci-https' into 'master'
2bc7215 2016-10-06 Merge branch 'link-to-registry-from-project-settings' in...
c9a5aee 2016-10-06 Link to Registry docs from project settings
c230946 2016-10-06 Merge branch 'docs/refactor-registry' into 'master'
2fc6e85 2016-10-06 Change link to point to new location
db77289 2016-10-06 Document how to change the Registry's internal port
babb78d 2016-10-06 Remove doctoc from administration/container_registry
1584dc0 2016-10-06 Merge branch '21337-introduce-git-strategy-none' into 'm...
0ddeb6e 2016-10-06 Merge branch 'docs/ca-feedback' into 'master'
25c26f6 2016-10-06 Clarify some more the Cycle Analytics workflow example
7bf53ee 2016-10-04 Add example Cycle Analytics workflow
b39649d 2016-10-03 Take a new screenshot for Cycle Analytics
548b919 2016-10-03 Clarify that the `production` environment is case-sensitive
f9b267d 2016-10-03 Clarify Plan and Code stages more
0c8b9ed 2016-10-03 Clarify what it means Test stage is not calculated in Total
d221a2c 2016-10-03 Fix markdown URL link
9235f1d 2016-10-02 Merge branch 'link-to-downtime-requires-from-migration-s...
2dc3348 2016-09-30 Merge branch 'fix_oauth_doc' into 'master'
91a9155 2016-09-30 Merge branch 'master' into 'fix_oauth_doc'
33d1f59 2016-09-29 Merge branch 'axil/gitlab-ce-typos_runners_pages' into '...
51fcea7 2016-09-28 Merge branch 'fix-csfr-typo-in-doc' into 'master'
7d48778 2016-09-28 Merge branch 'add-university-content' into 'master'
44d1560 2016-09-28 Clarify the Plan to Code stages in Cycle Analytics docs
edbbbe3 2016-09-28 Fix grammar and typos in Runners pages
44d5be2 2016-09-25 Add links to internal docs in Metrics section in the adm...
6207dc9 2016-09-25 Move monitoring/ to new location
dffd332 2016-09-25 Move reply by email docs to a new location
ce77bc0 2016-09-25 Move container_registry user docs to new location
7150774 2016-09-25 Keep API mounts in alphabetical order
b12dedc 2016-09-25 Merge branch 'patch-5' into 'master'
5e3f42d 2016-09-22 Merge branch 'ci-permissions-documentation' into 'master'
2a5cf05 2016-09-22 Merge branch 'ci-permissions-documentation' into 'master'
cf31bcf 2016-09-22 Copyedit the CI build permissions doc
04d7814 2016-09-22 Small fixes in CI build permissions docs
76c8233 2016-09-22 s/project/build
5e40cb2 2016-09-22 Make 'build permissions' consistent
eda0c45 2016-09-22 Add a small description mentioning submodules/LFS
039415c 2016-09-22 Move document on CI build permissions to new location
1e911e0 2016-09-22 Refactor new CI build permissions model docs
d7bd7ba 2016-09-22 Merge branch 'sh-bump-gitlab-shell-8.12' into 'master'
209cecf 2016-09-22 Merge branch 'docs/cycle-analytics' into 'master'
1892b4e 2016-09-22 Merge branch 'docs/issue-closing-pattern' into 'master'
3b89018 2016-09-22 Merge branch 'reorganize_sections_in_admin_settings' int...
778c783 2016-09-22 Merge branch 'sh-bump-gitlab-shell-8.12' into 'master'
98b3d6c 2016-09-22 Merge branch 'docs/cycle-analytics' into 'master'
f76cb5f 2016-09-22 Fix typos in cycle analytics docs
c805ff8 2016-09-22 Merge branch 'docs/issue-closing-pattern' into 'master'
13d3bd8 2016-09-22 Change location and refactor issue closing pattern docum...
b62995f 2016-09-21 Merge branch 'reorganize_sections_in_admin_settings' int...
01b896f 2016-09-21 Merge branch 'doc/cycle-analytics' into 'master'
ab77e97 2016-09-21 Reorganize sections in Admin area settings
f683349 2016-09-20 Merge branch 'doc/cycle-analytics' into 'master'
259c1e4 2016-09-20 Add docs on Cycle Analytics
04b5695 2016-09-19 Small refactor of review apps docs
f374379 2016-09-18 Merge branch 'doc/download-latest-artifact' into 'master'
505d9cf 2016-09-18 Document how to download the latest build artifacts
c38a7ad 2016-09-18 Merge branch 'update-github-doc-page' into 'master'
bcc45b3 2016-09-18 Merge branch 'patch-3' into 'master'
c2ad177 2016-09-18 Clarify why GH integration is the preferred importing me...
9c2f778 2016-09-18 Refactor GitHub importing documentation
b1436cc 2016-09-17 Merge branch 'patch-3' into 'master'
2caa6f7 2016-09-17 Merge branch 'patch-3' into 'master'
7ac4751 2016-09-16 Merge branch 'sh-add-link-to-reliable-capybara-specs' in...
4b6fd0d 2016-09-15 Merge branch 'ci-quick-start-doc-improvement' into 'mast...
50eeb32 2016-09-15 Merge branch 'user-permission-doc-fix' into 'master'
1eeb92a 2016-09-13 Merge branch 's3-region' into 'master'
3de4e8b 2016-09-12 Merge branch 'document-custom-event-tracking' into 'mast...
4bdcbc8 2016-09-09 Merge branch 'zj-update-ci-examples-doc' into 'master'
b6dc10e 2016-09-06 Merge branch '21773-document-trigger-section-in-gitlab-c...
a7a212c 2016-09-06 Fix failing rspec test for triggers
4c3bfd0 2016-09-06 Add Changelog entry
c5e5614 2016-09-06 Add a reference to triggers docs in ci/yaml/
24ac1d9 2016-09-06 Replace the triggers docs with new images
20cbdf8 2016-09-06 Clean up and refactor the triggers views
b24555b 2016-09-06 Use stage instead of type
1847227 2016-09-06 Remove doctoc
7d2bd6b 2016-09-05 Merge branch '21857-refactor-merge-requests-documentatio...
026d1ac 2016-09-05 Refactor
bf00e0f 2016-09-05 Add links to new docs in and workflow/...
99f28c5 2016-09-05 Move merge request versions to its own document
4d77056 2016-09-05 Move "Only allow merge requests to be merged if the buil...
a8ba584 2016-09-05 Move to new location
14a96a1 2016-09-05 Move to new location
99e03f8 2016-09-05 Move `` to a new location
cbc9787 2016-09-05 Move to new location
cd93b90 2016-09-05 Move to new location
7973a22 2016-09-05 Move `workflow/` to `user/project/merge...
b46c703 2016-09-05 Merge branch 'docs-gitlab-ci-dropdown' into 'master'
fe3d94e 2016-09-05 Merge branch 'patch-5' into 'master'
beb0b66 2016-09-04 Merge branch 'zj-add-link-docs-index' into 'master'
7c89308 2016-09-02 Move docs for template dropdowns to the new location
30b56b1 2016-09-02 Move web_editor doc to new location
fd1741b 2016-09-02 Merge branch 'doc/guidelines-new-features-codeblock' int...
3ef2c38 2016-09-02 Change the inline code to codeblocks for the new feature...
3aa045c 2016-09-01 Merge branch 'meta/add-doc-mr-template' into 'master'
51c9cea 2016-09-01 Add MR Documentation description template
933615e 2016-08-31 Merge branch 'patch-5' into 'master'
732f1e2 2016-08-31 Merge branch 'doc/api-id-string-integer' into 'master'
636dbc8 2016-08-31 The ID of a project can be also a string
e0fe6ec 2016-08-31 Merge branch 'docs-update_gitlab_workhorse_for_8.11' int...
ee61c40 2016-08-31 Merge branch 'mr-performance-guides' into 'master'
413495f 2016-08-30 Merge branch 'docs-update_gitlab_workhorse_for_8.11' int...
a5c1b42 2016-08-30 Merge branch 'patch-5' into 'master'
c7d8f16 2016-08-30 Merge branch 'rdoursenaud/gitlab-ce-omniauth-bitbucket' ...
8fe7817 2016-08-30 More Bitbucket integration refactoring
2fb28dd 2016-08-30 Refactor Bitbucket integration documentation
53fbb4a 2016-08-30 Merge branch 'doc/update-api-project-id' into 'master'
8c101f9 2016-08-30 Mention that the `:id` of a project can also be `NAMESPA...
773bca3 2016-08-29 Merge branch 'doc/styleguide-fix-grep' into 'master'
d30d992 2016-08-29 Use `git grep` instead of `grep`
6436620 2016-08-29 Merge branch 'doc/fix-due-date-in-slash-commands' into '...
68b3c8c 2016-08-27 Merge branch 'fix-markdown-help-references' into 'master'
8044797 2016-08-27 Clarify steps when changing a document's location
af3cc38 2016-08-26 Merge branch 'patch-5' into 'master'
df961f5 2016-08-26 Merge branch 'patch-5' into 'master'
5cb439a 2016-08-26 Merge branch 'doc/update-issue-board-img' into 'master'
4ee1f22 2016-08-26 Merge branch 'doc/fix-koding-integration-link' into 'mas...
b099a10 2016-08-25 Merge branch 'doc/fix-koding-integration-link' into 'mas...
9a6b7da 2016-08-25 Fix wrong Koding link
0111b27 2016-08-25 Merge branch 'doc/fix-link-in-doc-styleguide' into 'mast...
cb5e6fe 2016-08-25 Fix markdown link in
7bbb523 2016-08-25 Merge branch 'doc/update-issue-board-img' into 'master'
cad63d4 2016-08-25 Use new image for Issue Board page
7b0b241 2016-08-24 Merge branch 'patch-4' into 'master'
55de9cc 2016-08-24 Merge branch 'issue-created_at-docs' into 'master'
d651228 2016-08-24 Merge branch 'docs/add-tests-coverage-badge-to-readme' i...
03e8491 2016-08-24 Merge branch 'patch-4' into 'master'
14e7ab4 2016-08-23 Merge branch 'doc-slash-commands-location' into 'master'
82368d4 2016-08-23 Merge branch 'doc-protected-branches-new-behavior' into ...
462a4b7 2016-08-23 Merge branch 'issue-boards-doc' into 'master'
111d961 2016-08-23 Merge branch 'docs-koding-change-loc' into 'master'
233e57a 2016-08-23 Merge branch 'fix-typo-in-gitlab-flow' into 'master'
5c7bca3 2016-08-22 Merge branch 'docs-koding-change-loc' into 'master'
a41cd65 2016-08-22 Merge branch 'issue-boards-doc' into 'master'
49c8530 2016-08-22 Remove documentation rendering from /koding for now
915dda1 2016-08-22 Split Koding admin/user docs
f66a6b3 2016-08-22 Merge branch 'doc-slash-commands-location' into 'master'
9b5ffb5 2016-08-22 Merge branch 'doc-protected-branches-new-behavior' into ...
6ba9050 2016-08-22 Remove link to docs from new list text
31584d8 2016-08-22 Add links to landing page and youtube video
fa72b5f 2016-08-22 Fix typos and grammar
3d1b247 2016-08-22 Add note about labels and system notes
3a737e7 2016-08-22 Mention missing labels for corresponding lists
04d4208 2016-08-22 Add section on searching through the Backlog list
1804f60 2016-08-22 Change images to reflect current status, add link to inl...
53f11f9 2016-08-22 Complete rest of documentation for Issue Boards
31e11c9 2016-08-22 Remove 10 lists limit
641e503 2016-08-22 Clean up Issue Board doc a bit
aef158a 2016-08-22 Great refactor of Issue Board docs
7a34794 2016-08-22 Documentation for Issue Boards
9020d8d 2016-08-22 Change location of slash commands in notes widget
2955ca5 2016-08-22 Fix docs not rendering the pipe symbol
c700377 2016-08-22 Change location of slash commands docs
e466aeb 2016-08-22 Conform to doc styleguide on new features
16f4848 2016-08-22 Reword GitLab EE ad
13a9f45 2016-08-22 Add changelog items to protected branches docs
f83c5d2 2016-08-21 Document the new behavior of protected branches
4bb1db9 2016-08-19 Merge branch 'doc-refactor-description-templates' into '...
d02b168 2016-08-19 Merge branch 'labels-grammar' into 'master'
12fe6a6 2016-08-19 Merge branch 'labels-grammar' into 'master'
2c1062f 2016-08-18 Merge branch 'doc-refactor-description-templates' into '...
a6985c7 2016-08-18 Add new image to show the 'Reset template' button
163c4f5 2016-08-18 Refactor description templates documentation
2257fda 2016-08-17 Reference the version 'UI resolve conflicts' was introduced
523e1b1 2016-08-16 Init commit on documentation for resolving inline commen...
07d5759 2016-08-16 Merge branch 'document-when-to-add-indexes' into 'master'
b2828d4 2016-08-12 Merge branch 'update-performance-guide' into 'master'
3a46eac 2016-08-11 Merge branch 'improve-oauth2-docs' into 'master'
87b07f6 2016-08-11 Merge branch 'convert-shortcuts-md' into 'master'
2e8a965 2016-08-11 Merge branch 'patch-3' into 'master'
ae2d3c4 2016-08-10 Merge branch 'add-column-with-default-to-downtime-guide'...
b50e8c2 2016-08-10 Merge branch 'fix-angle-brackets-in-docs' into 'master'
9d5d14a 2016-08-10 Merge branch 'doc-styleguides' into 'master'
01c0039 2016-08-10 Small refactor of doc/development/
9db46cc 2016-08-10 Merge branch 'link-to-gdk-howtos' into 'master'
68097a3 2016-08-10 Merge branch 'api-examples-curl-long-options' into 'mast...
2aad2f0 2016-08-10 Merge branch 'default-label-documentation' into 'master'
c9240d9 2016-08-08 Merge branch 'patch-3' into 'master'
f2efd89 2016-08-08 Merge branch 'add-mr-migration-guidelines' into 'master'
685c048 2016-08-08 Merge branch 'simplify_intro_features_doc' into 'master'
689de9c 2016-08-08 Simplify feature introduction note
9103023 2016-08-06 Merge branch 'doc-location-guidelines' into 'master'
a79ff43 2016-08-06 Merge branch 'development-docs-from-gdk' into 'master'
aa49c20 2016-08-05 Merge branch 'repository-files-doc' into 'master'
eee9586 2016-08-05 Merge branch 'database-guides' into 'master'
ca7c6cc 2016-08-04 Refactor Redis HA docs to also include Sentinel
4e45710 2016-08-04 Merge branch 'doc-artifacts-refactor' into 'master'
dfa8a61 2016-08-04 Fix relative URL
d9a449a 2016-08-04 Merge branch 'fix/confusing-blocked-user-description' in...
c3ed78a 2016-08-04 Refactor build artifacts documentation
1ee1113 2016-08-03 Merge branch 'add-docker-debugging-docs' into 'master'
c91168c 2016-08-03 Small refactor on Registry troubleshooting
ff44079 2016-08-03 Add doc guidelines on documents naming and location
e63729d 2016-08-03 Merge branch 'doc-markdown-move' into 'master'
1a9431b 2016-08-03 Move markdown doc to the right location
c2288b1 2016-08-02 Merge branch 'patch-3' into 'master'
73772ec 2016-08-02 Merge branch '16568-document-wiki-linking-behavior' into...
fc492c8 2016-08-02 Change Markdown document location
4611191 2016-08-02 Merge wiki-specific Markdown in main Markdown file
97c6190 2016-08-02 Refactor wiki Markdown documentation
3c096e9 2016-08-01 Merge branch 'document-grape-dsl' into 'master'
a5fdee6 2016-08-01 Merge branch 'document-yaml-colon' into 'master'
2f344ec 2016-08-01 Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
dc775b0 2016-08-01 Merge branch 'clarify-backup-keep-time' into 'master'
42efb44 2016-07-25 Merge branch 'gfm-markdown-docs' into 'master'
5cb535b 2016-07-25 Merge branch 'add_more_info_for_repository_storage' into...
a900015 2016-07-25 Merge branch 'doc-refactor-storage-path' into 'master'
fb36279 2016-07-24 Merge branch 'gfm-markdown-docs' into 'master'
1526ead 2016-07-24 Add links to the real file for all GFM examples
5237957 2016-07-22 Merge branch 'add_more_info_for_repository_storage' into...
3b0c71f 2016-07-22 Add detailed info on storage path mountpoints
1a3227d 2016-07-22 Merge branch 'doc-refactor-storage-path' into 'master'
679bb67 2016-07-22 Refactor repository storages documentation
88ac4ad 2016-07-22 Merge branch '20107-update-documentation-according-to-th...
a25f3c3 2016-07-22 Merge branch 'docs-refactor-slack-service' into 'master'
01ca26a 2016-07-22 Merge branch 'doc_new_admin_area' into 'master'
0e4541c 2016-07-22 Merge branch 'doc-protected-branches' into 'master'
f0fc635 2016-07-22 Merge branch 'docs-refactor-slack-service' into 'master'
a93323c 2016-07-22 Refactor Slack service documentation
e5ba4e0 2016-07-22 Merge branch 'doc_new_admin_area' into 'master'
40753f3 2016-07-22 Merge branch 'doc-protected-branches' into 'master'
7a3b20e 2016-07-22 Move admin application settings to own path
ba4e4f7 2016-07-22 Merge branch 'namespace' into 'master'
b48fd09 2016-07-22 Fix failing spec on help controller
1a5b7e7 2016-07-22 Refactor protected branches documentation
cbe787c 2016-07-22 Merge branch 'namespace' into 'master'
6a9a250 2016-07-21 Merge branch 'document-allow_failure-keyword' into 'mast...
36b9cc3 2016-07-21 Add allow_failure CI documentation
4211f50 2016-07-21 Add API documentation for downloading the latest success...
6d28345 2016-07-21 Merge branch 'manual-action-grammar' into 'master'
dab0c35 2016-07-21 Merge branch 'registry-manifest' into 'master'
d8d596c 2016-07-21 Merge branch 'artifact-name' into 'master'
8ed9705 2016-07-21 Merge branch 'manual-action-grammar' into 'master'
d0341bc 2016-07-21 Mention manual actions section in when clause docs
ef30678 2016-07-21 Merge branch 'registry-manifest' into 'master'
39e8afa 2016-07-21 Merge branch 'artifact-name' into 'master'
fa7d694 2016-07-19 Merge branch 'update-maintenance-md' into 'master'
0ec215e 2016-07-19 Merge branch '19892-documentation' into 'master'
092d974 2016-07-19 Merge branch '19892-documentation' into 'master'
7e65499 2016-07-19 Merge branch 'update-maintenance-md' into 'master'
f17679d 2016-07-19 Update with our latest policy
7a7ecbe 2016-07-17 Merge branch 'doc-ci-anchor-yaml-fix' into 'master'
63e9517 2016-07-17 Fix CI yaml example
8966564 2016-07-15 Merge branch 'dont-ask-nearlythere' into 'master'
573f388 2016-07-15 Merge branch 'update-permissions-links' into 'master'
af2bcff 2016-07-14 Merge branch 'mrchrisw/oauth-callback' into 'master'
fd382a5 2016-07-12 Merge branch 'doc-refactor-permissions' into 'master'
461feb3 2016-07-12 Add 'Accept merge request' to permissions table
f031caf 2016-07-12 Change URLs to new location
aa8a61c 2016-07-12 Change permissions URL in main readme
523168c 2016-07-12 Move CI permissions to
c6735f9 2016-07-12 Move permissions/ to user/
3d1a757 2016-07-12 Small refactor and addition of CI permissions
92772f8 2016-07-09 Merge branch 'api-docs-typos' into 'master'
40ca587 2016-07-09 Merge branch 'patch-3' into 'master'
efdbfdf 2016-07-09 Merge branch 'patch-3' into 'master'
8a6a352 2016-07-09 Merge branch 'doc-custom-hooks' into 'master'
d9c4943 2016-07-09 Fix typo and explain the precedence of STDERR and STDOUT
10855e7 2016-07-05 Merge branch 'doc-custom-githook-ui' into 'master'
d498ebb 2016-07-05 Change doc location of custom hooks
f56a685 2016-07-05 Follow doc styleguide
d250e86 2016-07-05 Add documentation for custom Git hook error message in G...
a5a59f2 2016-07-05 Merge branch 'doc-mysql-priv' into 'master'
ea6e4bf 2016-07-05 Merge branch 'mrchrisw/docs/shibboleth' into 'master'
4e28763 2016-07-05 Merge branch 'doc-mysql-priv' into 'master'
57365b8 2016-07-05 Add missing privileges to MySQL database
0d68e19 2016-07-04 Merge branch 'diagnosing-mail-issues' into 'master'
432929f 2016-07-04 Merge branch 'fix-dead-links' into 'master'
97424d0 2016-07-01 Merge branch 'patch-3' into 'master'
1ade080 2016-06-28 Merge branch 'iankelling-api-doc' into 'master'
9315597 2016-06-28 Merge branch 'add-smtp-upgrade-info' into 'master'
365015e 2016-06-28 Merge branch 'gitlab_architecture' into 'master'
f48f776 2016-06-27 Merge branch 'update-ee-downgrade-instructions' into 'ma...
298b485 2016-06-27 Merge branch 'remove-docs-for-gitlab-ci-service-api' int...
0115ab7 2016-06-27 Merge branch '2979-document-2fa-auth-changes' into 'mast...
c5295f9 2016-06-26 Merge branch 'add-debugging-tips' into 'master'
0372afe 2016-06-24 Merge branch 'update-regexp-doc' into 'master'
b7c7ebe 2016-06-23 Merge branch 'document-emoji-rake-tasks' into 'master'
3eab71f 2016-06-23 Merge branch 'update-influx-docs-management-repo' into '...
034810f 2016-06-22 Merge branch 'award-emoji-docs' into 'master'
1e34a81 2016-06-22 Merge branch 'expiry' into 'master'
88ece31 2016-06-22 Merge branch 'hotfix/better-container-registry-documenta...
bca48a0 2016-06-22 Merge branch 'feature/import-export-docs' into 'master'
f81259d 2016-06-22 Merge branch 'ci-git' into 'master'
bdaced5 2016-06-22 Merge branch 'ci-wording' into 'master'
1a2e4aa 2016-06-22 Merge branch 'doc_refactor_labels' into 'master'
6f6c6f6 2016-06-22 Merge branch 'doc_refactor_labels' into 'master'
7e42d49 2016-06-22 Merge branch 'expiry' into 'master'
564026f 2016-06-22 Merge branch 'ci-git' into 'master'
78186c6 2016-06-22 Refactor labels documentation
79a9cfa 2016-06-22 Merge branch 'feature/import-export-docs' into 'master'
2232b56 2016-06-22 Merge branch 'award-emoji-docs' into 'master'
e1917b5 2016-06-22 Merge branch 'hotfix/better-container-registry-documenta...
193d707 2016-06-22 Merge branch 'master' into feature/import-export-docs
51b51de 2016-06-22 Give images proper names
a41b468 2016-06-22 Add note about the shared directory
1001671 2016-06-22 Add colons in item lists
e023e66 2016-06-22 Add note about enabling import/export in existing instal...
c0237a8 2016-06-22 Remove old doc
39c4346 2016-06-22 Merge branch 'ci-wording' into 'master'
82eed5f 2016-06-21 Merge branch 'add_link_to_sidekiq_api' into 'master'
3f249a0 2016-06-21 Merge branch 'add_link_to_sidekiq_api' into 'master'
b2732f3 2016-06-21 Refactor project import/export documentation
0c61fad 2016-06-21 Move to new location
4b1e505 2016-06-21 Add missing link to sidekiq metrics in API README
8195deb 2016-06-21 Move labels documentation to new location
67d6d96 2016-06-21 Add info on tooltips
cd28597 2016-06-21 Refactor labels docs
ab38557 2016-06-21 Merge branch '18584-document-request-access-feature' int...
372e962 2016-06-21 Merge branch 'email-on-push' into 'master'
a895745 2016-06-21 Merge branch 'email-on-push' into 'master'
503bbcc 2016-06-20 Merge branch '18584-document-request-access-feature' int...
5a9f1e2 2016-06-20 Merge branch 'document-environments' into 'master'
3c9c1b6 2016-06-20 Merge branch 'document-environments' into 'master'
fc6fd97 2016-06-20 Merge branch 'grammar-tweaks' into 'master'
6317e49 2016-06-20 Merge branch 'grammar-tweaks' into 'master'
261fbab 2016-06-20 Merge branch 'source_omnibus_doc_styleguide' into 'master'
dd41769 2016-06-20 Add styleguide on configuration settings documentation
e6595e4 2016-06-18 Merge branch 'ci-scala-example' into 'master'
3d766b3 2016-06-18 Merge branch 'ci-scala-example' into 'master'
56777e8 2016-06-18 Merge branch 'master' into ci-scala-example
30c2026 2016-06-17 Merge branch 'sidekiq-api-metrics' into 'master'
4d91616 2016-06-17 Merge branch 'sidekiq-api-metrics' into 'master'
8704707 2016-06-15 Merge branch 'doc/issue-move-assigns-labels-and-mileston...
3222c75 2016-06-15 Merge branch 'ci-build-token' into 'master'
1c0c523 2016-06-14 Merge branch 'update-ci-api-docs' into 'master'
f2f5a11 2016-06-14 Fix grammar and syntax
47c9b7d 2016-06-14 Update CI API docs
ab3fb00 2016-06-14 Merge branch 'registry-example' into 'master'
aa48eee 2016-06-13 Merge branch 'doc-styleguide-move-locations' into 'master'
e5b974b 2016-06-13 Merge branch 'fix-notes-doc-styleguide' into 'master'
cb7fa10 2016-06-13 Change to new Notes styleguide
d1abbb3 2016-06-13 Add guide on changing a document's location
e8ebc1b 2016-06-13 Merge branch 'move-logs-doc-to-administration' into 'mas...
0587fe7 2016-06-13 Merge branch 'move-logs-doc-to-administration' into 'mas...
e489e9a 2016-06-13 Change location in README
35e9fc9 2016-06-13 Move logs/ to administration/
2ff3591 2016-06-10 Merge branch 'fix-registry-docs' into 'master'
0e7abb4 2016-06-10 Fix incorrect registry key value
10758a4 2016-06-04 Merge branch 'documentation-for-build-trace' into 'master'
ef85b8c 2016-06-04 Merge branch 'fix-design-link-in-contributing' into 'mas...
acfbece 2016-06-02 Merge branch 'minor_doc_updates' into 'master'
09ad002 2016-05-25 Merge branch 'add_ha_diagrams' into 'master'
b24d2b4 2016-05-25 Merge branch 'container-registry-user-docs' into 'master'
669fc3b 2016-05-25 Merge branch 'registry_admin_docs' into 'master'
fd5cd63 2016-05-24 Merge branch 'mrchrisw/google-api' into 'master'
68b8e86 2016-05-23 Merge branch 'container-registry-user-docs' into 'master'
c49f5f7 2016-05-23 Copyedit Registry user docs
526da93 2016-05-23 Fix link to container Registry user docs
399d5e7 2016-05-23 Merge branch 'registry_admin_docs' into 'master'
c01f99b 2016-05-23 Fixes suggested by Kamil
f896a4e 2016-05-23 Refactor storage location section
f55f628 2016-05-23 Add note about port needed in NGINX config
b565cfa 2016-05-22 Fix remaining docs on enabling/disabling Registry
439958f 2016-05-22 Merge branch 'health_check_docs' into 'master'
e955f49 2016-05-22 Fix Registry docs now that it is not enabled be default
27067e5 2016-05-22 Clarify how the Registry is enabled in Omnibus
e9817f2 2016-05-22 Major overhaul of the Registry admin docs
c1af751 2016-05-22 Add NGINX config file for Registry
26c768b 2016-05-22 Add proper config values for Registry in gitlab.yml
c6cd07b 2016-05-22 Add link to container registry
0cdc080 2016-05-22 Refactor container docs
0695cde 2016-05-22 Add assumptions section and refactor domain configuration
04d231e 2016-05-22 Rearrange configuration parts
63c1792 2016-05-22 Rearrange headings
ef17465 2016-05-22 Merge branch 'health_check_docs' into 'master'
2264bb1 2016-05-22 Copyedit health check docs
61756ec 2016-05-13 Merge branch 'doc_to_docs' into 'master'
9eb4569 2016-05-13 Change all occurrences of to
d7a28f3 2016-05-13 Merge branch 'revert-3955' into 'master'
ae25c19 2016-05-09 Merge branch 'revert-450ea01d' into 'master'
4450182 2016-05-08 Merge branch 'docs/adapt-user-api' into 'master'
429f537 2016-05-08 Merge branch 'patch-3' into 'master'
b1837ee 2016-05-08 Merge branch 'update-doc-ci-examples' into 'master'
c8ce50c 2016-05-08 Merge branch 'update-docker-hub-link' into 'master'
8b2cdce 2016-05-08 Merge pull request #9953 from cmckni3/update-lfs-documen...
b0131f7 2016-05-08 Merge pull request #10330 from mortonfox/patch-1
622a33e 2016-05-06 Merge branch 'available-memory-req' into 'master'
450ea01 2016-05-04 Merge branch 'patch-1' into 'master'
d68c771 2016-05-03 Merge branch 'doc-installation-pg_trgm' into 'master'
473e653 2016-05-03 Add clear instructions on installing the pg_trgm extension
a0ea38c 2016-05-03 Merge branch 'performance-guide' into 'master'
8bd793c 2016-05-03 Copyedit performance document
15a2c55 2016-05-01 Merge branch 'fix-github-oauth-instructions' into 'master'
c73bf28 2016-04-28 Replace gitlab-workhorse with GitLab Workhorse where app...
da4aaaa 2016-04-28 Fix links to core team page
45f4cc6 2016-04-28 Merge branch 'fix/docker-in-docker-ci-documentation' int...
8b09daf 2016-04-28 Copyedit `` and fix links
8b817f5 2016-04-28 Users can use the feature proposal label inside the issue
2ec58d4 2016-04-27 Merge branch 'trigger-query-string' into 'master'
0863644 2016-04-27 Merge branch 'fix-operations-doc' into 'master'
0eadb29 2016-04-25 Merge branch 'add-tags-to-fetch' into 'master'
6c68a03 2016-04-25 Merge branch 'doc/gitlab-shell-tag' into 'master'
ad46466 2016-04-25 Merge branch 'fix/ci-docker-images-documentation' into '...
19fc0ea 2016-04-25 Merge branch 'fix/ci-php-docker-example' into 'master'
7acea6b 2016-04-23 Merge branch 'add-tags-to-fetch' into 'master'
c75b350 2016-04-22 Merge branch 'doc/gitlab-shell-tag' into 'master'
f063c31 2016-04-22 Bump gitlab-shell to 2.7.2
c291e9b 2016-04-22 Merge branch 'doc-gh-import-additions' into 'master'
c465c90 2016-04-22 Merge branch 'doc_note_cherry_pick' into 'master'
15e2259 2016-04-22 Merge branch 'doc-gh-import-additions' into 'master'
846a9ef 2016-04-22 Add newest enhancements to GH importer docs
c390329 2016-04-22 Merge branch 'doc_note_cherry_pick' into 'master'
de39959 2016-04-22 Use new Note styleguide
0a9ce65 2016-04-21 Merge branch 'doc-updating-gitlab' into 'master'
c22c404 2016-04-21 Merge branch 'doc-updating-gitlab' into 'master'
67c990b 2016-04-21 Split into sections, port `downgrade_ee_to_ce` doc from EE
d7f1e04 2016-04-19 Fix links in update README
03e5873 2016-04-19 Fix broken links
2165bbc 2016-04-14 Remove deprecated NGINX CI config
e1acd36 2016-04-14 Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
253615f 2016-04-14 Merge branch 'toc_gitlab_ci_yml' into 'master'
072b9c2 2016-04-14 Add TOC to yaml README and an intro section
59bfc0f 2016-04-13 Merge branch 'update-influx-documentation' into 'master'
dabedd1 2016-04-13 Merge branch 'fix_grafana_docs' into 'master'
941cfd1 2016-04-13 Merge pull request #10136 from samjwlee/master
fd9eb40 2016-04-13 Replace GitLab architecture diagram
5d14615 2016-04-13 Merge branch 'jira_docs' into 'master'
2442193 2016-04-13 Tie example config to JIRA screenshot
6bb7186 2016-04-13 Merge branch 'docs-new-branch-button-3886' into 'master'
4a09a6c 2016-04-13 Move 'New branch from issue' feature doc to
85279c0 2016-04-11 Merge branch 'patch-1' into 'master'
d86190e 2016-04-11 Add a note about installing Runners in ci/runners/
3122e5c 2016-04-11 Add link to Runner security doc
6ca5d6c 2016-04-10 Merge branch 'project-services-page-should-contain-full-...
3a40e52 2016-04-06 Merge branch 'doc-missing-ticks' into 'master'
59466a4 2016-04-05 Merge branch 'doc_ldap_fixes' into 'master'
7b290e2 2016-04-05 Fix LDAP link and codeblock indentation
bf7aac7 2016-03-28 Merge pull request #9978 from fantasywind/patch-2
c88a489 2016-03-28 Merge pull request #10108 from nmadhok/patch-1
cff3142 2016-03-27 Merge branch 'bug-in-webhooks-documentation-14660' into ...
ac7d4a4 2016-03-27 Fix typos in webhooks docs.
63c8a05 2016-03-25 Merge branch 'clarify_lfs' into 'master'
06976bf 2016-03-23 Merge branch 'doc/technical-debt-label' into 'master'
382dead 2016-03-22 Merge branch 'doc_group_visibility' into 'master'
cb77958 2016-03-22 Merge branch 'gitlab_intro_docs' into 'master'
8df6c3b 2016-03-22 Merge branch 'doc_group_visibility' into 'master'
d0898fa 2016-03-22 Merge branch 'gitlab_intro_docs' into 'master'
09cd435 2016-03-22 Remove redundant word
e53707f 2016-03-22 Refactor award emoji doc a bit
f4a13f0 2016-03-22 Fix grammar in intro guide
2adc874 2016-03-22 Add docs on group visibility
05ca109 2016-03-22 Merge Git basics into Start using Git
1030ebb 2016-03-22 Add award emoji docs
e8585d2 2016-03-22 Change titles to be more descriptive
7251791 2016-03-21 Remove blockquotes
dd2b4d7 2016-03-21 Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
daf5b10 2016-03-19 Simplify install and update section
f4bbc67 2016-03-19 Add h1 heading
ce13cfc 2016-03-19 Add more options and missing links
c8265f1 2016-03-19 Merge branch 'master' into gitlab_intro_docs
4f0302f 2016-03-19 Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
dc0b12d 2016-03-18 Merge branch 'docs_select_version_to_install' into 'mast...
e877cfd 2016-03-18 Merge branch 'docs_select_version_to_install' into 'mast...
e1ce7a4 2016-03-18 Add note in rest of update guides
4d3e8ce 2016-03-18 Merge branch 'master' into docs_select_version_to_install
7847cdb 2016-03-18 Merge branch 'fix-issue-14338' into 'master'
fc8894b 2016-03-18 Merge branch 'ci-duplication' into 'master'
8edb133 2016-03-18 Merge branch 'fix-issue-14338' into 'master'
01b70c6 2016-03-18 No newlines between list items
efa1bc3 2016-03-18 Fix typos and add a paragraph to urge people to mention ...
18c2b19 2016-03-18 Merge branch 'ci-duplication' into 'master'
9392e13 2016-03-17 Merge branch 'rm_duplicate_cache_ci_docs' into 'master'
5b1db58 2016-03-17 Merge branch 'master' into rm_duplicate_cache_ci_docs
956e914 2016-03-17 Add missing API docs on external user
cde7eee 2016-03-17 Refactor external users docs
a34021c 2016-03-16 Merge branch 'doc-updates' into 'master'
cd5cbc0 2016-03-15 First draft on GitLab intro docs
be3a944 2016-03-15 Merge branch 'ci_note_win_runner' into 'master'
090368f 2016-03-15 Windows CI support is full since Runner v1.0.0
a6f5304 2016-03-14 Merge duplicate cache entry in CI docs
7ebb932 2016-03-14 Add yaml definition to codeblock
d8eeeb6 2016-03-13 Refactor dependencies directive
de7c331 2016-03-13 Add hidden jobs
372abbe 2016-03-13 Refactor YAML anchors and explain the examples
49e5175 2016-03-13 Refactor artifacts:name
19d1455 2016-03-12 Change notes to new styleguide using blockquotes
8c543e6 2016-03-12 Merge branch 'master' into gitlab-ci-yaml-updates
d7b386c 2016-03-11 Merge branch 'docs_typo_ci' into 'master'
5461170 2016-03-11 Fix incorrect gitlab.rb variable in CI docs
0ab5237 2016-03-09 Merge branch 'fix/upgrader-docs' into 'master'
149a52b 2016-03-08 Merge branch 'patch-1' into 'master'
c74b609 2016-03-08 Merge branch 'patch-2' into 'master'
a19a9fa 2016-03-08 Merge branch 'doc/ci-api-update' into 'master'
75a67ac 2016-03-08 Merge branch 'bundle_clean' into 'master'
015d7ee 2016-03-08 Merge branch 'doc-troubleshooting' into 'master'
dc47396 2016-03-08 Merge branch 'rs-initial-setup-docs' into 'master'
b8a1f1c 2016-03-06 Merge branch 'ci_quickstart' into 'master'
00b935b 2016-03-02 Merge branch 'docs_todos' into 'master'
77c7a0e 2016-03-02 Merge branch 'docs_todos' into 'master'
5ee049f 2016-03-02 Add Todos documentation
c71c587 2016-03-02 Merge branch 'fix/wrong-anchor-in-process' into 'master'
07bc0b4 2016-03-02 Merge branch 'notes_guidelines' into 'master'
156642c 2016-03-02 Merge branch 'saml-doc-update' into 'master'
b8f8a55 2016-03-01 Merge branch 'document-design-to-development-process' in...
d5f634b 2016-03-01 Add a TL;DR version in quick start guide
581da23 2016-03-01 Merge branch 'triggers_link' into 'master'
141783d 2016-03-01 Add link to triggers doc in variables section
bfeab78 2016-02-29 Change doc styleguide to use quotes for notes
9a7690f 2016-02-29 Merge branch 'ci_examples' into 'master'
9e3c787 2016-02-29 Link to examples page
f742dde 2016-02-29 Reorganize CI sections and give descriptive names to links
e1e6dd7 2016-02-29 Merge branch 'master' of
47ae0c3 2016-02-27 Merge branch '13679-fix' into 'master'
cbd9f1b 2016-02-26 Move languages to examples
f37e031 2016-02-26 Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
83ba37e 2016-02-24 Merge branch 'fix_git_tag_in_architecture' into 'master'
8fecb47 2016-02-24 Merge branch 'commit-status-permission-update' into 'mas...
3e8f98a 2016-02-23 Merge branch 'add_missing_doc' into 'master'
f51d8af 2016-02-22 Merge branch 'add_missing_doc' into 'master'
13fd08b 2016-02-22 Add when the API changes got introduced
0e41e65 2016-02-21 Merge branch 'doc_artifacts_api' into 'master'
040ae7e 2016-02-20 Merge branch 'doc_artifacts_api' into 'master'
ad833c9 2016-02-20 Fix docs on artifacts API
6e5084b 2016-02-19 Merge branch 'doc/add-build-email-service' into 'master'
2cc9a42 2016-02-19 Merge branch 'doc/add-build-email-service' into 'master'
7f5f56d 2016-02-19 Move builds emails service to its own document
78d3444 2016-02-19 Refactor and conform to styleguide
a63bcb7 2016-02-19 Rename image names to conform with styleguide
e406eb7 2016-02-19 Add revert changes doc to workflow README
d521079 2016-02-19 Move images to img/ directory
c6e0db0 2016-02-19 Mention project name in fork notice
ff0ed5f 2016-02-19 Merge branch 'web_editor' into 'master'
97c8896 2016-02-19 GET /runners is for specific runners only
dc32af9 2016-02-19 More fixes in runners doc
a09ae17 2016-02-19 Correct PRIVATE-TOKEN to use dash instead of underscore
d4f1bcd 2016-02-19 Note that `ci/api/runners.rb` is still used
cd62c74 2016-02-19 Add `Example response` above each json output
1532d28 2016-02-19 Add note of deprecation in old Runners CI API
e586858 2016-02-19 Merge branch 'web_editor' into 'master'
cdc928d 2016-02-18 Merge branch 'sqlite_rm_rf' into 'master'
66c03e0 2016-02-17 Merge branch 'sqlite_rm_rf' into 'master'
e5f9c44 2016-02-17 Remove remaining sqlite method call
b274a12 2016-02-16 Merge branch 'redis_installation' into 'master'
9ae4fa9 2016-02-16 Fix Redis installation guide
0f2dc6a 2016-02-12 Merge branch 'backup_ci_rm' into 'master'
8a62fbd 2016-02-12 Remove note on backing up GitLab CI as a separate service
e45bc03 2016-02-12 Merge branch 'typo_api_builds_doc' into 'master'
324e674 2016-02-12 Fix typo in doc/api/
07faf81 2016-02-11 Merge branch 'fix_markdown_image_link' into 'master'
db868e4 2016-02-11 Add a new image in the markdown help page
c9919f3 2016-02-11 Merge branch 'patch-1' into 'master'
f8036ec 2016-02-10 Remove sqlite check in raketask
a1a6f3c 2016-02-10 Simplify permissions creation
f9982d5 2016-02-10 Update web editor documentation
fd1a68d 2016-02-10 Merge branch 'fix/ci-api-builds-docs' into 'master'
10aa99a 2016-02-10 Merge branch 'doc_relative_url' into 'master'
464cea7 2016-02-10 Fix typos and grammar
f81495b 2016-02-09 Add note on using a custom init script
b532109 2016-02-09 Edit configuration files for relative URL support
41a9575 2016-02-09 Add relative URL documentation
751ae14 2016-02-09 Restrict permissions on public/uploads
05519b5 2016-02-08 Merge branch 'contributing' into 'master'
e02f29b 2016-02-08 Rearrange some sections in
7322c5a 2016-02-08 Merge branch 'contributing_toc' into 'master'
7fde90c 2016-02-08 Add table of contents in
66fe68a 2016-02-07 Merge branch 'jira_when_ce' into 'master'
ed093f1 2016-02-07 Clarify when JIRA service was backported to CE
d734b38 2016-02-07 Merge branch 'markdown_help' into 'master'
ab0525e 2016-02-07 Change logo image name in markdown documentation
bce482a 2016-02-06 Merge branch 'patch-1' into 'master'
7f5a87f 2016-02-05 Merge branch 'missing_uploads_dir' into 'master'
aa5eca4 2016-02-05 Make sure the public/uploads/ directory is created
569c467 2016-02-05 Merge branch 'ruby_sha' into 'master'
a95c6e3 2016-02-05 Add ruby version update info in doc_styleguide
bf94dde 2016-02-05 Fix wrong Ruby SHA and replace with sha256sum
9afcacb 2016-02-05 Merge branch 'doc_refactor_session_api' into 'master'
6d18f74 2016-02-05 Merge branch 'doc_refactor_deploy_key_multiple_projects_...
bb51e9c 2016-02-03 Merge branch 'fix-build-artifacts-doc' into 'master'
9fbe9d9 2016-02-03 Unicorn worker killer is not Omnibus specific
ea14429 2016-02-03 Clean up environment variables doc
43d8dba 2016-02-03 Merge branch 'update_doc' into 'master'
cbd550c 2016-02-03 Refactor OAuth provider documentation
2e056d5 2016-02-03 Merge branch 'aral/gitlab-ce-master' into 'master'
ded170e 2016-02-02 Merge branch 'patch-1' into 'master'
0b3c76c 2016-01-31 Merge branch 'improve-gitlab-flow-doc' into 'master'
dec2151 2016-01-29 Merge branch 'patch-1' into 'master'
a93f709 2016-01-27 Merge branch 'doc_forking_refactor' into 'master'
b6662c2 2016-01-27 Refactor the forking process and add new images
af52158 2016-01-27 Conform to doc styleguide on max line length
97089f5 2016-01-27 Merge branch 'typo_in_artifacts_doc' into 'master'
a427ab9 2016-01-27 Fix typo on artifacts doc
d369cd2 2016-01-25 Merge branch 'doc_refactor_jira' into 'master'
2298459 2016-01-25 Add minimum required GitLab version
fbc988d 2016-01-25 Remove old JIRA reference
81d79c7 2016-01-25 Fix typos, grammar and styling
6292ddd 2016-01-25 Add references to the rouge gem library
c53aad3 2016-01-25 Add proper screenshot and comment on the output
6c46b79 2016-01-25 Fix sub-heading
0fcf3ad 2016-01-25 JIRA doc clean-up [ci skip]
d5fc2e9 2016-01-25 Add steps on configuring JIRA
5637423 2016-01-25 Split JIRA configuration for GitLab < 7.8 and > 7.8
3629984 2016-01-25 Move JIRA from integration to project_services
07ee839 2016-01-24 Merge branch 'doc_artifacts' into 'master'
5c69560 2016-01-24 Add note on artifacts browser functionality
e9eece1 2016-01-24 Merge branch 'doc_omniauth' into 'master'
040fb46 2016-01-24 Move supported omniauth providers to the top
c3cc63b 2016-01-24 Merge branch 'doc_integration_imgs' into 'master'
6f61550 2016-01-24 Move all integration docs images in a single directory
97b2d78 2016-01-24 Merge branch 'doc_refactor_system_hooks_api' into 'master'
df4d676 2016-01-24 Merge branch 'doc_refactor_namespaces_api' into 'master'
28c14ce 2016-01-24 Merge branch 'doc_refactor_README_api' into 'master'
23a878c 2016-01-24 Clean up system hooks API documentation
4ae7cb9 2016-01-24 Merge branch 'doc_refactor_settings_api' into 'master'
2b3e64a 2016-01-24 Clean up namespaces API documentation
6cab2e4 2016-01-24 Merge branch 'doc_refactor_labels_api' into 'master'
ebaedca 2016-01-24 Merge branch 'doc_refactor_issues_api' into 'master'
9f095bb 2016-01-24 Merge branch 'doc_refactor_deploy_keys_api' into 'master'
82e352d 2016-01-24 Merge branch 'doc_refactor_branches_api' into 'master'
fb3e102 2016-01-23 Merge branch 'housekeeping_doc' into 'master'
d9cb41d 2016-01-22 Merge branch 'patch-1' into 'master'
59e4695 2016-01-22 Merge branch 'name-azure-in-general-readme' into 'master'
faa9ca0 2016-01-22 Merge branch 'patch-1' into 'master'
33dc2f3 2016-01-22 Make git gc man page more apparent
bc2214d 2016-01-22 Merge branch 'doc_codeblock_fix' into 'master'
2254413 2016-01-22 Fix broken codeblocks in ci/yaml documentation
ebc8746 2016-01-22 Remove unreleased note from changelog
865a82e 2016-01-22 Remove 8.4 unreleased note from changelog
3695aac 2016-01-22 Merge branch 'fix_build_artifacts_doc' into 'master'
4923328 2016-01-22 Fix wording and appearance on build artifacts documentation
f49a594 2016-01-22 Merge branch 'minor_fix_2fa_security' into 'master'
dba2e9c 2016-01-22 Add image to 2fa security documentation
3e65fa5 2016-01-22 Merge branch 'doc_refactor_commits_api' into 'master'
373b277 2016-01-22 Add note about commit status API deprecation
831eb94 2016-01-22 Merge branch 'master' into doc_refactor_commits_api
e2f7b11 2016-01-22 Merge branch 'file_finder_doc_fixes' into 'master'
8be4e54 2016-01-22 Merge branch 'issue/spelling' into 'master'
8786701 2016-01-22 Merge branch 'file_finder_doc_fixes' into 'master'
de7ee6c 2016-01-22 Fix grammar and typos in file finder docs
9e1f515 2016-01-21 Merge branch 'fix_file_finder' into 'master'
3ae74df 2016-01-21 Merge branch 'fix_file_finder' into 'master'
68ac1a6 2016-01-21 File finder can be invoked from anywhere!
fc293ba 2016-01-21 Merge branch 'file_finder' into 'master'
ed54f5f 2016-01-21 Merge branch 'housekeeping-doc' into 'master'
38c830e 2016-01-21 Merge branch 'housekeeping-doc' into 'master'
e08e90e 2016-01-21 Refactor housekeeping documentation
308abc8 2016-01-21 Merge branch 'master' into housekeeping-doc
c176fb4 2016-01-21 Merge branch 'file_finder' into 'master'
465e461 2016-01-21 Add file finder documentation
a1e4867 2016-01-21 Merge branch 'ci/build-artifacts-documentation' into 'ma...
70add69 2016-01-21 Merge branch 'doc_restart_gitlab' into 'master'
62d2182 2016-01-21 Merge branch 'ci/build-artifacts-documentation' into 'ma...
53b1c04 2016-01-21 Merge branch 'doc_restart_gitlab' into 'master'
dc5a205 2016-01-21 Fix typos, make things more clear
93b942e 2016-01-21 Refactor build artifacts documentation
ed540c3 2016-01-20 Merge branch 'metrics-documentation' into 'master'
fa9d306 2016-01-20 Merge branch 'metrics-documentation' into 'master'
dd59fc2 2016-01-20 Change InfluxDB admin username
82bc767 2016-01-20 Move integration/metrics to monitoring/performance
41d22a1 2016-01-20 Merge branch 'ruby_version' into 'master'
cd7f275 2016-01-20 Mention required Ruby version
714f95b 2016-01-20 Merge branch 'patch-1' into 'master'
41c5c39 2016-01-20 Merge branch 'patch-1' into 'master'
481644c 2016-01-20 Merge branch 'patch-1' into 'master'
086cbca 2016-01-20 Link to and some more fixes
9d756f3 2016-01-20 Add document on restarting GitLab
d4c0576 2016-01-19 Refactor GitLab Metrics docs
b4d61ac 2016-01-19 Merge branch 'master' into doc_refactor_commits_api
1ede975 2016-01-19 Styleguide the commit status API
84354b4 2016-01-18 Fix typos, grammar and other styleguide issues
2ffc438 2016-01-18 Use plaintext instead of json in code blocks
958dd27 2016-01-18 Clean-up API README [ci skip]
415b78e 2016-01-18 Merge branch 'master' into doc_refactor_README_api
23b4d31 2016-01-18 Merge branch 'rc-document-new-api-pagination-headers' in...
4a76f92 2016-01-18 Clean up pagination documentation [ci skip]
60752b6 2016-01-18 Refactor README API documentation [ci skip]
9eeda3d 2016-01-18 Remove relative link
3db8cfe 2016-01-18 Refactor system_hooks API documentation [ci skip]
585e7f6 2016-01-18 Refactor settings API documentation [ci skip]
bef01c4 2016-01-18 Refactor session API documentation [ci skip]
ddc8b91 2016-01-18 Refactor namespaces API documentation [ci skip]
981a686 2016-01-18 Refactor labels API documentation [ci skip]
609baf6 2016-01-18 Refactor deploy_key_multiple_projects API documentation ...
cfb0628 2016-01-18 Refactor deploy_keys API documentation [ci skip]
13f52de 2016-01-18 Refactor issues API documentation
c870bb7 2016-01-18 Refactor commits API documentation
68755a2 2016-01-18 Refactor branches API documentation
5cd2f77 2016-01-16 Merge branch 'github_importer' into 'master'
ed969aa 2016-01-16 Importing GitHub cross-repository PRs is not supported atm
50984c1 2016-01-15 Merge branch 'saml-ts' into 'master'
3fbd2b6 2016-01-15 Add the version each feature was introduced and remove note
aeaae06 2016-01-14 Merge branch 'update-go-1.5.3' into 'master'
60d7cfc 2016-01-14 Merge branch 'update-go-1.5.3' into 'master'
1202355 2016-01-13 Merge branch 'doc_styleguide' into 'master'
4eae95c 2016-01-13 Update [ci skip]
8f1c46d 2016-01-12 Merge branch 'add_make' into 'master'
20c327f 2016-01-12 Clarify the naming guideline
81cd903 2016-01-12 Refactor GitHub importer documentation
5a757a6 2016-01-12 Add new location of doc_styleguide in
d0b2d27 2016-01-12 Move doc_styleguide in the development directory
5270cc6 2016-01-11 Merge branch 'doc-update' into 'master'
c81647a 2016-01-09 Merge branch 'doc_clean_up_add_users' into 'master'
11b4c0d 2016-01-09 Clean up document on adding users to a project
255a635 2016-01-08 Merge branch 'docs_project_services' into 'master'
65c4749 2016-01-08 Add JIRA 7 to the supported versions
d09f1a4 2016-01-08 Remove useless assignment to variable
fc7b14a 2016-01-08 Remove reference to EE from JIRA service model
1d48b18 2016-01-08 Clean up the JIRA integration document [ci skip]
629becd 2016-01-08 Split external issue tracker document
b059fa5 2016-01-08 Clean up integration README
e4411a9 2016-01-08 Merge branch 'docs_project_services' into 'master'
0deeebc 2016-01-07 Merge branch 'doc_enable_disable_ci' into 'master'
a8e23bd 2016-01-07 Fix hyphenation typos [ci skip]
12e3222 2016-01-06 Add documentation on enabling/disabling GitLab CI
57a68c7 2016-01-05 Update project services to include all supported ones
11dda8d 2016-01-04 Add note in upgrade guide to choose the correct version tag
34e1c18 2016-01-04 Merge branch 'docs/local-share-upload' into 'master'
636ae8b 2016-01-01 Merge branch 'fix_broken_docs_link' into 'master'
26de72a 2016-01-01 Fix broken SVN migration link [ci skip]
03451a2 2015-12-28 Merge branch 'fix_link_permissions' into 'master'
c5c6a94 2015-12-28 Fix broken link in permissions page [ci skip]
a527466 2015-12-26 Merge branch 'grammar_fix' into 'master'
8eed3ab 2015-12-26 Fix typo on triggers docs [ci skip]
dab0224 2015-12-26 Merge branch 'fix_triggers_doc' into 'master'
f0d46b4 2015-12-26 Remove incomplete text [ci skip]
9dc1a53 2015-12-25 Merge branch 'adding_crime_security' into 'master'
e081edc 2015-12-25 Clean up CRIME security doc [ci skip]
05f8c58 2015-12-25 Merge branch 'master' into adding_crime_security
ed777c7 2015-12-25 Merge branch 'ci_triggers_docs' into 'master'
662e9cf 2015-12-25 Add examples for triggers [ci skip]
d18fd3f 2015-12-24 Merge branch 'master' into ci_triggers_docs
e74affc 2015-12-24 Add images and examples
aafd7ce 2015-12-24 Remove triggers from yaml doc [ci skip]
6fce8b6 2015-12-24 Add triggers doc in top level readme [ci skip]
d5e9436 2015-12-21 Document triggers in yaml/ [ci skip]
33ef13c 2015-12-21 Init documentation on Triggers [ci skip]
4b4cbf0 2015-12-19 Merge branch 'removeNonDefinedVariableFromCIDoc' into 'm...
3ee33b5 2015-12-19 Merge branch 'update_artifact_runner_docs' into 'master'
be52c5d 2015-12-17 Merge branch 'doc_private_registry' into 'master'
8579fea 2015-12-17 Add info on using private Docker registries in CI [ci skip]
a9f7df5 2015-12-16 Merge branch 'yaml-ci-cleanup' into 'master'
fc9fbdc 2015-12-16 Clean up ci yaml doc [ci skip]
78be4fb 2015-12-16 Merge branch 'add_svn_2_git_docs' into 'master'
f28c2de 2015-12-14 Merge branch 'contributing_md' into 'master'
1c7128f 2015-12-14 Fix links [ci skip]
2e54428 2015-12-14 Clean up [ci skip]
e7d7cd6 2015-12-14 Clarify what CE and EE means for newcomers
b95f7b1 2015-12-14 Merge branch 'feature-proposal' into 'master'
2947eda 2015-12-12 Merge branch 'custom-saml-button-label' into 'master'
7dfbf7c 2015-12-11 Merge branch 'clarify_ci_caching' into 'master'
6670657 2015-12-10 Merge branch 'user_file_uploads_documentation' into 'mas...
cdda827 2015-12-10 Remove check icon from merged requests
291678d 2015-12-09 Merge branch 'ci-services-docs' into 'master'
1e7156e 2015-12-08 Use the name of the linked containers instead of localhost
b312eda 2015-12-08 More clean up to the CI example on how to use docker ima...
d55dcd1 2015-12-08 Use the latest docker image in mysql CI example [ci skip]
bbe652c 2015-12-08 More postgres CI service example cleanup
0c22635 2015-12-08 More redis CI example clean up
4ea0f06 2015-12-08 Fix wrong naming of services keyword [ci skip]
cf44dc5 2015-12-08 Add note about the various phpenv tools
9dc91f4 2015-12-08 Add link to runners doc [ci skip]
47e81da 2015-12-08 Clean up mysql CI example
06b86de 2015-12-08 Clean up postgres CI example [ci skip]
149c934 2015-12-08 More cleanup on Redis example
4236861 2015-12-08 Clean up Redis CI service example [ci skip]
4fc9e69 2015-12-08 Add an intro to CI services documentation [ci skip]
545a6a7 2015-12-08 Move markdown link to the bottom [ci skip]
d13d43a 2015-12-08 Clean up CI ssh keys docs [ci skip]
9b8babb 2015-12-08 Use link instead of connect to be more Docker friendly
a08cc70 2015-12-08 Clean up PHP CI example [ci skip]
bb75dfe 2015-12-08 Add intro about languages
71519d6 2015-12-08 Fix wrong example
223a027 2015-12-08 Bring back removed heading and point to other section
05267b6 2015-12-08 Clean up
dcdc49f 2015-12-08 Use .md instead of .html
91d2457 2015-12-08 Fix heading
14010b9 2015-12-04 Merge branch 'doc-ssh' into 'master'
0ec0c93 2015-12-02 Also update gitlab-workhorse in patch updates [ci skip]
6805f1b 2015-12-01 Clean up quick start quide [ci skip]
aea5b72 2015-12-01 Remove old images
11b204f 2015-12-01 Final touches for the quick start quide
e70fb9c 2015-12-01 New images for the commit build status
32a3c3e 2015-12-01 Place images in their own dir
3b4806b 2015-12-01 Add option to enable GitLab CI via .gitlab-ci.yml
1058652 2015-12-01 Add section of enabling GitLab CI
2c30d11 2015-12-01 Clean up intro
bb6ce2b 2015-11-29 Test using a 1.9.8 phantomjs version built with fpm
7d6323a 2015-11-29 Update phantomjs to 2.0.0
15291c8 2015-11-28 Merge branch 'remove-satellites-reference' into 'master'
a154c93 2015-11-20 Merge branch 'update-docs' into 'master'
52bcfd0 2015-11-19 Update public access documentation [ci skip]
03cb8ed 2015-11-17 Merge branch 'http-to-https' into 'master'
8146509 2015-11-13 Merge branch 'omniauth-doc-fix' into 'master'
88836e2 2015-11-10 Fix bottom position of scroll buttons in build log page
2ee3f83 2015-11-10 Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
b8cd6f9 2015-11-08 Update piwik template
193bc5f 2015-11-05 Merge branch 'fix_doc_ci_links' into 'master'
5f696d0 2015-11-05 Add CI permissions and api links to README [ci skip]
c55b5c7 2015-11-05 Remove duplicate documentation links
97f9157 2015-11-05 Merge branch 'update-ci-settings' into 'master'
8f75200 2015-11-01 Merge branch 'doc-Gitlab-2-GitLab' into 'master'
c3d5dac 2015-11-01 Merge branch 'fix-doc-typo' into 'master'
1f86896 2015-10-31 Merge branch 'fix-deadlink-in-docs-ci-examples' into 'ma...
52ac3ff 2015-10-28 Merge branch 'fix_permission_doc' into 'master'
ab6d426 2015-10-19 Add missing dot in confirm modal
66fa607 2015-10-05 Merge branch 'golang-i386' into 'master'
9911f86 2015-09-22 Skip check_initd_configured_correctly on omnibus installs
110e90c 2015-09-22 Skip check_initd_configured_correctly on omnibus installs
0ced0ac 2015-09-14 Add LATEST_TAG variable
e334ec0 2015-08-31 Ordering of GitHub issues import is now fixed
aa0a0dc 2015-08-11 Merge branch 'doc-link-fix' into 'master'
ce30eb2 2015-08-10 Merge branch 'gitdocfix' into 'master'
8ab6bd3 2015-08-07 Do a git checkout on Gemfile.lock and schema.rb prior to...
ce47dd4 2015-08-05 Update stable branch in installation documentation. Fixe...
c90e592 2015-08-05 Replace relative url with full path, remove old referenc...
4c9ba63 2015-08-04 Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
feb2865 2015-07-30 Raise alert when group is deleted.
c63f148 2015-07-30 Merge branch 'omniauth-twitter' into 'master'
0fac66f 2015-07-29 Mention group and project name in flash messages upon cr...
b50f5f9 2015-07-23 Fix link to 2fa help page. Closes #2055
bde2173 2015-07-22 Fix link to 2fa help page. Closes #2055
4fdb3f6 2015-07-13 Merge branch 'revert-relative-doc-link' into 'master'
d991e3e 2015-07-08 Merge branch 'use_teaspoon' into 'master'
cbb1353 2015-06-20 Merge branch 'sshdoc' into 'master'
05ca938 2015-05-03 Merge branch 'fix-config-yml-example' into 'master'
be05a9b 2015-05-03 Merge branch 'fix/log-path' into 'master'
3f4bbba 2015-05-03 Merge branch 'fix_snippet_api_doc' into 'master'
d12a57f 2015-05-03 Merge branch 'changelog-remove-dup' into 'master'
62aa05d 2015-05-03 Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
7a02b5c 2015-03-30 Missing dot.
64cd7eb 2015-03-30 Update documentation on issue closing pattern.
5059681 2015-03-30 Merge branch 'upgrade-dockerfile-7.9.1' into 'master'
ec3f0b0 2015-03-25 [doc] Groups can be browsable if they contain at least o...
4ce1808 2015-01-29 Remove text about hidden settings.
e0e6574 2015-01-28 Add assets precompile and redis clear cache to maintenan...
bf44938 2015-01-28 Drop comments on cookbook installing from source now tha...
7ac6489 2015-01-24 Add titles to links. Closes #1018.
46755a7 2015-01-20 Disable 'check all issues' checkbox for unprivileged users.
9993a0e 2015-01-05 Use plural instead of refering explicitly to male/female.
3dd6244 2014-12-08 Drop vagrant preference in issue tracker guidelines.
3215dc7 2014-12-01 Properly fix wiki restore.
191aa97 2014-11-30 Properly fix wiki restore.
880478b 2014-11-29 Proper wiki restore. Fixes #845
824ad40 2014-11-29 Make clear that the upgrader script does not update gitl...
3326452 2014-10-29 Refer to easyfix issues in
c2bcdeb 2014-10-15 Make semaphore configuration an ordered list.
b57ec54 2014-10-15 Point to correct project on
1489b8d 2014-10-02 Update the help/update docs to include omnibus as well.
adf0408 2014-10-01 Fix identation.
bc3137a 2014-09-29 Fix milestone link in issue. Closes #174 (
05b535e 2014-09-24 Add missing Redis item list in Overview [ci skip].
966d4d8 2014-09-02 Mention [skip ci] in
a870bc9 2014-08-30 Modify empty project instructions to use double quotes f...
2f78d75 2014-07-27 Add missing semicolon in application.scss
e9a9238 2014-07-16 Make houndci prefer single quotes.
7be6b8c 2014-06-05 Move gitlab-ssl nginx config from gitlab-recipes
cc1dd32 2014-05-24 Add to readme one-click installation methods
d1648a6 2014-04-23 Ensure git user can create the database. Fix #175
5a521e5 2014-04-22 Newline between sentence and code block
4709364 2014-03-26 Refer to bundler's ability of parallel installation
17952c3 2013-11-23 Update ruby to patchlevel 353 (security update)
3051ff5 2013-11-23 Update ruby to patchlevel 353 (security update)
d6932ce 2013-11-23 Update ruby to patchlevel 353 (security update)
6ea0f4f 2013-11-23 Update ruby to patchlevel 353 (security update)
251c384 2013-11-23 Update ruby to patchlevel 353 (security update)
ed68bf7 2013-09-19 Add author of new init script
c4bf88f 2013-08-26 Clear redis cache and precompile assets during update to...
6046fd4 2013-08-26 Clear redis cache and precompile assets during update to...
eab6ce0 2013-08-03 Bump version of gitlab-shell to 1.5.0 and fix gitlab ver...
6d0b210 2013-07-22 Bump version of gitlab-shell to 1.7.0
ec38d62 2013-07-12 Removal of gitlab.socket should be in stop function too....
ddc57ec 2013-06-17 Create uploads dir otherwise backup fails. Fix #4304
ff7e808 2013-06-04 Read init script recipe from Rails.root path. Fix #4174
0f7c402 2013-05-09 Configure git global settings
8dcd734 2013-05-07 Bump charlock_holmes to
13dcc39 2013-05-07 Fix errors during backup task. Fix #3785
1c1e797 2013-05-07 Add minitest to Gemfile. Fix #3826
3a5d90c 2013-04-28 Install postfix separately, new update instructions. Fix...
f60486a 2013-04-28 Removed extra "for"
830afbc 2013-04-28 New mysql privilege, fixed path for init.d check(#3757),...
06a4151 2013-04-15 Merge branch 'check-redis' of
7305d98 2013-04-15 Added check_redis_version. Fixes #3449
b8b5a69 2013-04-15 Fixed identation...
23f5698 2013-04-15 Fixed redis-cli check function
b851bbf 2013-04-15 Added new output information, fixed typo
f95f1bb 2013-04-15 Fixed typo s/insues/issues
efe9087 2013-04-15 Added os_name support for systems running systemd.
53b3d62 2013-04-14 Added check_redis_version. Fixes #3449
a3bbc59 2013-02-20 We don't need to check .profile now that gitolite is rep...
a53f687 2013-02-16 Added creation of pids directory to fix #2995, replaced ...
b65e5b1 2013-02-16 Nginx: edit actual file instead of symlink
cdf95f1 2013-02-15 Added relative urls to other documentation files, remove...
46f7b7c 2013-02-15 Run db:setup and db:seed_fu before gitlab:setup
6178964 2013-02-15 Connect to database with git user, not gitlab